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Unread 06-27-2013, 10:18 PM   #1
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Angry Period pain

I'm more than 123% sure that I'm not the only one who gets painful periods. Some people are fortunate enough to never get them, so they don't really understand, but for those who do, I think it's worthwhile to open a new thread for share any pain relief techniques we've found useful

For the younger girls, especially those who have just started their periods, my number one advice is DO NOT USE PANADOL/PAIN KILLERS UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO. Yeah I know this sounds like a shitty suggestion. I'm aware that it's really easy to just say "oh man it hurts, how about a panadol or two." This has to be confirmed or proven otherwise by a bio student, but by experience through the older people around me, our bodies respond to painkillers in ways that the more you take, the more difficult it is to kill the pain next time round. I've had numerous people around me who start of "ooh I have a slight headache, PANADOL" and some of them are now on strong drugs and it can't even relieve any of their pain.

tl;dr stay off those painkillers for as long as you can

Other stuff I found helpful:
  • Ginger tea: really helpful for warming the body, keeps blood circulation going, good for getting periods over with quick. I don't mean the store bought teabag ones, I mean the ones where you grate it and use hot water to make it up. Add honey if necessary
  • Yoga and stretching: even if exercise is the last thing on your mind, this helps with blood circulation, especially stretching that involves the groin area
  • hot water bottles (who hasn't heard of this one honestly)
  • this ony works for me and I don't recommend it to anybody, but if I stress myself out enough, I tend to get lighter, less painful/no pain periods. Try at your own risk because this is usually completely the opposite for a lot of other people.

Also not related, but there are "menstrual cups" that apparently hold up to 3x more than tampons, which may or may not be an option for people attending conventions on their periods.

Feel free to add more stuff to the list! ^q^ Hope somebody finds this helpful
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Unread 06-28-2013, 11:00 AM   #2
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Those are all great suggestions! You basically touched on everything but there's one last thing that has helped me immensely and this is ACUPUNCTURE!! That's right.. getting stabbed with needles and lying on a table for an hour lol. It actually REALLY helps. I mean, it doesn't only helps with periods, it helps realign your whole body and can solve a lot of problems but it can seriously reduce pain and just make you feel a lot better! My acupuncturist also sends me home with these things called "press balls" on my ears. They're these little metal balls that she tapes on certain points that will help with certain things.. for me.. it's the whole PMS attitude thing lol. It really works too.. instead if ringing someone's neck I just squeeze the press balls and it helps clear the mind ahah. But yeah.. if anyone has a very very bad time of the month it is WELL worth it to look into acupuncture!!

Also.. I can totally vouch for the exercise. I'm a lot more active than I used to be.. I run everyday and work out every other day. It's helped me a LOT! Even when it's that time of the month.. I'll still exercise, even harder in fact because it really helps with cramping!
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The first day of my period has me lying on the floor (any floor, any where I drop), crying. I can't walk nor stand up lest I want to pass out and my body forces me to vomit from time to time.... forces.

Midol does nothing, never has. The doctor would only give my Ibuprofen and I'd have to take x2 800mg pills that only MIGHT help ease the pain.

At 25 I now only take Aspirin to help dull it, but I'll still be out of service from time to time.
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Unread 06-28-2013, 03:26 PM   #4
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Some stuff that has worked for me to calm the pain is belly rubs, my boyfriend does this for me lol, it's surprisingly very relaxing. Also curling up in a blanket seems to be relaxing as well. I get really bad pains all the time and I have to take pills, usually Midol works for me or any other pain killer except tylenol, don't know why but it doesnt work. Drinking warm liquids such as tea helps a lot too.
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Unread 06-28-2013, 03:54 PM   #5
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When I was younger, the first day of my period would put me out of commission. I'd have terrible cramps and I'd usually end up vomiting once or twice. I couldn't take pain meds because I was so nauseous I'd throw them back up again.

A friend recommended that changing my diet might help, so I started eating less greasy food. It didn't completely cure it, but it certainly took a lot of the edge off. I also drank as much water as my stomach would allow and didn't use tampons the first day since that seemed to have an affect of the cramps as well.

Other then that, I just pray it's not a day I have to do anything, curl up on the couch and let my laptop act as a heating pad.

