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crossplay help

I am working on slave leia crossplay.I have almost all of my pieces but I have some problems.
Pieces that I have.
leias metal bikini complete with skirts collar arm band and bracelet.
size 6 (36 dd) stick-on's from the breast form store.
about a 30" long brownish wig.
I need shoes.

Ill start with my problems.
My first problem is a line on the breast forms.Can i use some kind of filler and airbrush over the seam somehow?
How in the hell do you ladies get that poof for the hair clasp things?
What can I do for underwear? I do not want any clothing straps on the hips except from the costume.I am thinking making a c-string out of thin copper and sealing it with some kind of paint.
What kind of heels should I wear?I'm thinking 2" semi skinny heel or thick stiletto in gold.
I have the 34 dd bra top but the forms don't fill it out.Should I flex the top and bend it so its tighter or just get bigger forms?It is hard to fluff because it is so revealing.

What I like.
The main costume bits by Jamin Fite are excellent.The forms from the breast form store are cool durable bounce and wow they stick as long as you prep your skin right.It looks good so far I just need to touch up stuff and higher a makeup and hair person to finish because I have no incling to learn that stuff.
Thoughts, ideas comments welcome?
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What are the breast forms you have made out of ? You might be able to use liquid latex (they sell it in skin tones) to go over the seam (and makeup over that) - just make sure that latex will not have an adverse effect on the material they're made out of.

Not sure what you mean by the hair poof. For this I would want a lace front wig, stub it, and attach a ponytail/braid onto the stub. There are great tutorials on here for how to do that.

I would not really trust a C-string, especially if you're tucking (and especially a hand-made one, no offence - I've just read reviews where they've fallen off someone and that person didn't notice until it was too late, talk about awkward). I'd just use a "bikini" style panty - you can even sew or glue the "straps" to the costume so they don't show - you could even cut the "straps" off and sew it to the inside of the skirt-thing on the front and back. The real costume might have panties just built-in, I don't know (I doubt they would have wanted to risk flashing the audience and having to do re-takes, ).

The actual costume had flat mid-calf boots with gold details on them.

What's your rib-cage measure ? Does the 34 band bra fit comfortably ? Is this bra top the actual costume piece or something going under it ?
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The forms are made out of silicone with a double layer to protect from adhesives/tapes. The mid-calf boots would be accurate but I am clueless how to replicate also I want a slight heel 2" or so. Normally I like 4 to 5" stilettos it helps with the walk but I am 6'2" so I don't want to be too tall.
Ditto on the c-string, I bought a lady one and not going to work so I traced it out on cardboard and played with the size till it felt big enough. When I make the copper one im going to jump and cartwheel and try to make it come off. I know a lady that might be able to sew in a thong or G-string for me.
My ribs are 36". The 34 did fit but the cups are a tad bit big I think thebreastformstore sizes run small they are supposed to be 36dd and should be coming out of the 34dd top. The bra top is the top there is nothing under it. The liquid latex is a good idea. Im going to likely higher a makeup artist for a finished look.
There is a lot of skin showing and little ways to hide much of anything but the skirt bottom is loose enough that I don't need to worry about a bump in the front. I don't want lines or underwear showing either though.

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