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Kin of the Stars
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KOTSProps Open for Commissions

Currently for September 2013 - early 2014.

Current Availability:

May-August 12: FULL.
August 12-December: OPEN.

About Us:

KOTSProps is actually a duo, though I generally handle anything on these forums or Facebook myself.

I’ve been cosplaying for a little over a year now, and my girlfriend (of 7 years) for a little over 2 years. We tend to work as a team on cosplays. I handle anything that’s done with power tools and fiberglass, molds, and resin (in other words, most of the prop and armor work), and she handles most sewing, and foamcore-and-duct tape stuff. I assume if you’re here looking for a commissioner, you’re looking for more than foamcore-and-duct tape, though…that said, I’m willing to try and work with any reasonable budget.

Whether it’s a sword, staff, spear, club, or even the odd gun (a new experience!), we can pull it off. Yes, even swords that are obviously compensating for something.

We’re generally interested in video games (the majority of our personal projects are Final Fantasy related), but we do a fair share of anime cosplays for ourselves, so we’re just as open to making props from anime/manga as well.

Edit: Ashley is going off to college in Millersville, PA (just outside Lancaster) and won't be as available over the next few months. I, however, will be around at home.


We’re currently accepting commission requests for Fall/Winter 2013 and Spring 2014. We both currently work a full time job in addition to this, and we are currently preparing for Otakon (which is our one BIG con attendance for the year). She’s going to college after that, and I’ll be free to work on anything.

What We Offer:

We’re currently accepting commissions for PROPS ONLY. We do not feel comfortable sewing costumes or fabricating armor for those who aren’t close at hand for test fits (especially for rigid armor pieces) at this time, nor do I have the equipment and personal experience to deliver a quality finished product. For props, we can work with any material –wood, resin, fiberglass, foamcore-and-duct-tape, even acrylic (budget allowing). Even some leatherworking can be done if called for (handle wraps being the big use for this).

(Personal note: I have a reputation among friends for being ridiculously picky about details…)


Always a key in ensuring you, as a customer, get what you envision. I personally prefer to work with real names, (all communications are kept confidential—we will not, under any circumstance, use or reveal any information publicly. Consider it professional courtesy.).

or via PM on cosplay.com

If making a request, please include the following:
  • Preferred materials (i.e. wood (i.e. poplar, MDF), PVC, Sintra (aka Komatex or Expanded PVC foam sheet), polyurethane resin)
  • Budget (Be reasonable, your preferred materials may not come cheap)
  • If you want your piece illuminated, we have limited experience with LEDs. we do not, however, have experience with Anduino or working with PCBs, so nothing fancy like flashes or programmed sequences at this time. Bear in mind this can get costly.
I find that I do my best work when not pressured by dates, so I'm preferentially changing to a slot system. It doesn't mean that I can't do deadlines, it just means that I hate them, and you can expect my workmanship to suffer unless you're giving me 6 months notice. I can do stuff in under a month, but it doesn't turn out as well as things I take my time (read: 3 months) to plan out and build. No, that doesn't mean I only do 4 commissions per year (that would be silly). I did 8 items in 6 months, but I can't work on multiple items in such short succession yet. The man I idolize takes a good 2 to 6 months to build something (at least the *first* copy of it. Kits are another story with Mr. Krix).

Upon receiving your request, we may ask for further information, particularly measurements. Custom items (i.e. ones I don’t have molds for parts to like my SAO swords) are made scaled to you, so we’ll need the following:
  • Height—for an example, an N7 Valkyrie of the same dimensions looks different on someone 5’7” opposed to someone 6’1”
  • Arms Shoulder to Wrist
  • Arms Shoulder to Fingertips
  • Any preference for handle diameter/circumference-- It may sound weird, but I want whatever it is I’m making to feel comfortable in your hands. After all, you're likely going to be carrying it around for hours at a time, and it may or may not have a scabbard (or other alternative carrying method). For example, my wrist to fingertip is about 8”, and I’ve come to prefer holding handles that are about 1.25” in diameter because they feel natural to me. But you may be different.
  • While I do my best to scale props based on the above, if you have an idea of your preferred length in mind, please tell me. Not everyone likes their swords to be 47.25” (120 cm, standard 16th century longsword length) long. Same goes for staves—5 feet seems to be an average, but your mileage probably varies. As my biology teacher used to say, “Cow one is not cow two.”
  • Any other potentially relevant information (measurements, etc.)
If you can supply reference images and/or links, please do! The sooner we can get to into drafting a pattern, the sooner we get to work. As much as we enjoy research, I personally do tend to get distracted—especially if said research involves actually watching a series to get reference screenshots.

As part of the communication exchange, you can expect the following from us:
  • Materials list, with links for price reference.
  • Price quote with estimated labor cost at $10/hour.
  • Estimated completion date.
  • Regular WIP updates (I often post WIP photos and notes on our Facebook page).
  • Notice of any changes that are considered, pending your approval.
Do not, however, expect us to contact you every day, or even every week. Sometimes, life gets in the way. Sometimes, our ‘real’ jobs screw us over by making us close for two months straight. We work as we have time, and usually not at 3 am because power tools tend to irritate the neighbors at that hour. The most typical day-to-day updates will be posted on Facebook, so probably the best way is to simply like our page.

Hiring Us:

Simply contact us thru one of the above methods, and we can start working out an agreement. Upon agreement, we expect a 50% deposit. If you need payment arrangements, just ask. We know how life is, we’re not rich (or trying to get rich)—we’re just a guy and a girl trying to get by. Please be aware that your slot and deadline is not fully reserved until your deposit is received. We currently only accept PayPal. Also be aware that your full balance is due ten days prior to your deadline. You are responsible for shipping charges (meaning I’ll charge you whatever it costs me to ship your finished item to you, in addition to your item’s cost. Generally this will be included in your quote). I am willing to ship anywhere in the US and possibly worldwide. However, I do not guarantee any global shipments.

Due to material costs and labor involved, we currently do not offer refunds.
Facebook Page - WIP pics, and general rants.
Commissions: STATUS CLOSED

2014 Events

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, Bard and Dragoon

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Just sent you an e-mail.
Dig-A-Dig, Dig-A-Dig!
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Kin of the Stars
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i figured I'd update this with a few of my recent pieces.

Elucidator x Dark Repulser Sword Art Online - Poplar, Pine, & Urethane Resin

Mjollnir x Kraken Club Final Fantasy XI - Urethane resin, Sintra, MDF, Pine

Note: These things weigh 6-8 pounds each, and would probably do some damage in real life. Now if I could just un-break that "Occasionally Attacks 2-8 times" thing on the Kraken Club...
-EDIT- I realized that pic is missing the handle wrap on Kraken Club...just pretend its there, I did stick one on it.

Light/Apollo's Staff Final Fantasy XI - Pine, urethane resin, styrene bars.

Asbel Lhant's sword Tales of Graces - Poplar, Pine, and a cabinetry drawer handle...

--I wasn't given its proper name, but it's based on artwork--

In all of those, probably the most frustrating--and rewarding in terms of experience--was that staff. The head's master sculpt challenged my sculpting skills and my patience with superglue. The shaft tested my patience with drilling holes and waiting for the stain and man-o-war varnish to dry--3 days on that alone! It's also the largest prop I've made to date at ~65" long, and breaks into to 4 sections for storage/transport.
Facebook Page - WIP pics, and general rants.
Commissions: STATUS CLOSED

2014 Events

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, Bard and Dragoon

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