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Unread 04-28-2013, 11:42 PM   #1
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About wearing contacts

I don't wear glasses/contacts but I am terrified of even trying them for a cosplay to be 100% accurate. I don't want to mess up my eyes if I accidentally poke it or can't get the contacts out. Hell, even eye drops scare me (haven't use those since I was a kid).

What are your thoughts ?
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Unread 04-29-2013, 12:14 AM   #2
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I think the general consensus is that colored contacts are a nice "extra," especially if the character has distinctive eyes somehow, but aren't a necessity by any means. Some people place more importance on them than others, but as long as you are happy with your cosplays, even with your natural eye color, it really doesn't matter.

A lot of people don't wear contacts because they don't care about eye color, don't want to put things in their eyes, need special lenses (toric lenses and such) that are difficult and/or expensive to obtain, can't afford them, or simply can't wear them for medical reasons. I've never worn contacts for cosplay, since I simply don't care if my eyes are accurate or not, totally aside from the fact that I can't actually wear them for medical reasons, even if I wanted to. I don't consider a cosplay to be any less accurate if the eye color is "wrong," and I have a feeling that most other people don't, either.

So really, if you don't want to wear contacts for whatever reason, that's 100% fine. No one has any right to say what you do with your body other than you, so if someone has a problem with you not wanting to put something in your eyes, that's their problem.
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Touya no miko
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Color contacts are an optional choice. It's not a bad thing if you do or don't wear them. Some people have certain reasons why they can't wear them. While they do add a nice touch to cosplay, the main focus comes down to your costume and hair. Color contacts won't save you if those are not put together well.

When I first started cosplay I did not wear contacts. I do wear them now, but they're a bit of a pain in the butt. Whatever choice you make is completely up to you and totally fine. If you ever do decide to wear contacts, make sure to go your eye doctor to fill you in on what to expect.
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^ I agree with this for the most part, there are probably some characters that you really do need contacts for as there eyes are very distinct and a huge part of how they look. Then again:

I wouldn't let it stop you if you really want to be a character though, there are a few example where it really does help the costume out, but such instances are rare.
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I think contacts are needed. Some people may not agree though.
Since eyes are such a big part of anime..
Depends whether you cosplay for fun, or complete accuracy.
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Originally Posted by Suuki View Post
I think contacts are needed. Some people may not agree though.
Since eyes are such a big part of anime..
Depends whether you cosplay for fun, or complete accuracy.
or if your cosplaying anime.

They changed Harry's eyes in the films as the actor found it difficult to wear contacts, they also changed Voldemorts eyes just because they can (also as red eyes probably doesn't allow for as many emotions to be displayed and probably comes across as a wee bit to evil). If $200 million + films can do it, I think cosplayers can as well (at least usually).
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Like you, I have a large fear of eye drops (Also haven't used them since I was a child) and I couldn't get over how uncomfortable contacts look. But like others have said~ it is an option, and something you should feel comfortable with.
I would ask you doctor if I were you though. Maybe get some prescription contacts/order prescription~ You know, be on the safe side. I got over my fear eventually by watching videos, and watching people do it in RL. And of course~ get advice form others :3
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There's really no reason to wear them unless you want to. There are only certain cases where it will actually add a lot to the costume or be noticeable. Are you cosplaying someone who's been heavy on the spice in Dune ? Sure- you probably want to budget in the $300 for blue sclera lenses if you want to look perfect but even then it's not essential. Do you want to be a demon from Supernatural ? Sure it, would look cool - but even on the show 90% of the time their eyes look normal. There are plenty of anime characters with eyes that aren't really weird - so it's easy to avoid the ones that do if it would bother you to not have them look exactly the same.

And Harry's glasses didn't even actually have lenses in them most of the time.

If you do ever want to try contacts, make sure you get a fitting by an eye doctor and get your prescription. Otherwise they can cause serious eye damage (and I won't lie, even people who have been properly fitted can have serious complications). I'm thinking about getting fitted this summer because I do actually have poor eyesight and would like to be able to not have to carry my glasses around with me when I'm wearing a costume that they would look weird with.
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Angel Tear
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Contacts aren't for me, I always figure if I'm walking around a con, most people are going to see me for a few seconds, or a few minutes tops if I stop to talk to them - they're not going to be looking at my eyes, they're going to be checking out my costume, wig or prop if I have one. As for photoshoots, if it bothers me so much I can always photoshop the correct colour in later. It's not worth any potential discomfort as I have zero experience with them, though I have thought about getting coloured ones which are also corrective to my vision since wearing glasses and having it smudge off my make up is never fun. Nor is taking off my glasses for every photo.
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I really want contacts.

In my case, however, I just want ones that are prescription contacts, because it really hurts cosplay accuracy when you're wandering around with glasses on and you're not a 'glasses' character. Taking off your glasses every 10 seconds when people ask for pictures is tiring up to the point where I normally just leave them off and go half-blind (letting my fiance warn me when I'm going to trample someone). Of course, then I miss out on seeing all sorts of great stuff.

If you're worried about contacts, and you really do want to use them (coloured or prescription), they're actually very easy to use. Get them early and practice putting them on in a mirror and get used to wearing them before con day.
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I look at contacts as a nice added touch to your cosplay. As far as everything goes, I see them as optional. Many people do wear them yes, but many people don't. (I include myself in the "don't" as I do have a fear of touching my own eye). I find that the people who wear them the most, are the ones who normally wear glasses, so they get it in their perception so they don't have to wear glasses when in cosplay.

The only exception to the optional rule (In my opinion) is if the eyes are important part of the character, like Lelouch from Code Geass, Sasuke from Naruto or Toph from Avatar.
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There are a few exceptions, but for the most part, contacts really aren't that important unless you're going to complete accuracy.

I personally don't wear contacts with my cosplays because I don't have time to cosplay outside of cons and my cons are really spaced out. I also don't think I'd wear the contacts outside of cosplay because of my allergies. I touch my eyes a lot so it wouldn't end well for me lol.

They do add a nice touch, but honestly, if you're not going to use your contacts a lot or the character's eyes aren't too significant, then investing in them may not be the best idea.

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