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Unread 05-19-2013, 08:06 AM   #1
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vocal tones

This is just wistful musing but sometimes I really wish there was a way I could change my voice (easily, safely, reversibly, convincingly...) to pass for (in my case) male completely.
While I don't go out of my way to role play a character (unless I'm posing for a photo or on stage) I do like making my crossplays convincing - I really grin inwardly when someone confuses my gender. My voice instantly gives me away though. I've got a pretty low vocal tones when speaking, but the main time anyone's done a double take, or outright asked me what gender I really am, is when I open my mouth. My attempts to deepen my voice I fear sound like a kid trying to impersonate an adult (badly). So sometimes in order to pass I find I don't talk as much and therefore seem a bit closed off (even snobbish?) The sound of my girlish voice feels so out of place to me when I'm crossplaying. I'm trying very hard not to let it affect me, as I know very well it's all about having fun. But how amazing it would be to be able to get my voice right!

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I get called "sir" over the phone. I don't have a particularly deep voice (although it's not super high, either...it's really gender-neutral) but I do think my way of talking might be part of it. Analyze how both genders tend to use words. For example, there was a study done a while back to examine the email/online correspondence tones of men and women, and they found that women tended to be less direct and used more emoticons. Probably because women are expected by society to be "peacemakers" and this bleeds over into most of everything they do.

It's "ok" when dudes are blunt, though, apparently.

If you can't do anything to change your pitch, tone and inflection still might help you.
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I've heard that the difference between a male and female voice isn't in pitch, but tone. Try speaking more from your chest than your throat. My voice sounds girlygirlywhispery when I speak normally, but when I try to project from my chest, it sounds a little better.

Apparently the Boom Your Voice thing works, but I haven't tried it.

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I personally wish mine goes the other way, so I can definitely sympathize with you here @_@.
Maybe I'll practice on it once I get a place by myself, or something.
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I've just practiced sounding more masculine :P but some guys, like Tsuna, don't really have low voices... It's more of what you say, and how you say it
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I have fully convinced people into thinking I am a guy even when I am talking (of course I talk in character as Captain Jack Sparrow though), so I am not sure if that is what you mean? Do you want to lower your voice so you can talk in character or just in general do you want your voice to be able to pass for a general guy's voice?

For imitating a male character's voice, what helped me was repeatedly listening to whoever's voice I want to replicate, and then saying lines along with that original recording. Then, I would eventually try to say stuff outside of the existing script. For me it really just took a lot of practice. I don't really know of any actual techniques for altering your voice. I kinda just went with the trial and error strategy. lol

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I remember reading an article about how inflection and word use/speech patterns can influence gender perception. Also something about how you stress your vowels can be an influence.

And it's something I've noticed a lot when people learn foreign languages, specifically Japanese, but I think that's also because Japanese has more gendered speech patterns. One of my guy friends spent time in Japan and his fiance is Japanese - she always teases him that he talks like a girl when he speaks, mainly because he picked up on her speech patterns when he was learning. And I've been told I talk like a guy when I speak Japanese, though I think that I just lack exposure to the girly speech patterns and talk like a textbook.
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I wish HRT would change my voice more feminine. it works on FtM their voice gets deeper but not on MtF. All I can do is voice therapy. the operation is not safe and rarely works. So you could do what we do in voice therapy and listen to singers and other characters and try to adjust your voice to match somewhat.
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