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Unread 06-19-2013, 01:48 AM   #31
Kanako Maeda
Kanako - Icon of Revenge
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Join Date: Jul 2011
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I'm a LOT older than I look, sound, and when around my friends, act.
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Unread 06-20-2013, 01:13 PM   #32
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Join Date: Jun 2011
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A lady came into my work the other day and started complaining on her phone about how it was unsafe for me to be working by myself at night. The person on the other end asked how old I was and she turns to me and says "Oh, about 15 or 16?"

I'm 21 in two months...
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Unread 06-21-2013, 10:17 PM   #33
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I often get mistaken for being around ten years younger than I am. I get carded trying to buy lotto tickets and when I try to get bus tickets I'm always given student ones...which would be awesome if I didn't need high school ID to use it xD Other than it being hard finding friends around my age since people think I'm younger, I actually quite enjoy it! I don't feel half as bad not acting my age since I can pass it off as acting the age I look, haha.
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Unread 06-21-2013, 10:58 PM   #34
Crazy name CAPiTALiZATiON
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Twice in the past week, I've been mistaken to be the mom of the kids I babysit.

... I'm an incoming college freshman, and the kids I was babysitting at the time were aged 7, 4, and 2.

I could maybeee understand the little one, but... the seven year old?
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Unread 06-26-2013, 09:25 AM   #35
Enthusiast of the Obscure
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Well, I'm 20, but I've been told I look at least 5 years older, but it mainly has to do with my facial hair and build more than anything.
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Unread 06-26-2013, 11:41 AM   #36
lurks in your toaster
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Join Date: Jun 2013
Posts: 41
My mother looks ridiculously young for her age (mid 30s). people generally think she's in her early or mid 20s. I, however, am apparently also in my early to mid 20s. I am 14. People think we're either friends or sisters. It is definitely frustrating
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Unread 06-27-2013, 12:22 AM   #37
Registered User
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I'm 20 but people think I'm 18 or 17. But I mean, it's really not that huge of an age difference and I don't think an 18 year old looks much different from someone who is 20.

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Unread 06-27-2013, 01:27 AM   #38
That guy
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Join Date: Aug 2008
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I've been told I look anywhere from 15 to 18. One lady at the store I work at thought I was a 13 year old boy for a week. Probably because of the whole five foot tall thing. I take advantage of lower-priced tickets and am looking forward to looking young when I'm older.

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Unread 06-27-2013, 06:49 AM   #39
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Ever since I was 15 people assumed I was 17~20. Like, to the point that they thought I was joking. I guess being tall and curvy doesn't help. Now that I'm 17 I don't get those comments anymore though XD
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Unread 06-29-2013, 07:42 AM   #40
Random person #3
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Join Date: Feb 2010
Posts: 318
Im almost 19 but people see me often for 15. Guess being small doesn't really help. XD
Tough I think my boyfriend doesn't look young for his age (almost 21) at a graduation party he was asked if he could drink (Netherlands, legal age is 16), never seen him that insulted XD
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Unread 06-29-2013, 08:43 AM   #41
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Annoying isnt it
Being 5,1" definitely doesnt help
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Unread 06-30-2013, 05:08 AM   #42
daughter of evil
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I still get ID'd at R-rated movies, and a lot of people say I generally look between 16-19 when I'm actually going to be 24 in the fall.

On hiatus until 2015.

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Unread 06-30-2013, 06:58 AM   #43
Captain Kittens
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I love looking young for my age. I can generally pull off looking about 10 years younger than I am.

I have found cutting my hair shorter makes me look much closer to my age though, which is what I'm about to do after this weekend.
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Unread 07-02-2013, 07:37 PM   #44
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When I was 13, I was mistaken for a college freshman. I'm 17 now, and everyone thinks I'm 25. OTL It's awkward having to explain to people that you're still a minor and that they should probably stop hitting on you. ^ ^"
(Although being 5' 9" is definitely part of the problem XD)
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Unread 07-04-2013, 06:58 AM   #45
half elf flame haze
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I have this happen quiet often, I'm always getting mistaken for about 15 or 16 and I'll be 24 next month :O
I love to laugh

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