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Anime North 2013: Feedback Thread

This thread is for posting your thoughts/opinions on Anime North 2013!

From your experience this year, what were the pros and cons? What were the highlights and lowlights? Would you return again next year?

Also, you can discuss the particulars of the convention, such as the events, panels, masquerade, dances, etc., as well as what you thought about the con and hotel staff, the guests, convention space, food, dealer's room, attendees, and whatever else pertaining to this year's Anime North!

2014 - Upcoming Conventions :
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Hmm there was a lot of empty space in the nominoichi yesterday, i think the tables could be more spaced out so people don't have to squish through the aisles~ or we could have more tables! = more stuff to buy c:
Anime North 2014:
Friday: Undecided
Saturday: Undecided
Sunday: AKB0048 Group cosplay as Tonomi

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Picking up the badges were a breeze being a photoshoot organizer! I wish the person who gave me my pass would have told me about the signature pages because I didn't know that we needed to have it signed.

Friday was bitterly cold, and we did have to move the photoshoot inside because Double Tree was like a wind tunnel. The nomminochi was well... busy, was my first time there and I was very disappointed on how crowed it was, and some of the prices that I did see were the same as the dealers.

Saturday was cold too, but despite the cold I got a really nasty sunburn... really bad!

Sunday was a bit warmer. I got in around 9:30 and there was a huge line to the dealer's room (HUGE). The volunteers were very polite and was able to manage the line.

The volunteers were great and and kindly asked people to clear the halls, take photos along the wall. I was delighted to see Cosplay for a Cure there. The staff were fantastic and helped when I was looking for directions. Thanks for another great year!
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Great time, but was getting tired of dealing with people swinging live blades around the convention sales room, standing in the high traffic areas, and just causing problems all around.
For those who listened to the staff to make things go smoothly, I tip my hat to you.
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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making the badge pick up faster this Friday! I got my badge under an hour of lining up! And having someone with a sign saying 'pre-registration' at the end of the line was also really helpful.
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-Line-up for badges very well organized
-Staying at the Rad was awesome no complaints Friendly staff who even wanted pictures and had free bag storage upon checkout
-artists Alley and dealers room were more spacious
-AN staff were just plain awesome
-Badges this year were AMAZING

-Skits and Masquerade started very late
-still found quite a bit of stuff in dealers room overpriced (but that is just my opinion)
-THAT DAMN WIND on Friday and Saturday!!!

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that damn wind! but what can ya do. lol super great getting everyone their badges. you guys were awesome. loved seeing extra food vendors around. loved that the rave was moved over. didn't seem so loud this year either. (yay for me) Funny enough, I could still here it over at the crowne at night. wow. lol Can we have more video game guess that tune. I really love that. The RPG version was tough as nails this year, but still fun.
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I think this may have been my favourite year yet.
The lines for panels were so well organized and I loved that they've added Plaza C as a room (I don't remember them doing this before?) and moving really large events to the TTC. I've been to ACEN and really got overwhelmed with crowds and lining up to get into anything, it really makes me happy that AN has a cap and knows what it can handle.
I liked that the out door rave wasn't hurting my ears this year. Glad to know I'm not just losing more of my hearing and they did hold back from last year.
And there were so many garbage cans everywhere! I never thought I'd be excited about seeing garbage cans but I was!
the funimation voice actor panels were hilarious and I felt like a stocker since after I went to one, I then had to show up to all of them. They were some seriously great guys.

How late opening ceremonies started. I waited in line an hour and then had to leave for a panel in the middle of them introducing the guests. That really really sucked as the opening amv is usually one of my weekend highlights and fills me with the feels.
The weather was a downer but I'm sure AN are working on that.
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I was really upset with how the masquerade was done this year not only was their miscommunication between the staff that caused there to not be enough seating but the award process this year was very unfair to the Journeyman Division.

As I recall during the award ceremony the novice division won 6 awards, the artisan 5 and the master 4 while the journeyman's only received one award and the award itself made little sense. There were a lot of Journeyman's there this year with amazing costumes that deserved recognition such as the one gentleman who made the metroid dragon costume. I could care less that I didn't receive an award as my costume was very half assed and was an embaresment to my division [which I apologize for] but I had quite a few friends in the masquerade in all division that had astounding costumes that did not win anything while others did that I had to question. I found the judgment this year was very unfair and I must say that I've never had a complaint or problem with AN until this year. While I've never been to the AMV contest before I did catch the final moments of the award ceremony and was a little upset to see that the winners received a beautiful jade looking trophy while we as the masquerade members [which is considered one of the main shows/attractions at Anime North] received only ribbons. I don't know if AN has been doing this for a while but I was a little upset that we did not receive the same sort of treatment.

Aside from the masquerade there were also issues with miscommunication with the panels and panelist that upset me. Not only did I never receive any notification that my panel had been accepted and was scheduled [did not find out until a fellow panelist told me] but it was scheduled at a time I told them I was strictly unavailable for. I placed in a bad location and was missing the only piece of equipment I had asked for to do my panel which was a whiteboard/drawing pad I had to track down staff members and harass them to get me a drawing pad and they gave me bad attitude and hardship every step of the way thankfully one of my friends was staff and kindly tracked me down a drawing pad but I didn't receive until my panel with halfway done.

