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Unread 02-23-2005, 04:51 PM   #1
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Anyone feel snubbed?

I'm not trying to sound ungrateful, but does anyone notice about people who take pictures for websites that they are VERY SELECTIVE of who they take pictures of? I mean those big people who take literally thousands of pictures will take pictures (5-6 of different poses) of each and every member of your group, but you! You walk by the people who are obviously taking pictures of cosplay for something, but you get looked over at every convention you go to until finally at the last convention of the year you get snapped... like out of pitty?

Am I the only one this happens to? I mean I made the costume for my boyfriend and I, and I'll admit he looks dead on balls accurate and that it's a fanboy/girl magnet, so it's exciting to me that he gets all this attention, but it's like no one knew who I even was. Like they never watched the series past a certian point, but I am in the same episodes my boyfriend is in... if not more of them. Or like my cosplay isn't good enough to be with the rest of them. I guess I'm just being silly, right? I mean the point of cosplay is to cosplay... but it would be good to get some recognition for a change. It kinda discourages me from wanting to make anymore cosplays... which isn't a good thing.

Ah well, maybe at AMA, AnimeUSA, or one of the 6 other conventions I go to, maybe someone will care about my cosplay too. Not just his...
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Unread 02-23-2005, 05:26 PM   #2
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sorry to hear that you felt snubbed.

i don't get my picture taken very often either, i'm pretty happy if i can get anyone to even recognize what obscure character i'm cosplaying.

my advice would be to try and cosplay characters that you really like. as long as you're having fun, it shouldn't matter who is taking pictures or not, right? ^^
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Unread 02-23-2005, 05:33 PM   #3
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Well, I managed to make it through without getting my picture taken by anyone but my buddy, even though I was in costume all three days!
Probably because the character I was cosplaying was so old-school, no one really knew or cared. 'Sokay, I guess, I wasn't expecting throngs of adulation!
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Unread 02-23-2005, 05:35 PM   #4
PM me to schedule a shoot
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I can see you must be new to cosplay (points to post count).

There are many reasons you may not be getting the level of recognizing you feel you deserve. But don't be discouraged it may not be b/c of your costumes.

First, keep in mind how busy photographers are at a large con like Katsu. They shoot from early am to late night for 3-4 days strait. Really I don't know how they don't fall over from exhaustion by the end of the third day.

After attending Katsu for a few years, I've noticed it has a larger % of cosplayers then most other cons. This is great, b/c there are allot of cosplayers, but it also makes it more difficult for any one cosplayer to stand out. Also b/c it's one of the few winter cons, cosplayers are coming from all over just to show off there costumes and skits. This means you've got allot of very serious out of area cosplayers making the trip.

If it's not the costume maybe it's the Character. Some characters are more popular then others. Some times, if the show is not very well known, or the character doesnít get a lot of screen time, people are less interested. On the other hand if you cosplay a character that has had a lot of exposure (like Yunna for example) people may already be board of the costume.

For example for some reason more people photographed me as Bumble bee then as Soundwave. Soundwave was a better costume, but maybe people just like Auto Bots better, or maybe itís b/c BB was bright yellow, or maybe people just felt like taking photos that con.

Also, people are often more interested in photographing their friends, or people they know then people they donít. So unless the costume is overwhelmingly spectacular (and also flashy) they may not stop to take your photo if they donít know you.

Donít be shy, but donít be pushy either. If thereís a photographer whoís work your very interested in, talk to them about it. They probably wonít start working with you right away, but if you show a genuine interest in working with them specifically, they may think of you in the future.

Never forget to have fun, when your having fun cosplaying it really shows, and people are more likely to approach you. When your sweating the small stuff like who has or hasn't taken your photo the stress shows, and it might make you less aproachable.

Stick with it and good luck,

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Unread 02-23-2005, 05:39 PM   #5
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People would take pictures of my friend, look at me, then walk away.

Meh, but that's the story of my life. >_> She's cosplaying in a large, fluffy Chii costume. I'm in what appears to just be a random fairy with green hair and huge pink butterfly wings from a game very few have played. It was expected.
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Unread 02-23-2005, 05:57 PM   #6
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Also, your convention experience helps with photography. This is my third convention season, and I am having a lot more pictures taken this year than my first year. The more you show your face at a convention, the more photographers will start to say "hey I saw her at such-and-such con, better get her picture." You may not nail a photoshoot your first few years, but that's to be expected. You just have to take what you can get...believe me, my first convention I only had a total of like, 30 pictures. I have well over that for Katsucon of this year. You just have to give it time. I have found the longer you stick with cosplay, the more pictures you get. Or maybe that's just me...heh...

I have to agree with the whole character thing too. Photographers hate to come up to a cosplayer and say "Ok...who are you cosplaying as?" because they are afraid the cosplayer will be offended. Better-known characters that are not cosplayed very much seem to be photography magnents. And if you can pull that character off extremely well, you will have the flashes in your eyes so much that you'll go blind.
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Unread 02-23-2005, 06:05 PM   #7
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Don't feel bad. This year at Katsu was...interesting. At least in the Marriott, the halls were so congested that it was almost impossible to get (or take) photos. I've been cosplaying since 1999 and this is the first convention where hardly anyone has taken photos of my costumes. I think only 5 people other than my friends took photos this year. You just have to take these things in stride. No sense getting upset, or it'll make cosplay no fun.

