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Tokio Amarfi
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KH: Organization XIII 2013

Date: Day 1
Location: Meet up outside the Marriot; We may move locations upon voting.
Time: 6 pm

Tokio Amarfi, here. I'm bringing back the Organization XIII gathering to Fanime (before Anime Expo). I will do my best to run this as smoothly as possible.

If less than five people attend, I will have this be a dinner gathering.

Character Listing

Organization XIII
I. Xemnas (Mansex)

II. Braig/Xigbar

III. Dilan/Xaldin

IV. Even/Vexen

V. Aeleus/Lexaeus

VI. Ienzo/Zexion
Tokio Amarfi [Land of Dragons]

VII. Isa/Saix

VIII. Lea/Axel

IX. Demyx

X. Luxord

XI. Marluxia

XII. Larxene

XIII. Roxas

XIV. Xion




King Mickey




1. I x VII
2. II x IX
3. II x III x X (Drinking Buddies/Trio)
4. IV x XI
5. IV x VI (Father-Son)
6. IV x V x VI (Basement Trio)
7. V x VI (Brotherly)
8. VI x IX
9. VI x VIII
10. VII x VIII
13. VIII x XII
14. IX x VIII
15. X x II
16. X x III
17. XI x VIII
18. XI x XII
19. XI x Namine
20. XIII x Namine
21. XIII x XIV
22. XIII x VI

-Open Requests after #22-
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Lol i'll be Xemnas (just posted in the AX one lol)
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Unread 04-28-2013, 03:24 PM   #3
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Hey there, I just wanted to let you know that I am running a Kingdom Hearts gathering on Saturday @ 5.

I'm just trying to keep the confusion down, so people don't show up to mine thinking it's the C.c gathering.
I hope you all have fun!
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