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Unread 06-02-2013, 08:56 PM   #16
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I was the Mable that bedazzled her face Saturday night
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Unread 06-02-2013, 09:20 PM   #17
Starlit Rose
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Friday, I cosplayed Yukio from Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist in his paladin coat. I was with a group that included at least a Rin, Shima, Bon, and Konekomaru, and later with Shiro and Shiemi.

Saturday I was flashback/teenager!Barnaby from Tiger & Bunny. I was with my boyfriend, who was Kotetsu in his civilian clothes with a mask.

If you happened to take my photo either day, I would really appreciate it if you could shoot me a PM! Thanks!
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Unread 06-02-2013, 09:27 PM   #18
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I was Seras Victoria (red version) on Friday night and all day Saturday.
Here's a reference shot of me (but pay no attention to the fangs, I forgot them): http://instagram.com/p/aAQir6iOE3/

If you have any photos of me please let me know!!
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Unread 06-02-2013, 09:43 PM   #19
Sinful Innocence
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My turn! ^_^

Friday: I was Nami from One Piece (pink skirt and half top) with my bf as Luffy

Saturday: I was Sailor Cosmos, bf didn't cosplay

Sunday: I was Nami (white and blue shirt, orange skirt) with my bf as Luffy
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Unread 06-02-2013, 09:52 PM   #20
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I was the Rin that StarlitRose mentioned for Friday, and was also Heartseeker Vayne from League of Legends on Saturday. I'd greatly appreciate any photos :3
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Unread 06-02-2013, 10:19 PM   #21
Prismatic Ray <3
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Hey folks!
My partner and I were World of Warcraft trolls on Friday and Saturday, and I was wondering if anyone had any pictures? I was in the green dress with the wooden armor and purple skin, and my partner had bright blue skin and was dressed with all of the bird skulls and feathers. Thanks for anything you have!
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Unread 06-02-2013, 10:38 PM   #22
Stay gold, Ponyboy.
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Ayo! My boyfriend and I were Life of Pi on Friday and Morticia and Gomez Addams on Saturday.
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Unread 06-02-2013, 10:42 PM   #23
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Hey everyone!

Thursday, Saturday morning, and Sunday, I was Sho Minamimoto from TWEWY. I only ever saw one other one there, so I was the one who didn't have a megaphone and had a long black glove on my left arm.

Friday, I was Axel from Kingdom Hearts. I'm not sure if there were any more Axels around that day, but again, I only saw one other one Friday, so...I was the one without the chakrams, and any pictures of me will most likely have me posing with a finger to my head (got it memorized?).

Saturday, I was Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist. I think I should be pretty recognizable, just look for a giant, green/blackish, palm-tree-looking wig on top of my head. ^^
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Unread 06-02-2013, 10:52 PM   #24
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Hey there!

I was Milla Maxwell from Tales of Xillia both Friday and Saturday. I was in her traditional cosplay on Friday and her "bunny" Utahime cosplay on Saturday.

I was also with Agent 47 (Hitman) and Chii from Chobits both days as well.
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Unread 06-03-2013, 12:09 AM   #25
Visiting Gran Pulse
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I was Lara Croft from the latest Tomb Raider game,full gear and gore makeup on Friday ! I had Sam and Mathias with me in some occasions !

Saturday I did Final Fantasy XIII Lightning and then switched out to Resident Evil Retribution Alice !
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Unread 06-03-2013, 01:59 AM   #26
Hagane No
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Friday morning: Michiko from Mickiko to Hatchin
Friday Evening: Korra from the legend of Korra
Saturday morning: Orange Gi Yoruichi
Saturday evening: Captain Yoruichi
Sunday: Korra

I am black if that helps and really tall! hah
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Unread 06-03-2013, 03:11 AM   #27
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I was Skyward Sword Zelda on Friday and my boyfriend and I cosplayed Lelouch/Zero and CC from Code Geass on Saturday. Any photos are super appreciated! Thanks!
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Unread 06-03-2013, 07:17 AM   #28
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I was Konan from Naruto all weekend. There were multiple ones, but if you have any, just send them my direction and I'll let you know if they're me or not. Thanks!
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Unread 06-03-2013, 09:06 AM   #29
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Friday: Yukiko Amagi from Persona 4

Saturday: Sylvanas Windrunner from World of Warcraft, Sailor V from Codename Sailor V

Sunday: Felicita from La storia della Arcana Famiglia
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Unread 06-03-2013, 10:38 AM   #30
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HIyo! We were a soul eater group with a stein, Medusa and a Death on Saturday. We weren't out for very long so if you have any pictures of us I would appreciate it.

We also had one rocking Green Arrow following us around with a magnificent Mustache.
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