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My apologies in advance for the length (I will apparently have to break it up into multiple parts, so I ask your patience) of this review/detailed review of what has transpired, with regards to my commission of the “Avengers” Loki costume from Mykaios; I felt it necessary, however, to be extremely thorough. I ask for your patience with regards to this. Now, then: as some may recall, and as I have stated in prior (since closed, for whatever confounding reason) threads, I originally placed my ad on the cosplay.com forums:


- seeking a commissioner for a full “Avengers” Loki costume (one-shoulder-pauldron version, worn through most of the movie) – screen-accurate and precise, perfect with all the detailing, mind, and I also specified that I was entirely willing to pay for such. I always am, with my cosplays, because that is something I strive for at every opportunity – and it is certainly also the way in which I ensure I feel most comfortable and confident in the cosplays, by far. Mykaios contacted me then, in early September – almost a year ago today, in point of fact – and my initial conversations with her seemed entirely positive, fruitful and extremely encouraging. She seemed, indeed, to be extremely enthusiastic to do the cosplay, and after checking reviews of her on the forums (the only ones I could find, at the time, being positive – for reasons which I have now since, unfortunately, come to understand....clearly negative feedback on her was being muzzled/stifled/muted, for whatever reason? Because had I but known, then, indeed-!), I was, at the time, quite glad enough to settle upon her for the commission. By all accounting it looked entirely positive and, really, quite ideal. Aye, then.

I asked her on 09/07/12 with regards to the deadline for completion, and for me to have the costume in its entirety in time for Portland Comic Con:

Is this a do-able thing with the timeframe I have in mind, do you think? Just to confirm? The February con I have, the dates for it are Feb. 22nd-24th, and then comin' up almost right on the heels of that one is Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, and that's March 1-3....

And her response:

Your deadline is perfectly fine, I have limited slots in December due to the holidays and all but haven't been booked yet (and February due to Katsucon), so I'd be more than happy to blackout December with your commission as well as parts of January and up to February if needed.

I do have a couple of detailed shots from a previous person i quoted, but she seems to have disappeared after I gave her the same price. And with that, I've quoted this many time but have been declined because of the price even though they ask for screen accuracy. I do see this as a two month or so project, so naturally my bases have to be covered if I'll be working on this day in and day out. I'll be looking around for more reference pictures as well, the costumer's guide might have exhibit photos and I'll do some more research on how other cosplays have approached this.

Understand that at no time did she ever tell me that she was working on not just a numer of other commissions at the exact same time as mine, but that, in point of fact, she had just an appalling number of others on her list such that there was clearly no way, shape or form that sufficient time or effort could ever be devoted to mine. I had no idea whatsoever, in other words, what else may or may not have been on her schedule – because she never gave me any impression but that she was working on mine solely, and making it topmost priority.

At one point she also attempted to claim that there were other Loki cosplayers who had somehow made this costume in “two weeks’ time”, but that she, of course, could not. Interesting for her to say so, when nowhere have I ever found or heard from any other Loki cosplayer making any such claim, because, of course, it is quite frankly impossible. I did not appreciate what she attempted to purport, in this fashion. To continue, however: on December 10, 2012, I asked her what news, e.g. what progress had been made, given how she had specifically stated that she had blacked out December with my commission, as well as “parts of January and up to February if needed”. Her response:

As for progress, I should finally be setting up my business account this week, so i can finally order the new sewing machines and stuff and get started on ordering materials for your commission as well. Yay!

And on December 17, 2012:

The sewing will be done in January, yes. Mainly because I am ordering a new sewing machine (the one I have now is falling apart and the tension gets a little messed up and I want a machine that won't hurt the construction of Loki and future things) and a serger (which'll make things look even more nicely), which I really, really wanted to have ordered by the beginning of this month but apparently my business partner does not understand the importance of time frames and deadlines -_-; *flails arms*

This is important to you and me as well so I really want to get this done in time and have it look awesome.

In the time period of approximately January 25, 2013, I next had her broadsiding me with the news that, despite her initial promises and assurances, she would not be able to make the zipper trim for the costume after all – hence, she basically forced me into the untenable and quite unexpected position of having to engage in a mad scramble to find the trim somewhere, anywhere else, somehow. Luckily I came across a wonderful Loki cosplayer, guaje over on Tumblr, who did commissions for various costume bits – including the trim – though initially her schedule was understandably jam-packed such that she thought she could not, unfortunately, fit in this additional work. However, that same day, guaje talked it over with her friend and they in fact decided to go to all that additional time and effort to help me out – and to rush out the zipper trim for my cosplay as well, and get that shipped directly to Mykaios, ASAP and pronto. Guaje was truly wonderful and obliging, and I’ve sung her praises far and wide ever since – for the zipper trim and for the armour scales which she also made, and more on those later in this post. Because that, too, has also clearly become very much an issue.

