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Benga Cosplay Help? (Black 2/White 2)

I was thinking of cosplaying Benga from Pokemon Black and White 2, but I'm lost. Anyone who can help?
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Fun looking character. Let's break it down:

Outfit: He's wearing a long white tank top, and knee length black shorts. All you need to do is cut/distress the edges to your liking and add some Fray Check so the fabric doesn't fray.

Backpack: You might be able to find something that works. Look through ebay or thrift stores for budget friendly items.

Shoes: These are a little trickier. If you can find black or brown, or any other color that are the correct style, you can paint them red. You may have to modify a pair by adding the ankle strap.

Hair: Arda has a new mohawk style wig called the Rufio. It comes in the shade Apple Red. You can try adding extra wefts in either Pumpkin or Light Copper Red (Arda also sells those). Then you can style the wig into his mohawk (at least, I think he has a mohawk).

Accessories: Can't recommend anything for the Pokeballs. For the "wood" you can probably make them, or wittle real branches. I can't tell if he's carrying a weapon, or something else that is hooked to the backpack.

Hope some of these suggestions give you an idea on what to look for or how to put this cosplay together. Good luck!

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This guy, right?

For the wig, I would actually consider getting the Jeannie or Chibi in Apple Red and taking out the ponytail or pigtails, and then styling it upside-down (so that gravity does the work for you). The wefts on the pre-styled wigs will already be facing the right way for a wig like that, saving you a bit of trouble with the cap showing through.. I'd probably get wefts in Pumpkin, sew them to the center weft of the wig, and then style the spikes individually, since they strike me sort of like a shark-finned mohawk rather than a classic one.

The rest is actually not that difficult, especially since it's all so tattered and simple. You could try gutting a pair of Crocs for the shoes, too -- comfy and appropriate! Plus, there's a few good Poke Ball tutorials out there you could use to make the necklace out of. These two are especially handy.
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Im actually working on a Benga cosplay right now. I highly recomend making the balls out of acrylic christmas tree ornaments because they are so easy to work with and wont ever chip when you paint the inside of them and use craft foam for the details. Then its a simple matter of running a small gauge wire through it and using lawn sprinkler water lines which is crazy cheap as the black spaces in between the balls.

The sandals were a little work to figure out how to do. At Michaels (dont go there unless you have to) they had simple foam sandals. Grab 2 pairs in your size and correct color. Also get red craft foam, the thicker the better. I spent $6. Remove the rubber straps and sand the bottom of one pair and the top of the other since this will make gluing them together easier. Cut the bottom layer into pieces to make it look like the spaces he has on his and glue them to the top part. I used contact cement. The loop for the toes is where most of the wear and tear is gonna happen when you walk on them so be generous with the overlapping when you make the loop out of foam and glue it in place. The heel loop does not need to be tight in fact its better if its not so it doesnt pull apart when you walk in them, it just needs to be the right shape and looks more convincing if its all one piece.

I found a similar backpack at an army navy surplus store that is canvas and it was easy enough to dye with fabric dye. I made a balsa wood frame for the inside of it to make it look like its full of his provisions.

The weapon on is pack is a machette which is what he uses for the sticks. The machette I made out of plexi glass and glued that pink insulation foam that everyone swears by to it for the handle. then i simply glued some little round wood buttons which you can find in the same isle as the door knobs and handles for cabinets at your local home improvement supply store.

Im unsure about the sticks though. Some people tell me to make them but that sounds like way more trouble than it needs to be. I think once it gets closer to the con i am just going to go cut some and dehydrate them in the oven to make them lighter. There are some progress pictures on my tumblr sethmutschler.tumblr.com and you can ask or contact me if you have any other questions. Good luck friend.
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