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Unread 05-31-2013, 05:13 AM   #16
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I just wanted to share my experience of Fanime, and first say thanks to everyone attending for being so nice to "out of towners" :3 I had a really enjoyable experience, and would love to come again....when I can afford to.

The only problems I had were badge-fail and lack of communication about badge registration and pick-up locations.

To the game room staff: You are all awesome. Thanks for having never ending gaming so I could play until I passed out. Thanks for NES. Thanks all so much. ^^ This single experience at Fanime has changed my entire viewpoint of Nor-Cal for the better.

To Nor-Cal fanime goers: Please stay friendly and kind. I liked how I could actually chat with random people and make friends ^^
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Originally Posted by Nonoe View Post
To the game room staff: You are all awesome. Thanks for having never ending gaming so I could play until I passed out. Thanks for NES. Thanks all so much. ^^ This single experience at Fanime has changed my entire viewpoint of Nor-Cal for the better.
You're welcome! Our department make sure E-gaming is one of the con's best chill out spot! And we kick butt this year!
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Unread 06-13-2013, 10:30 AM   #18
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This was my second time going to Fanime and let me give you a rundown of how it went.

Ok, nice to know that everyone is having the same issues. As last year was my first year attending and they had the power outage, I expected registration to go a lot quicker this year, however, I spend five and a half hours in line waiting to get a badge. That's a bit ridiculous. I know that there is only a certain amount of staff, but please work on making registration a bit better. If there are even people passing out in line, then you know this is a problem that needs to be fixed.

Artist Alley:
I love how many artists there were, although it did make it harder to decide what to buy! But there were so many amazing artists there and it was really nicely set up. I would suggest maybe putting up a few signs to help people find it though. Other than that, I loved the artist alley!

From what I've read, I don't think the majority of attendees knew there would be a band. The band was good, but personally, I preferred last year when they had the winners of the karaoke event they had preform. It might be cool to have the karaoke winner preform again next year.

There were a lot of technical issues, but most of the audience and the MC were able to keep ourselves entertained. It seemed to me that, although the breaks were annoying, almost everyone realized that we just had to ride it out. And the MC did a great job, all things considered. The masquerade seemed a lot more disorganized than last year. But it was still a great masquerade.

The thing that really annoyed me about the masquerade was this.
Originally Posted by Yukari Kaiba View Post
I was really disappointed that the Hetalia group never got a redo of their skit when they were cut off early. :/
Originally Posted by Adnarim View Post
I was happy to see that the Madoka skit got a redo on their skit. I wish the Hetalia had a chance too, their skit was hilarious. :/
I could not believe that they did not let the Hetalia group re-do their performance but they let the Madoka group re-do theirs. Yes, the Madoka group was cool and I'm glad that they let them re-do their performance, but it seemed completely unfair to the Hetailia group! If you are going to let one group redo their performance because you messed up, then you should let ALL of them. The fine cosplayers who participate in the masquerade put in a lot of work and effort into their skits! They should at least be able to perform them for the masquerade! This is my biggest complaint about the whole convention.

I went to two meetups this year and I have to say that they were incredibly organized, especially because of the size! I went to the Superwholock meetup(was not cosplaying, just an observer) and the Hetalia meetup(cosplayed for this one), which were both fairly large meetups and I was glad to see them run so smoothly. They were both fun to attend and I give props to the people who were running them.

Dealers Hall:
This was cool, almost the same as last year, although I was incredibly sad because my favorite booth was gone! But the dealers hall was well organized and cool. Not many comments for it except please bring back Miss Magic and my favorite booth!

I really liked how they did the road patterns on the floor to try and help move foot traffic along in the convention center! Excellent Idea!

I wish that I would have known where the maid and butler cafe's were. If they had been in an easy to find spot like last year then I would have loved to go to them. Granted, I did not ask where they were, but that was partially because there were so many other events and things to go to. So this is more my fault!

People who take picture of cosplayers! PLEASE do not take pictures in front of doorways! This happened several times during the con and it's a little annoying. I know you want a good picture, but blocking a doorway completely is a bit frustrating to people who want to walk through it and don't want to mess up your picture.

I thought the food area was an excellent idea! Although a few more food booths would be nice.

Overall, this was a great convention! I had a lot of fun, and although there were ups and downs I still enjoyed it a lot. If Fanime can learn from the mistakes this year then it will only get better next year!
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Unread 06-17-2013, 12:19 PM   #19
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They seriously need to get their registration process fixed. Especially for those who pre-registered online months in advance. They should directly send out badges to those people or pick days before the event starts to distribute them to pre-reg people. Like last names A-K pick up your badges on "said date" 2 weeks before Fanime, and so on. The organization around it was awful. The badges should be organized in alphabetical order by number of days attending, instead of checking in to a kiosk with 5 people working it and then getting directed to another station to actually pick up your badge that are scattered out on a long table. It was a mad house. Unfortunately the popularity of conventions these days has increased way too much. I've gone to conventions(mainly comicbook ones) since I was six years old. It is just beginning to get way to out of control and mainstream now. *cough*ComicCon International *cough* I've been going for years to ComicCon in San Diego and now within the last three years it's almost impossible to get tickets. Fanime and AnimeExpo are probably going to end up making their own EPIC waiting line. Along with WonderCon...
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I've been going to Fanime since 2011, not exactly a veteran, but enough to know my way around thing. First off: I had tons of fun, regardless of the set back, it was fun. The smaller gathering i went to were a blast, the B&W ball was awesome, and spite of all this awesomeness, there was complications. I have never had so many people try to fight me, that was a huge shocker. I really didn't want to fight anyone (I studied Krav Maga in Israel) so I sat there trying to calm them down, while they are cussing me out. It wasn't just once but three times. I'm sorry, but i don't like fighting, i don't to fight especially somewhere like fanime. I work too hard to be able to go.
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