On January 25, 2013, then, this message from Mykaios, in response to me remarking my concerns regarding the deadline – and how it was starting to seem only ever more apparent that said deadline would not in fact be met – at which you can, of course, imagine my consternation. Note below the tenor of her response, in which she attempts to blame external circumstances (“things coming up”, “roadbumps”, and so on) as opposed to her own obvious lack of proper preparation and her own extremely poor time management skills, to say the very least.

Trust me it was all planned out in the beginning that this would be everything it should be but at the same time we keep coming up against a few road bumps and such to where we've had to settle for something not as desired.

Remember, I blocked out the remaining of my year for Loki. I didn't book anything else and planned everything out accordingly. We just didn't know that things would come up, at least not like this.

The green fabric was easy (sort of, that particular green wasn't easy to find - everything was either too dark or too light). The plain black leather was easiest (except when I originally wanted to buy it at Joann fabrics, they didn't have enough so I ended up ordering it online). The armor material was just as easy as the plain black leather and the black stretchy fabric was in stock at the store. The textured leather took some time and we know that isn't perfect and know that, that will be revisited. The zipper trim is up in the air as the girl is a tad behind on her own schedule with her sudden commission requests for the same time frame.

Paint still needs getting but that's available everywhere.

Then, on January 28, 2013, Mykaios sent me this:

Argh, on top of that I've been so busy with Loki and other things along with the current worries, I never re-asked her about the silver panel pieces though I had sent a message about those too. So, I sent another message asking about those. *facedesk*

The silver panel pieces being, of course, the armour scales for the costume, as seen on the legs and on the side of the overtunic. So you can see that yet again I was being broadsided, less than a month to my stated, contractual deadline, with regards to yet another portion of the costume which initially she gave me every promise and assurance she would do – then, suddenly, she couldn’t and it forced me to have to run around like mad to find another option and get it rushed in time – for a costume which, itself, ultimately wouldn’t even be at all. Again, however, this was an instance where guaje was most wonderfully obliging, and where she truly went above-and-beyond by crafting the armour scales as well, and sending them along. I have nothing but the highest commendation for her, at least!
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Granted this could have been avoided if we had contacted her earlier but honestly, we had no way of knowing that she'd be as booked as she is. So it's an honest mistake on either parts. I do not have the time to cut out the leg panels, layer them with glue, wait for them to dry and paint them and wait for them to dry ad attach them individually. I have 17 days to get what I have to get done before I head out of town. and while I planned everything out accordingly and precisely every waking moment of what i would do with my time for things to be done in time, her being booked solid wasn't in the plans (therefore the leg panels and the zipper trim wasn't planned on being delayed on) . My having to have a month to prepare for artist alley was not in the plans. In these next 17 days, all the time I have is to sew Loki, and make the armor assuming it arrives on time, sew 300 items for inventory and sew an Assassin's Creed costume (those accessories are being put aside as well, understandably so).

Now. Once it became, unfortunately, all too dreadfully apparent to me that my cosplay was not, in fact, going to be finished and to me despite what I had stipulated, and what Mykaios had at every turn promised and assured me – I, however, despite my obvious and understandable, extreme disappointment and distress, was yet endeavouring to be a nice and understanding customer....and so made the suggestion on January 31st that, if it would be of substantial help re: the deadline, that I was tentatively, tacitly willing to push it back to the end of March – for Sakura-Con in Seattle, WA. Mykaios’ response, verbatim:

Oh that would hep greatly as long as you're alright with it. I do indeed want this to be the very best for you, and will help my portfolio immensely!

If that's the case, I would not mind having Lane's help on the pant scales - though I would also like to try my hand at it!

I have the materials for the chest, shoulder, strap and arm armor so no need to worry about that!

....uh-huh, sure. At the time all that really got me through the extreme, crushing disappointment of not having the actual commissioned cosplay, in time for Portland and then for ECCC immediately the following week, was the fact that I did have a “fallback version” Loki to use, bought from someone else here on the forums – but it was definitely a bit dinged-up around the edges, and was in no way truly the ideal, optimal thing, and I knew that well. But I needed something, nigh-well anything, really, else I’d have gone quite crazy over it.

