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Tummy help

So I'm having a bit of trouble losing my tummy. I walk for 30 minutes, 5 times a week, sometimes more. I eat fairly healthy but I'm having trouble trying to lose some weight off my belly. Are there any exercises that I'd be able to do that would help to burn this excess weight?
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Just gonna quote my post in another thread since it applies here as well (and on the front page lol)

You can't remove weight from only your [insert body region here].

I've made this analogy before, but I'll do it again.

Think of body fat like water, it flows to the shape of its container.

Fill this glass with water

It's going to have more water at the bottom than it will at the top

Now fill this one with water

It's going to hold more water at the top than it will the bottom.

Your genetics are going to determine the shape of your glass. You can't remove water just from the bottom of the first glass for example, the rest of the water will flow in to replace it.

Basically, the only way to remove fat from your legs is to reduce your overall body fat, which will reduce fat from your entire body, not just your legs.

tldr; there is no specific fat reduction outside of surgery (which is only temporary you'll come back to where you started if your habits are the same)

You're just going to have to eat cleaner and exercise more or the same as you do now but with higher intensity during the time you spend.
As far as losing weight in general, as I said, increase the intensity. If you're walking 30 mins, try to turn that into 25 mins walking, 5 minutes jogging. Then when you feel comfortable with that, increase it to 5 mins of jogging, walk for 20 mins, 5 mins of jogging.

Then gradually work 5 min intervals into your walking until your walking days turn into jogging days.

Then weight training will also help with weight loss, etc.

If you're not seeing any changes with the current amount of activity, you'll have to change your eating habits, increase the intensity of your workout, but ideally, both.

Good luck
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As a cross country runner I can say (at least for myself) that unless you are running 5 miles a day you will not loose stomach fat. Best ways to loose fat there is to work your core and lower back muscles. I would recomend exercises like planks, supermans, push ups, any variation of the crunch, and bridges! Its all about finding a routine thats good for you! This is going to sound like a strange suggestion but to loose weaight but Pole Dancing will make you extremely lean and most of the time it's super fun which will keep you motivated (its' hard to stay in the zone doing push ups...) any sort of dancing will work your core!
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Doing sit ups always works for me. Whenever I feel kind of chubby on my stomach i'll do around 100 to 200 sit ups a night for about 2 or 3 weeks and my stomach has already gotten a lot harder. Also try not eating as much. If you eat a lot your stomach will look bloated, so try eating half of what you normally eat.
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I have a really long stride, so I can actually maintain a walking speed faster than I can maintain a jogging speed (thanks, exercise-induced asthma). I get the same heart rate walking at 4.2 mph as I do jogging at 3.5 mph. I plan on one day getting into shape where I can maintain run speeds for longer than 15 seconds without maxxing my heart rate, but that's still a future goal. In the meantime, jogging is an effective tool for me.

I hope you, foxxual, will not be afraid to try slow jogging. It doesn't have to be brutal on the body, and it's really efficient in terms of your calorie usage for time spent exercising. It can be a stepping stone towards the level of fitness that mng46 is recommending with the 5 miles a day running. And when it isn't a challenge any more, increase your speed.
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No amount of sit ups, core workout or other things will give you quick results. All they do is build muscle UNDER the fat. In order to lose the fat on your stomach you need to focus on your diet and eat really healthy. Abs are made in the kitchen not at the gym. Don't get me wrong, sit ups, and other core exercises will help but they will not burn the fat off your stomach.
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