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Unread 09-06-2013, 05:41 AM   #1
Mae Bliss
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Do your contacts last you a whole year?

I've been looking for colored or circle lenses, and many say they last a whole year! I'm thinking of getting one pair I could wear both for halloween and for a con next may, but I'm skeptical about my ability to keep the lenses viable for that long. Will they dry out if I don't wear them & change the solution often? In your experiences, how long do your lenses last & how often do you wear them? I wear contacts occasionally, and I've definitely found a few crunchy lenses forgotten in my lense case before.
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I wear mine occasionally and I've certainly had them last that long. You do need to check them about monthly to change the solution, and make sure the case is closed up tight!
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i use clear care's system for all my contacts (my usual and my circle lenses) so i don't know if that makes a difference, but my lenses have indeed lasted a whole year. as long as you remember to change the solution and make sure it doesn't dry out, they'll definitely last from now/halloween to may and probably even longer!
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If you take REALLY good care of them, they can last that long. Most, however, are too irritating or worn out after six months. Keeping them the whole usage date involves thoroughly cleaning them (not just the normal way, but with a lens cleaning machine or an occasional rub with strong solution to remove protein and dirt buildup), changing the solution every couple days, keeping them out of heat/cold extremes and prolonged sun (as it can damage them), and not over-wearing them (I think most circle lenses are intended for about thirty wears before they begin to wear out, regardless of age if you're wearing them multiple times a week). You should replace the lens case every couple months, too, or boil it to keep germs out. My lenses have lasted me, after opening, for about four months before they were just too irritating (that said, they might have needed a strong cleaning by then), and I would usually have worn them about a dozen to twenty times. They had six or twelve months use on them.
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Mae Bliss
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Thanks so much for the info! I think I should probably wait and just order them for the con in May. I don't trust myself to take care of them adequately. I'm not very good at remembering to do things like that, just ask my plants...
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Frankly, It depends on your eyes.
I have Freshlook Lenses that are meant for daily use,
And I have been wearing them for...almost a year now,
And every time that I go into the eyedoctor, they tell me that my eyes are perfect and healthy - except for the whole having to wear contacts in the first place.

BUT, I would not suggest doing this, I'm just one of those weird people with really soggy eyes.

Generally speaking, just take care of your lenses (Instructions will come along when you order) and if you have any questions, or feel any discomfort, talk to your optician.
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