February 1, 2013, her E-mail:

And you still plan to make a payment soon correct? Though, the later/deadlines will give me time, I don't plan on dragging it out to those deadlines - especially the late April one I'm still trying to stay reletively close to the original deadline if not the original deadline (in which case I will let you know if it'll make it in time for the first con).

And this, sent March 6, 2013, following an E-mail in which I asked her, laid it out, point-blank, that the cosplay absolutely had to be finished, completed, and to me in time for Fan Expo Vancouver (April 20-21)....I was explicit in stating so, and her reply:

Yes, the payment went through. If i could get the scales by the end of the month, if not sooner, that would be great! And April should still be good, I don't really have deadlines for that month as I closed it off in order to get caught up/ahead on commissions

And then, on March 21, I asked her about in-progress pictures of just any kind, like in nigh-well any way, shape or form. Keep in mind that I hadn’t been in any way harping on such or “pestering” her for such, up to that point – even though, according to the signed contract, I would very much have been fully within my rights to make that demand, and to keep right on demanding it, since it is laid out explicitly in the contract itself that she is to supply in-progress photos and detailed updates of the costume’s progress. Neither of which, by the way, I ever got from her. To continue, however:

I haven't taken any pictures yet. i am still multitasking commissions for the month and a wee bit behind on those updates as well.

I spent this week with college admissions and meetings and I'm hoping to get progress pictures rolling out this weekend. I have several trips to the post office nest week to mail stuff out as well.

I will try to get your progress pictures as soon as possible though!

(Also, let me add that the last thing – the only specific thing – I ever heard about my cosplay, about any part of it being in any state of fabrication, was actually on April 13, 2013. And that was with regards to the, quote, “most inner shirt”:

The most inner shirt is complete. The coat is a bit tricky since it is lined, lining always makes things more complicated haha - though at least I didn't have to cut it into as many pieces as the outer part of the coat. I'm also playing around with the shoulder piece (the black part) and seeing how I can make it detachable if needed but still maintain it's structure. Plus it'd make things a bit easier to ship. It's finally warming up so at some point, when it's not raining I can take the armor pieces outside to paint and dry without having to kill the brain cells of any living creatures inside the house.

I think the inner shirt and pants are easiest and less time consuming, minus the panels.

I have heard nothing else of any sufficient detail with regards to any part of the cosplay ever since. In point of fact, I know more about the state of others’ cosplays than I do about my own, and I am not kidding.)

On March 22, I asked her the following:

Also - I noticed that you mentioned you were multitasking commissions for the month, etc. - so I take it, then, it sounds like things have been going well, proceeding very much apace with Loki then, in any case? I mean, being able to get with the multitask-age on others, and updates on them too, and whatnot - that certainly makes it sound....definitely gives me the impression, at any rate, and I hope this is a fair one - that he's been coming together quite beautifully, fabulously even, and that you've been finagling him quite well indeed? I mean, if he's been going that smoothly/steadily enough....again, kind of gave me the impression, at any rate, and I hope I'm not presuming in saying so. Especially with Fan Expo now being officially under a month away am I hoping and saying that.

As well:

Hi - we're now less than a month out to the con - 27 days at most - and *definitely*, with that being the undeniable case, I'm feeling the press of time about it....I'm *really* hoping to see some costume pics, for sure! I know I said that before, but you had mentioned a long while back that you would be sending them along....and having not seen them, and subsequently wondering how things have been going, it's kind of....well....you know! Starting to feel the first seeds of anxiousness taking root over here.... Def hoping to hear back!

On March 29, 2013 (the start of Sakura Con, for which, yet again, I had no commissioned Loki, despite her promises), she told me this:

The first pictures to be posted will be the ones from February/March as I am super behind on my postings lately and then April/May will be coming up afterwards. So, yours may not come up too quickly but at least you'll know that I'm working on everything!

