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Drill Curl Tutorial; full head of curls

Hello Coscom denizens! I bring a fairly neat tutorial I've put together in regards to creating drill curls that consume an entire wig, the process is a little different than pony-tail drills. This all spawned from a Dragon Trainer Lulu (League of Legends) costume I did for Otakon 2013. I'd like to share what I've learned and potentially help anyone else out that will be taking on a similar daunting project! This was my first major wig transformation outside of trimming and bangs. I hope this is helpful and I look forward to producing more cosplay content in the future; any feedback is appreciated and fire away with questions!


There is also a broken-into-parts mirror located on my Facebook; www.facebook.com/bailmox
And to make it extra accessible here is text-post of the process that is identical to the image linked above. And a big shoutout to IchigoKitty who has the original drills tutorial and helped me in the process of making my own wig and tutorial.

Drill Curl Tutorial
Materials Needed:
  • Long Wig + Matching Extensions
  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Strong Hairspray (Got2B Glued)
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Fabri-Tac Glue
  • Jewerly Wire (14-10 Gauge)
  • Packing Tape
  • Paint Brush
  • Paper Cup / Glue Receptacle
  • Scissors
  • Billions of Hair Clips

Prep your wig by brushing everything out nicely and sectioning off parts to become the curls. I consumed the entire wig for Lulus curls, so plan accordingly. I can’t stress patience enough throughout the entire process, be prepared to make a test curl and throw it away, or the packing tape to cause you nightmares.

The Curl Base #1
Measure out the hair to get an estimate on how long your strips of packing tape and jewelry wire need to be. You’re going to sandwich the wire between two pieces of packing tape, leave a 1.5 inch stub of wire outside of the tape at the end you want to be the top. When sticking the tape together, take your time and work down the tape, you’ll get a smoother base to use and little overlap that has to be trimmed. Nearing the end of the curl cut the end into a point. Once finished you can do a test bend into shape to see if it’s what you want.

Attaching the Hair To The Base #2
First and foremost, lay out your weft and cut off a piece that is the same width of your curl. Take the time to lay it out straight with no gaps peeking through. Hairspray it all the way down, this makes it easier to glue it to the tape base.
Squeeze some Elmer’s into a cup of your choice, and using a paintbrush lather up the tape on one side (this side is the inside of the curl) Use the glue “thoughtfully”, don’t go crazy or else you’ll have glue seep through the hair, just a nice even coat.
Taking your now sturdy weft of hair, lovingly place it on to the glue-lathered packing tape. Press it down firmly and try to cover all glue areas. Throw a quick coast of hairspray over it. Leave dry for 15-20 minutes.

Bending Curl Into Shape – Attaching Into Wig #3
When you bend the curl into shape, it WILL deform the hair and make gaps. However, covering the opposite side with hair will solve that problem and adjusting some of the hair and hairspray help. Be prepared to trim out rebellious fly-away hairs and use Fabri-Tac to fix things up.

Now, back to the sectioned off wig, that 1.5 inch stub at the top gets turned into a hook that slips right into the wig itself. The photos generally demonstrate what it should look like, sometimes you might have to hook over 2 wefts in the wig to ensure it can hold the curl. (Curls are generally very light, even with Lulu it wasn’t hard or too heavy to wear!)

Outside of the Curl – Patience Patience Patience #4
Get your bajillion hair clips, the sectioned off hair for your curl and start clipping it down the spiral, keep the hair in shape as you move down. It will take a handful of tries to really get good coverage and a smooth curl. Overdo it with the clips, it will make your life easier when it comes to gluing.

So this is where Fabri-Tac shines, it’s a fast and amazing adhesive. Working from the top of the curl, take a skewer or some other glue applicator of your choice and layer the glue between the hair/tape. I focused on the edges the most, and wiggled the hair around in the middle to jam some glue in there. (Basically, Fabri-tac doesn’t need to be on every single inch of the curl, hit every spot you can, others will stay in place inherently) Remove the clips as you move down the curl. Press the ends of hair into a clean point with a dab of glue and hairspray.


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