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How much should a leather coat cost?

I was debating on which forum to post in, this one had questions about comission prices, so i'm tossing it here. If there's a better one I will go there, or this can be moved.

I looking for the opinions of people who have worked with real leather or comissioned things to be made from it. I recently decided to get someone to make me a coat for the Bogeyman from Silent Hill Downpour. I can get the gloves, mask and weapon or make them, I just needed the coat. A company offered me a quote of $465, which is higher than I bargained for. I was shooting for $400 even. So, is their offer a reasonable price? I wanted something I can wear multiple times and feel good about, but if i'm overpaying i'll find another site to go through. As is probably clear, I have no idea of the current market value for leather and labor costs.

Reference pic:

Thanks for the advice.
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For real leather? With good construction I wouldn't expect to spend less than $500, and that's for a non-full-length coat. For custom work and a long coat, that's very reasonable. I own several leather coats and all the new ones were originally priced from $300-500. Full-length coats can easily be over a thousand. If you're willing to settle for synthetic it'll be quite a bit cheaper. If they quoted you that cheap, I'd double check that they are giving you a quote for genuine leather, not synthetic.
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that isn't even full length
this is really tacky
no trench coats, but some stuff that would work for other characters (posting mostly so I'll remember the site)

I pretty much agree 100% with ShinobiX, custom, in real leather, that price is a really good deal.
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Yeah, I'm going to 3rd that that's on the cheap end. Since it's cheap I'd want to make double sure that they're legitimate and do quality work.

It also depends on what you want out of the coat. It's a pretty simple coat, yeah, but if you wanted to have it be a bit more theatrical like they'd do for a movie there'd be some under-structure that would significantly raise the cost of having someone make it.

A dirt cheap cow hide is like $80. And that's dirt cheap and it might not be possible to get more than one that actually match. I feel like at my height, 5'7" and being incredibly skinny I'd still probably need more than one hide for that, probably could do it out of two, but I'd have to draw it out, it's possible it'd go all the way to three ! And then you have to consider labour and the fact that the coat is made out of a difficult-to-work-with material that often needs special equipment and high skill to get a professional result.
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I decided due to the advice here, and from a friend, that I want real leather. The company I'm looking at has a lot of good looking stuff. As far as the whole 1 layer versus 2 layer I'm reading up on it. But I may go through with this, and then offer a review on the forums here. Any other thoughts are welcome.

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