On April 2, 2013, upon completion of Sakura Con, I asked her when I could expect to see these pics which she’d repeatedly claimed were immediately forthcoming. I also goodnaturedly reminded her of my Fan Expo deadline, April 20-21. Cue the following from her:

In one of your emails you said April 28th o_O

And then:

I'm pretty sure somewhere in the 400-500 emails April 28th was mentioned. Also helps if there were less than 100 emails to go through and even the search function doesn't always catch everything. Anyway, is Fan Expo in the states or in your area? Express shipping might have to be considered but I wouldn't want you to pay the outrageous amount of money that would come about to be. I'll have to rearrange my schedule around because I was going by April 28th, which gave me an extra week to work -_-;

Now, let’s be absolutely clear about something. At no time had I ever quoted her an April 28th timeframe; I never told her anything of the sort, which even something so simple as a Gmail search proved quite undeniably. Therefore, she pulled that date entirely out of nowhere, and then attempted to place the onus for it upon me – which I did not, as you can imagine, take at all well to. And on April 2nd, she sent me this as well:

But in all seriousness, I'd appreciate not so many emails as it becomes harder and harder to pull up the details you've sent me to work with and use for your commission. Pictures, measurements all have to be searched for, and if can't be done via search bar has to be done manually.

You can, of course, imagine how severely taken-aback I was by that. I mean, as the customer, I believe that I have every right to be able to E-mail with regards to the product for which I have paid, and for which I am waiting – fruitlessly, with literally nothing to show for it, at that. Additionally, if I can do a basic search through Gmail for pertinent information, then so too can she. Furthermore, as to the matter of reference pics, I gathered up a whole ton of them, zipped them all in separate folders, and had sent them along ages before this point. So this, too, is no excuse nor justification whatsoever.
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April 3, 2013:

Priority mail shipping only tqakes 2-3 days, there isn't a huge need for that as it should take less than a week anyway.

As for the costume, I'm trying really hard to get it done in time, but it is my fault for underestimating the time frame it would take, so I won't request anymore money until it is absolutely complete. I really really, really hope to get it done in time though.

I've read that some people took two weeks to make this particular costume and it indeed possible but I most definitely try to avoid rushing. My own costumes are usually rushed and the quality does indeed suffer, so it's not something I want to burden on someone else or make them more disappointed about if it were their costume.

And yes there are plenty of pictures to go by, all of which were printed. But again, i was in bed, on my phone , in the dark to grab my folder of pictures and not at the computer at 4-5am when thinking of this. So, I asked anyway since we were communicating. I do need to pick up the metal trim for the arms though, I believe that's all I'm missing in terms of materials.

I don't like having missed your deadlines either but i assure you you will be super overly happy with the end result and I hope that the quality and accuracy can enable you to forgive me, should I miss this deadline. But again, I am working, working, working and most definitely behind on pictures of everything~

....and then, on April 12, 2013, came her supposed justification for not having any in-progress pics whatsoever, which those others who have been similarly distressed and disappointed will, unfortunately, remember well:

I do not have pictures at the moment and currently have stopped work due to the lights in my sewing room not turning on. I have to get in touch with the landlord or pick up some light fixtures or something this week. I have to wait though since my debit cars were stolen. They were first lost but someone definitely has them, along with my ID since my prescription card was turned in. I had to cancel the cards and order replacements, I'm really hoping that they come in early next week so I can get back to work and get all these pictures taken >_< I also can't ship anything out right now either -_-;

Let’s be clear, I am of course aware that the unexpected does happen. But I find it truly difficult to believe, as should any reasonable person, that such would meant that she could not, in fact, take even the quickest or most rudimentary of cellphone pics – in large part, of course, to help prove that she actually was working on the cosplay, and hence had been making any progress with it at all! Then, as now, it truly was not asking too much, to request even something so simple as that. Instead, all I ever got in response were yet more excuses – ad nauseam, if I may be quite blunt in saying so.

On April 16th she sent me the following:

I do appreciate you graciously extending the deadline to ensure that I am absolutely done with this and will most definitely get this done long before August. I've never been to Dragon*Con but am absolutely excited that you're going and going as my creation of Loki. I'm sure you'll be thoroughly excited and exhausted throughout the whole experience!

I will be getting pictures to you by the end of the week, most definitely, for sure! I have to take the cat tomorrow to get spayed in the morning then I have to stick around town and so my assessment testing and register for classes (woo, excitement there!), so I won't be able to check the mail at home, though if I get bored enough I might just bus back home - it's just a waste of bus fare that I don't want to have to face (the public transportation system here is atrocious).

