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salty dolphin
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Blood, guts, and grime help! (The Last of Us/Tomb Raider)

Hey all! THis might be my first thread in the makeup section!
I'm wondering if anyone can help with making some realistic looking blood stains, grime stains, and dirt. I'm planning on doing an Ellie cosplay and Lara Croft from the new Tomb Raider game. For anyone who's played either or both of the games, there's a lot of blood, and a lot of dirt. For those of you who haven't, enjoy some reference photos

Ellie: 1 2

Lara: 1

I haven't purposely "bled" on something since I made my 5th grade halloween costume, and I'm not sure if the halloween store fake blood is any good for realistic looking blood makeup.

I want to make myself look like I have just crawled through a forest, and several sewers. Any tips and tutorials for blood stains and natural looking dirty makeup would be great. I don't want giant red stains on my clothes. These outfits are so simple, i want to go the extra mile on detail.

On a final note. I don't have freckles, any tips on how to make natural looking freckles for Ellie?

Thanks bunches!

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I've worked as a professional special effects makeup artist for 7 years, and specialize in anything bloody. I'll tell you the best technique I've found for realistically bloodying/dirtying/aging clothes so far.
For realistic holes, use sandpaper, or, even better, a belt sander. Avoid cutting things manually at all costs.
For blood, it looks like you're wanting an older, browner blood. Grab the cheapest instant coffee you can, and add water until you reach your desired consistency (it's a personal preference).
For muddy areas or completely dried blood, use the coffee mix as is. For blood, add red food dye drop by drop until it's the shade you want.
For application, you're gonna want to get some latex gloves, paper towels, and cheap chip brushes.
I recommend trying all these techniques on scrap fabric first, so you can get a feel for them.
Alternate between spattering on the liquid with a chip brush, blotting some of it off with a paper towel, and rubbing parts in with your gloved hands.
For an all over dirty look, make a thin mix of the coffee, and spatter it over the entire thing. Avoid just dunking the entire shirt in, as that is more of an aging technique, not a dirtying one.
For really light colored fabrics, use tea instead of coffee for the dirtying. (Use coffee for blood still, though.)
Freckles can be achieved by taking a chip brush, cutting down the bristles, and doing the ol' flicking technique. Ideally using an alcohol activated makeup, such as Skin Illustrator. Just dip the brush into a little puddle of it, dab off a bit of the excess, and pull the bristles back.
Good luck!
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Sweet Loretta
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There a few theatrical bloods that wash out of fabrics, and with those that do a test would be in order to see if it will clean up the way you want.

Kryolan Special Blood IEW is made to wash our of textiles and clothing.

For an on the skin effect (can be used on clothing and props but can stain) Kryolan Fresh Scratch is great. It makes wonderful scrapes, scab and blood effects.

For dirt I use Mehron Texas dirt - it's cheap and clean.

And since the devil is in the details do not for get to muck up your fingernails.
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