Ok now that I'm done ranting I do want to compliment the staff on giving the green room a repair station with everything we'd need to fix our costumes for the show as well as giving us a water station inside the green room and food. That was a truly wonderful idea and it certainly brightened the experience I hope to see such accommodations next year. Thank you.
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Did not enjoy the negative temps on thursday. I arrived at the Rad at 12:30 and it was hot as heck, remained in the room until 3:30 and it became bitter cold with wind. Had to wait 2-1/2 hours and got my first ever anime north cold. :/ Tore up my feet on Sunday as well as got sunburned.
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- The staff I encountered at the Radission were all pleasant, which was nice.
- This was my first year selling at the Nominoichi, and it was a lot of fun ^^. Hectic, but fun.
- Seeing a bunch of Shaman King cosplayers on Friday night was awesome too!
- Finding a bunch of Banpresto Pokemon plushies in the Dealer's Room. Oh, and the D-Arts Mewtwo figure. Of course, this could be a con too, as I spent waaay more than I usually do...
- The few people who recognized my cosplays were so excited to see them. Always gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside ^^.
- I didn't get a sunburn, yay.


- Masquerade starting late/having to wait outside for an additional hour while they tried to round up more chairs.
- The weather. I froze while waiting in line Thursday night (I could barely write my name on my badge when I got it), and the wind on Saturday wrecked havoc on my wig for Jun (after already trying to fix it in the hotel room). I'm pretty sure I also caught a cold, since I'm sniffling right now.

All in all it was an alright year for me. Nothing really amazing happened, and nothing went horribly wrong (wig issues aside), so it was all good ^^.
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- A lot more Space in the Dealers Room. I didn't feel claustrophobic at all

- Aside from Thursday and Early Friday, The Weather. I think it was perfect for most cosplays save for the wind. But, then again, I much prefer the cold over the heat any day as long as it isn't raining.

-The Digimon Photoshoot went perfectly.

-Staff at the Radission were nice as always

- Everyone in my Hotel Room Got Along too.

- I like the new passes and all the food stands the Con had outdoors at the TCC.

-I found there to be unnecessary traffic at the Entrance to Hall D due to the Dealers Room Exit being right near there. I think it should have been switched around.

-The Pre Reg Line for Panelists started 45 Minutes Late, which I was not very Happy about. Plus, some people were taking a good five minutes in the room, when they should have taken less time to get more people in faster.

-The Dealers Room Closing at 8 on Saturday. I found it hard to get in there in Cosplay as I found on Friday when we went at 5, so finding the time to do everything I wanted, switch out of Cosplay and then have time to browse the Comic Market and Dealers Room was difficult.

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- The truly awesome new pick-up idea for the Photoshoot runners
- The Weather, I prefer the cooler weather
- The DoubleTree upgrading our room for free

- Confused superheroes at the Western Shoot going to the wrong spot - though it was kinda funny
- All the stealing I have heard about
- The DoubleTree sign in lineup
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Seeing the people I did commissions for happy and in cosplay at anime north. Hearing the praise for their cosplay was an ego boast!

Plushie workshop going smooth. I know it was 1/2 hr prep to hand everything out but I think everyone was happy and patient with us. We had 135 people so it a bit crazy in the beginning.

Ordering PizzaHut to out room! Thank you to who ever ordered pizza on Saturday because you gave us the best idea EVER!!!

Finding the fox mask I was looking for in the dealer's room.

Meeting new people! and seeing old friends.

I was signed up for Cosplay 101 and Cosplay on a Budget panels but the scheduling for my Plushie Workshop messed everything up so I couldn't do either. At first it was on Sunday at the same time as Cosplay 101 so I had to back out. Then AN moved it to Sat right before Cosplay on a Budget (which was at the doubletree giving me no time to get to the Sheridan in time for prep). But they didn't remove the Plushie workshop from the schedule on Sunday so I didn't know until too late that I could have done Cosplay 101.

The cold/wind was a huge pain.

Talking with a lisp (stupid fangs!)

Friday skits started really late. Also it seemed really short this year

Missing all the panels I wanted to go to because I wasn't paying attention to the time.
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The cold snap killed me on Thursday as well when I was traveling to Waterloo. >_<

-Weather! Not bad really.
-Crowds where manageable all over due to extra space
-Meeting new people! and seeing old friends.
-I was surprised to have won in the Artisan Category for Best Recreation for Venus. I was nervous about submitting her into the masquerade, she is more modern style of costume and a lot of things I was nitpicking I was praised for. O__o .... God that wig!!!
-Gravely (our MC) commenting to me that I'm a chameleon of a cosplayer in the green room made my day.

- The cold snap killed me on Thursday as well when I was traveling to Waterloo. >_<
-I was a few man down on the Cosplay Makeup (only 2 out of 5 showed up lol) and Cosplay wig panels this year.
-Radisson gave us a room with a clogged kitchenette sink. (never got fixed but after two days someone finally drained it.) >_<
- Masquerade starting. It usually does but it was also because everything before the
Masquerade started late in the room.
- Bit of confuse on when to move people.
- Sailormoon photoshoot on Sunday was over lapped with the voice actors signing at 3pm. Soooo... the shoot was rather thin on people. >_< lol
- Got burned on Sunday in just one hour. Came home with a beat read face (does clashed with the green stained skin)

Just to clear up what was happening with the panels is that Finger's got into two accidents and as MIA for a month+. Sadly no one else picked up trying to do the panel scheduling at that time so things got very rushed at the end.

They will be posting the full rewards list soon but this is not the first time were a certain segment of the categories where higher then others. They do give out strange awards to people they feel deserve them outside of the normal awards categories but that is sometimes how it goes then you all competing for the same awards an they never know still the Saturday how many people they are going to get. Novice was also the same way as well for years just for the density of them and I get the feeling that the bulk of journeyman where in the novice group for a few years.

Now then I'm in the Master Category I probably won't see an award for many years to come. lol

Generally I had a good time despite being miserable in those Venus shoes, the costume is still my one of my most comfortable ones otherwise.

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