This, mind, was in response to – well, to her basically guilt-tripping me, there really is no other way to describe it; she accused me of questioning her “judgment” (the word “offensive” was used) and “how she is approaching this”. (and yet again she tried to claim that others had taken “little time on their own Loki projects”, which of course has never been the case, I’ve never once seen anyone say that so I don’t know where she got such a mistaken impression – but it’s not from me, nor is it from any Loki cosplayer on any site or forum I am at all familiar with!) Again, let me state this clearly, if I may: how, even then, could I be reasonably expected to just meekly sit back and trust her, and say nothing, when she had already missed multiple deadlines – which I kept pushing back basically out of the kindness and generosity of mine own heart, because I was trying to be nice and patient about it – and yet she only clearly took advantage therein.

How could I place any real measure of trust in her work at all – when I didn’t even know what the state of said work was? She was, even then, literally giving me nothing whatsoever to go on – no pics, no updates, no details, nothing. I felt even then that I was being given very little reason indeed to trust, or to have any real faith in her or her work – considering. If only I were given just, fair cause – if only she had given me anything to go on – then I would indeed quite likely have been able to trust. She didn’t, however, ergo I did and do NOT, simple as that. No pictures, no details, no proof that she’s even been working on the cosplay at all, this whole entire time – really, what else am I supposed to think? What other conclusion can reasonably be reached?

At any rate....April 20, 2013 (while I was actually at Fan Expo Vancouver, mind you, for which – yet again – no commissioned Loki, hence you can imagine my state of mind), I received – wait for it – one single, measly little E-mailed pic....of fabric swatches. Literally, just fabric swatches, and a glimpse of the zipper trim and the armour scales. That’s it. That’s all I ever got from her, and it literally is all that I still have to show of it – which in turn only leads me to conclude only ever more so, now, that in point of fact the cosplay hasn’t been worked on at all, that it’s thus far amounted to absolutely nothing. If I am at all amiss in said assessement, remember, she has provided me nothing whatsoever to indicate otherwise.

From her:


Still getting the whole light situation settled here but I thought I'd at least send you a picture of the materials (since I was able to get a snippet of those and set everything on my small kitchen counter space) I'm working with to at least give you an idea of what I've managed to pick up and what's going into the costume.

Obviously there's the zipper trim and panels Lane made (there's one on top of another, on the counter, in case you're wondering why the alignment seems off).

-Green fabric - it is a very fine corduroy, in which you can't see the corduroy lines, but gives it that fuzzy peach skin/suede look that seems to be on his coat.

-Black knit fabric (the kind more for yoga pants [at least the yoga pants I have; I do not do yoga] rather than tshirts), so it's is comfortable, light-weight and stretchy for the shirt.

-The heavy black leather we picked out for the shoulders and coat petals.

-The plain black leather for everything else.

This, I felt, was truly my breaking point with regards to the commission; it was becoming increasingly apparent to me that she was going to continue missing deadline after deadline which I had initially been patient/tolerant/tentatively willing enough to extend (wanting always to be only the nice and agreeable customer for my commissioners, as I do, and it is quite clear to me that Mykaios has completely and appallingly taken heinous advantage of me in this respect) – and, more, that she was also going to continue denying me any in-progress pictures whatsoever, and that she would continue offering only the most flimsy and really quite unbelievable of excuses with regards to the continual missing of deadlines and must-have-by dates.

Therefore, I had come to realize that I quite simply had no choice – that the commission itself was no longer proving a remotely viable arrangement, really for either party involved but, of course, if I may say – most of all for me, as the customer, being continually denied the product for which I was paying....and then on April 23, 2013, I sent her the following....it was, of course, never at all the ideal or what I’d have ever remotely cared to see happen, but then as now I simply felt I’d been pushed to it – that I had reached my breaking point – and I had no other option.
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Hello again, Lynn,

I have been giving my situation a great deal of thought, including looking carefully at my calendar and upcoming scheduled events and discussing this matter with knowledgeable individuals. I have reached a firm decision with regards to this Loki costume commission, one which I realize you may find surprising, but I ask you to understand why I am making it, as well as the fact that I am not making it lightly.

I know that I said I would be tacitly, tentatively willing to wait X-additional amount of time for the costume’s completion and for it to finally be in my hands - I quoted you even into July, or absolutely no later than the first week of August, if it came to that. I was endeavoring to be as understanding as possible – and seeking also to assure what I hoped would be enough time to ensure its successful completion and delivery. However, after thinking the matter over further, I have come to realize that the situation as it stands now, with this cosplay commission, is no longer acceptable nor tenable to me. First I will share with you what I feel has gone awry in this commission, which has influenced my decision, and then I will explain what I wish to see done with the rest of this commission.