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I had periods that made me bed ridden when I was young. Haven't had a bad one since becoming vegetarian at 15. I'm 21 now. You don't even have to give up meat just avoiding bad, greasy or processed food. Heating pads for your back always helped me more than pain killers could. My mom says you aren't supposed to have dairy or drink anything cold because it causes cramps. I also stopped drinking milk when I became vegetarian.
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Unread 06-28-2013, 05:27 PM   #7
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When I first started getting my period, it was by far the most painful monthly experience for me lol there were days where I could not get out of bed and go to school or it was so irregular to point where I did not know when it was going to come on and I would get a nice surprise in the morning T___T.

What really helped my periods was birth control, I have been on it for about 3 years now and they're either really light now or vary from medium to light. Cramping wise, they're no longer severe to the point where I want to cry and waste my day away in bed. I'm not saying go out and get on birth control but not only does it help with periods, it also serves as double protection from pregnancy. But it most definitely did not calm my mood swings lol.

Another method that I like is soaking in bath tub with hot water with espon salt it works wonders.
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Unread 06-28-2013, 06:58 PM   #8
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I've always heard bananas help with period cramps due to the high potassium.

As for me, I'm 24 and still dealing with a debilitating first day of cramps. I try to bear the pain with a heating pad till I just can't take it anymore. I take acetaminophen (Tylenol) with a caffeinated soda when the pain gets too bad. I rarely take pain meds, and Tylenol is the only thing that makes my cramps bearable during day 1. I know aspirin works better, but I am super sensitive to aspirin and can't take it during my period.

At the mention of birth control: I've read that you're really not supposed to be on it for more than a few years. I used to be on it for about 3 years. When I stopped taking it, I noticed I stopped having crazy mood swings, which included really bad bouts of depression, and I stopped getting migraines. I've felt much better in the year and a half so far that I've been off of it.

I'm not saying you shouldn't get on the pill, just make sure to do research before you decide if it's really for you.
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I found that laying down and a heating pad works best for me. I guess I'm one of the "people" who doesn't understand because I rarely get cramps but when I do I think it's the worst feeling I get. It feels like someone is stabbing me in the gut with a rough blade and dragging it side ways across my abdomen.
I just wanted to say the best thing for me is being lazy not getting up and a heating also sometime pressure helps to relieve the pain only temporarily though.
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No one's anyone suggested using oregano to relieve period cramps? It works. :]

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Unread 06-29-2013, 09:49 PM   #12
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Oh, the woman's little friend >.< That was the worst experience of my life, having one at a con, that night was spent moping at the hotel with a heating pad xD... (I get cramps EVERY time, and they're agonizing... it feels like a chainsaw is being driven through my gut and I've been close to either writhing on the floor in pain or passing out...)
I find bananas are my best friend once a month, and, even though they're for acid reflux, I find Tums really help (or maybe it's just me...). If I can't take it anymore, Tylenol and gingerale helps to soothe it somewhat ^^
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I'm kind of a wuss when it comes to menstrual cramps, lol. I've been through all sorts of other pain - i.e. falling onto a sidewalk, face-first - and barely used pain meds, but menstrual cramps? Nope nope nope.

I get very infrequent, irregular periods. On average, I go about 3-5 months between periods. Yes, I've gotten it checked out and it's just how my body is. I don't mind having less frequent periods to worry about but the downside is that, the longer I go between periods, the heavier and more painful the next period is, which makes sense when you think about what a menstruation actually is. The thing is, more often than not, the pain is not painful enough to be completely debilitating but it's painful enough that doing everyday things is difficult. Midol usually does the trick, though, and I rarely have to take it more than once or twice a day. I also try to keep moving, even if it's difficult, because it really does help the pain (and psychologically, it takes my mind off my period and keeps me from moping around, lol)

I'm going to have to try eating different foods, like bananas, as other people have mentioned. Keep the tips coming!
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Unread 06-29-2013, 11:06 PM   #14
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My solution?
Take a "return" stamp and have it all over the little gift so Mother Nature will get the clue we don't want it~ (if only it was this easy...)

In all seriousness;
I tend to lay on my stomach (and fall asleep) to ease my cramps, or I try to be a little more active.
I've found exercising to really help lessen the pains (and the duration) =]
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Unread 06-30-2013, 12:43 AM   #15
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another thing thats good to remember ESPECIALLY AT CONS is to eat more than usual. ur already losing ur food through ur blood so EAT UP. i feel like the one week ur on ur period is an excuse to eat anything u want and not care about gaining weight lol. the only thing i suggest is NO SODA OR SUGAR. THOSE MAKE CRAMPS WORSE causing more contractions down there.
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