You also have to remember that with TWO hotels this year, it made getting everyone's photo pretty much impossible.

And everyone else is right: there were TONS of cosplayers this year at Katsu. Much more so than in past years.
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Unread 02-23-2005, 06:43 PM   #8
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Yeah, if you want to get attention you really have to be a character that people have heard of. Regardless how well done your costume is, if a photographer doesn't know who you're supposed to be then they're not likely to appreciate the effort you put into it. It sucks, but that's basically how it is.

But a more positive way of looking at it is that the one person who does know who you're supposed to be is someone you can easily associate with and enjoy talking to.

Or alternatively, go to cons in a bikini. It doesn't matter who you're supposed to be, you'll still get plenty of pictures if you do. If anyone asks, make up a character name.
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Unread 02-23-2005, 06:48 PM   #9
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Oh man, you sound exactly like me O_o

I've been doing this cosplaying thing since '02, my boyfriend started last Anime Next. Not including my masquerade costume, I get anywhere from 0-5 pictures taken of me over the ENTIRE weekend when I do a convention, and sometimes a certain costume will get ZERO pictures over the entire day I wear it. As my gallery shows I tend to pick characters from non-FF RPGs, while he's this guy. Needless to say, I'm ignored like there's no tomorrow when we're together at a convention, and the only times I AM stopped for a picture is when they stopped him first. Since I totally sew my own costumes and I'm not very attractive to begin with... yeah, it's not all that great of a self-esteem booster.

I read on here a number of times that no matter what you cosplay or how you look, if it's a well made/accurate costume you will get stopped for pictures. Yeah, that's totally not true >_<

It's not a matter of "boohoohoo I didn't get pictures taken" as much as it feels so... depressing to not be able to find yourself on many - or ANY! - websites afterwards. You really do question your ability to make costumes or in my case actual physical appearance, and it's hard for people who've never been in that position to understand.

For me, I'm combatting this for the rest of the year by doing 2 costumes that I *know* people will recognize. I may not be beautiful enough to be stopped for pictures based on that alone no matter how obscure the costume like many girls here, but I won't feel so rejected if I can at least combat that with a well-made costume of someone people actually know.
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Unread 02-23-2005, 07:04 PM   #10
I sew things
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My friend ainslye gets stopped more than i do, but it doesn't bother me. lol hell, i actually don't think i got many pics at all this convention. lol i'm there to have a good time. pics are just a perk.

EDIT: oh and btw, people tend to take pics of their fave characters or series. i tend to do that also. lol
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Unread 02-23-2005, 07:07 PM   #11
Amy the Yu
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People take pictures of what interests them. If you don't catch their fancy, people won't take time to get a picture. No matter how many pictures are taken, people will still be selective, especially when there are so many all around.

Even popular characters may get "snubbed" if they're WAY overdone. I've seen about 20 Inu Yasha's at one con, and half of them were whining that they didn't get as many photo ops as they expected...
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Unread 02-23-2005, 07:15 PM   #12
mighty damocles
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I have a habit of either doing a costume everyone will recognize or no one will recognize. I expect photos for the big ones, like my mascots of the Tonberry King and Data from Megaman. It doesn't bother me that much that I wasn't stopped at Katsucon for a picture of Eruru since only two people know who she is.

Ultimately, I cosplay for me. I spent well over a solid week making the costume and put alot of heart into it. All that mattered to me was that I was happy in it. It was also nice to just walk around and not be bothered too.

If you'd like to be more noticed, perhaps join a group cosplay. That'll make sure you're snapped alot!

AnEdibleSeed, I loved your Mamelon cosplay! The wings were so cute!
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Unread 02-23-2005, 07:16 PM   #13
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Don't feel bad about not getting the photo ops that you wanted. I know it sucks to go through all the trouble of making a costume and then not having anyone take one lousy photo, but you just gotta shrug it off and say screw it, I'll take my own darn photos.

Also, I noticed that people were being really picky about the photos that they're taking lately. Most people won't take photos of anything new, obscure, or unheard of, but at the same token they won't take pics of overdone stuff either. I'm not sure what con photographers are looking for anymore. I had two really nice costumes, one was a very nicely done EGL outfit, which got zero photos, and the other was from a new anime called Rozen Maiden and only a handful of people took my picture in that. So who's to say what people look for anymore?
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Unread 02-23-2005, 07:28 PM   #14
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yeah, this con wasn't very big for photographs. I can't find any pics of my group. Guess Mao chan wasn't as well known as I thought? ^^;;
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Unread 02-23-2005, 07:34 PM   #15
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Just my .02 as a wannabe photographer.

I found taking photos at this con very difficult. If it wasn't security yelling at you to not block the halls it was the crowds or the terrible lighting.

Just for the record, I always make an effort to not block the halls and try to find an empty place to take pictures. But frankly it was almost impossible to do so, especially Saturday. I was a little more free to take pictures Friday and Sunday, as there were less people around.

And yes, I tend to take pictures of friends of people who cosplay games/anime that I like.

But in the case of Katsucon, it was just *really hard* to take pictures of anybody.
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