1) A failure to deliver by the contracted date, or a reasonable amount of time after. I am aware that the “unexpected” can indeed happen, in life as in cosplay ventures, and I have been more than sympathetic and patient towards the events that resulted in your delays. However, the point at which such delays are excusable has long passed. My original finish-by date, stipulated in our original contract which you and I agreed upon, was February 22, 2013, for Portland Comic Con. Today is April 23, 2013. A reasonable amount of time to ensure its completion and delivery would have been no longer than 2 months after the agreed-upon date, and the fact that it is now April is a testament to how patient I can be. Additionally, though you had assured me that I it would absolutely be completed in time for the Fan Expo Vancouver event (April 21-22) which just passed, since that granted an extra month's time in which to finish it - it was not, again. Unfortunately, this is a business contract, and I cannot continue to put my plans on hold with no reliable timeframe for the costume’s completion.

2) Failure to give me consistent updates on the commission progress. At the outset of this cosplay commission, you promised that you would absolutely keep me regularly, consistently updated on progress, and also that you would provide me ongoing pictures thereof; you have not done so, even when I eventually asked for updates after you neglected to provide them yourself. Even the most rudimentary and basic of in-progress photos have not been forthcoming. Indeed, this one pic you have sent of the fabric swatches would have been a small something quite some time ago, but now, at this stage, I have difficulty feeling that it is entirely sufficient. I hope you can understand that this does little to reassure me that my money has been well invested.

It bears repeating here that this is a matter of business, seeing as a fair amount of money is involved, and not a personal or emotional attack. Based on these grievances, and my impending events and deadlines, I have regretfully but firmly come to a conclusion that I feel will benefit both of us, alleviating a lot of stress for you at this tumultuous time in your life, and for me. I wish to close out our contract, and for you to comply with the following events as stated:

I can grant you two (2) weeks time in which to finish up whatever you are doing with the costume, giving you until May 7, 2013 to either complete or partially complete the costume. After this deadline, I request that you refund me the money and send me back all the materials purchased for the costume - fabric, leathers, zipper trim, armour scales, the boots and plaster casts I sent you, everything - within the following week’s time. Meaning all of this is to be postmarked and mailed by May 10, 2013 at the very latest.

I will of course pay for shipping. I ask that they be mailed by a priority method, with insurance and, particularly, with tracking. My address to mail them to is as follows:


Of course I wish you no ill and wish to uphold my end of the contract, so I am more than willing to pay you for the work you have already done, though incomplete. This means you will walk away from this commission with $100. I would like to give a more accurate total for what work you’ve done on the costume, but as mentioned, I have not received any pictures of the actual costume and so have no idea how much work, or the quality of work, you have done thus far. Therefore, $100 is what I will end up paying you for this commission. This means that you will refund to me $800. If all supplies/materials for the costume are not delivered, I will need all the money back, including that $100.

I am aware that my having reached this decision and this ultimatum may well come as something of a surprise to you, and I do apologize for that. But, again, I feel this will benefit the both of us, and at this point this is the only resolution which will make me feel comfortable, make me in just any sense “happy”. I know that you have had favourable experiences commissioning work for others; I acknowledge that, but it has become apparent to me that for whatever reasons or extraneous factors, this Loki costume commission unfortunately isn’t. Therefore, this is simply what must be done. Thank you for your understanding and your prompt attention in this matter, and it is my belief that you will view this from a professional/business perspective and realize that I in no way intend you personal affront nor offense, with this decision and ultimatum. It is simply what I, as the customer, feel necessary.



Her subsequent responses I include here.

1. Yes, I understand that I missed the deadline and have failed to deliver at a "reasonable" amount of time after. But do understand, that with this last deadline, having had broken lights and lost and stolen cards, I couldn't work or complete the costume or even take pictures and the lights has been not working very well for sometime, until they finally no longer turned on no matter what I did. And even then, if it were complete I couldn't have sent it out without accessing my funds in any way. I couldn't even replace my id card until doing so and most of that time was just waiting for my replacement cards to arrive. I had planned little to nothing for this month so that I can finish up Loki and get ahead, but that ended up not going through. It was out of my hands. it truly was. And because of these issues, I have fallen behind about two weeks on what I planned to finish or get ahead of.

2. No, I didn't provide progress pictures. In fact, I am behind on all progress pictures and they're slowly going up over the week, while I organize things around, put things up on dress forms and what have you.

