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Prescription Colored Contacts

So I really want to get some aqua colored contacts but I would need them to be prescription. I wear glasses already but don't want to while cosplaying. Anyone have any recommendations where I can get colored contacts that are prescription and not to expensive?
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If you don't have a contacts prescription, just glasses, you'll need to get fitted and tested for a contact lens prescription. It's measured somewhat differently from glasses and for the sake of your eye health, you need to know your diameter and base curve to safely wear contact lenses (most commercial colour contacts have an 8.6 base curve, though, so here's hoping you're within 8.5-8.7 for it). They'll also show you how to properly insert, remove and care for lenses (and usualy give you a trial pair so you can get used to wearing them).

As for sites, the vast majority, including myself, will recommend Pinkyparadise as a decently-priced site that offers prescription. Most, though, are larger circle lenses. If you want only a natural eye size with the colour, you might be able to order aqua contacts through your eye doctor- they usually carry "normal" colours and can let you try them on before ordering as a bonus.
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ShinobiXikyu covered basically everything ever that could be said about this topic so i'll just throw in that honeycolor is also good and does offer prescription lenses. (i've found that most, or at least a significant percentage, of circle lenses come in prescription strengths. i've never had issues finding what i need, and i have a pretty strong prescription!)
pinkyparadise's blue/aqua lenses are here, and honeycolor's blue/aqua lenses are here and here!
but again they're also mainly circle lenses, so (as mentioned above) if you'd rather have a regular-size lens or if your base curve doesn't work with circle lenses, then ordering through your eye doctor if possible would be the way to go!

also just a friendly tip about base curves, circle lenses, and contact prescriptions: i have an 8.4 base curve and circle lenses with an 8.6 curve fit SUPER comfortably on me. my sister has the same base curve as me and 8.6 circle lenses are unbearably uncomfortable and mildly painful on her. if you are in the recommended range (my eye doctor said within +/- 0.2 is potentially okay--NOT definitely, just potentially) and decide to order a pair, i strongly recommend bringing the circle lenses in to the eye doctor if possible, so you can put them in and have them checked by a professional to make sure they fit safely. i do this with every pair i buy and it is somewhat of a hassle, but i think the safety of my eyes is worth the time and money i spend at the eye doctor's. i've said this on a bunch of threads about lenses but i think it's a really helpful way to go about buying and wearing colored contacts/circle lenses for cosplay in the safest way possible.

i love colored lenses so i hope you find what you need and have a ton of fun with it!
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