On another note, I did have a couple of commissions put on hold due to the two clients either having financial issues or medical issues to attend to, so that does give me the next couple of weeks a lot more free. So, over the next two weeks, I will work on and hopefully finish Loki and provide progress and complete pictures and keep you updated by May 7th. Is May 7th the postmarked date for the costume or the deadline for pictures of the complete costume?

And while you have no ill will towards me, I do wish you had waited until May 7th to post up your response to that thread because while I am trying to get things situated and going and get all caught up, all and every post is hurtful because I do prefer that people at least wait for my response or talk things out with me before posting positive or negative reviews. In addition, I had said that you could subtract the costs of the zipper trim from the total amount I quoted because I was originally suppose to make them. I had also said that I wanted to make the panels or at least complete them, so Lane didn't have to stress over them but you both insisted that she'd complete them.

So, I ask that you take your post down, for now until May 7th-10th. Once the costume and or supplies are in your hands, I would ask you to reconsider your words then and then post them. Though, hoping that the costume is indeed completed and in your hands, I do hope that the missed original deadline can be overlooked and that you'll focus on its quality or accuracy.

I will interject here, in my quoting of her E-mails, to state that I did not particularly care to feel thusly pressured to take down my post to what was the thread in existence, at the time – particularly since I was not in any way, shape or form wrong or amiss to say what I did in the course of it, nor was I being in any way untruthful or misrepresenting the matter. Then, as now, I was being completely, one hundred and ten percent truthful with regard to the situation and how I was really suffering because of it, and I hardly saw why I should remove my post, stating my legitimate grievance, accordingly. I would posit here that maybe this is why I never saw until far, far too late, any justifiably negative feedback about her – way back when I was originally seeking the commission? Because of course, if all such feedback was being muzzled/stifled/otherwise locked or deleted, then how would I have ever known about it? Until, of course, as has been the case, far too late....
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To continue:

You could even say in the rewording of your post that I missed your original deadline and have yet to provide any actual progress pictures, that I've at least started with fabric swatches and that your final deadline is May 7th, postmarked by May 10 to either fully complete or mail out the remaining materials and the costume in whatever status it may be. And that from there, you will right a full review (positive or negative if it comes to that) upon receiving the costume or what of it.

In your final review after May 7th-10th, you could even say that I missed your deadline and that updates were slow from the start. You can say that I didn't meet your expectations there, as I didn't. But perhaps then, you can say whether or not I met your expectations on the accuracy or craftsmanship for the costume. You can say that you were upset that I missed your deadline and that perhaps even while having done so you are perhaps happy that a bit more time was given. This is all me hoping that you are indeed happy with what you receive enough to overlook the slow start of my services and to give me a second chance in the future, so I can prove that it will be a much more pleasant experience.

Also, let me be clear: having no lights in the sewing room, or whatever may have been her (many, many) excuses at the time, does not at all excuse not taking pictures – indeed, even sunlight would have worked perfectly well for it, but additionally, too - quite clearly she could take pics of other stuff, and did. She did not, however, of the cosplay in any state of progress, at any step along the way – and as I have stated above, you know what singular conclusion one reaches as a result – the only conclusion one possibly can! Additionally, she never gave me any pics even when these lights were supposedly working!

And then, on April 24, 2013, look at the list she saw fit to send me, of everything else she was supposedly working on – in addition to Loki – everything else which I had no idea whatsoever she had been, because she’d never seen fit to inform me as such – in other words, that her schedule was, in fact, quite plainly this totally out of all control or sanity....if she had ever been truthful with me, and stated such, then I would NEVER have commissioned her.

These are things I have to ship out:
-Shadow Lugia hoodie
-Nanoha staff (remake because the first got lost in the mail)
-Seras yellow
-Seras blood
-Alexander Anderson
-Nidalee from LoL (reshipping because it got sent back to me)

These are the rest of my bookings up to the end of September (the first two being in two weeks) * indicating day or couple day projects (if I were to just solely work on them but people insist that I multitask) so not a big deal:
-Princess Serenity
-Female Ezio
-S4 League
-Donnel from Fire Emblem*
-Winry* and Asuka plugsuit for the same person
-Anaru dress*
-Young Ema Skye Wig*
-Yu Yu Hakusho Wig*

-BRS Chariot*

-Ashe from LoL
-Summoner Yuna
-Oichi Sengoku Basara
-Shadow Lugia human
-Lich King

Such list only being even longer and more downright appalling now, mind, if you have been following her FB cosplay page in any way, shape or form. Now, initially, in response to this – I use the term “ultimatum” whether or not that may be most apropos, but again, what choice did I realistically have? I couldn’t endure any more of this, I was pushed to breaking point on it, plainly put – she had said that she would mail me back those supplies, albeit the fact that she supposedly wanted me to wait “until the end of May”, even though I was not asking her to have Loki “done” within that two-week timeframe that I had stated. Indeed, if she hadn’t done anything at all with it over that period, so be it, but I had stipulated only that all the materials, supplies, and the costume itself – in whatever state of completion – was to be mailed to me postmarked by that May 10th date, as stipulated. On April 24, 2013, however, she said the following:

I intend to finish this costume. I'd rather not have someone else work on it as I've already spent a lot of time and effort into the costume, researching with you and communicating with you. Researching and purchasing materials.

This is something that I have been very excited to make and it has been a very stressful process due to the delays, when things have come up and occurred which I have explained in my 5am email and numerous times before. This is something I intend to see through, as I do all of my commissions because it it my responsibility to deliver a finished product. We spent emails upon email and many, many hours going over how to approach the various parts of the costume, fabric hunting and discussing tactics and measurements and what have you. Yes, it has been taking much longer than originally anticipated and I'm not going to repeat my feelings on my own services as I've already touched on that along with everything else. I've apologized over and over, as with anyone else who may have had a missed deadline during the times I have had missed deadlines (i.e. surgery, Katuscon, lights/cards, etc) and am doing everything I possibly can to keep up and get back on track and so on and, it's getting there, a bit of a slow start but it is damn well getting there.

And I would also like to point out that my terms and contract states that

1. I am to deliver a finished product.
2. Delays are possible in which we've discussed over and over and had one all or nothing finalized date which was before Dragon Con.

3. There are no refunds. If a client is unhappy with a finished product or say elements during the process of or upon receiving the product, then the item would be upgraded, adjusted or complete remade until the end result is satisfactory.

4. The contract cannot be terminated, once deposits/payments have been made and/or deadlines have been extended (though not signed up, it was agreed upon).

So, yes this is your costume, in which you have invested in or at least, it will be your costume, as I am still working on it and after having missed a few deadlines, I stated that I will not request further payments until the costume is complete with proper updates and progress pictures.

Therefore, I will deliver a completed costume, complete with (albeit super delayed) progress pictures and updates by the end of May, which is at least two months prior to Dragon Con, which was the agreed upon final deadline (yes, unfortunately, after a few extensions), because it is my responsibility to do so. AND regardless of what has led up until now, which currently makes you unhappy, I intend to make you happy with the completion of this commission.

Oh, I’m aware that in the prior thread, now locked, she apparently posted the contract that I signed for the commission. (I was, of course, away at Dragon*Con – ultimately without the cosplay which she had yet again repeatedly promised and assured, only failed to deliver on, and I was so crushed and disappointed when that happened I cried a great deal on the trip down, I must confess – and was scarcely in the most positive state of mind, either!) However, it is my understanding in conferring with those of a legal background that in point of fact I could have demanded the termination of the contract and would have been fully within my rights, at this point, and given everything, to do so.

Additionally, she continually broke the terms of the contract by not providing detailed updates and in-progress photos, as well as by repeatedly missing deadlines. She is the one who is in breach of contract, pure and simple. I am the paying customer here, I have a right to my product – and to my money back as well, no matter what. Then, as now, I had absolutely no trust, no faith whatsoever in her to finish it in just any amount of time, much less at all; I did not want her to finish it, I stipulated as such, and yet even though I am the paying customer apparently what I wanted did not matter. At least, not to her. Additionally, it’s in no way, shape or form “breaking the contract early” – if we’re now months past my original deadline, and past any other which she broke at every turn.
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April 25, 2013:

As stated in my commission thread and my contract, which you signed:

1. I am to deliver a finished product.
2. Delays are possible in which we've discussed over and over and had one all or nothing finalized date which was before Dragon Con.
3. There are no refunds. If a client is unhappy with a finished product or say elements during the process of or upon receiving the product, then the item would be upgraded, adjusted or complete remade until the end result is satisfactory.
4. The contract cannot be terminated, once deposits/payments have been made and/or deadlines have been extended (though not signed up, it was agreed upon).

And to reiterate, I would like to finish this by the end of May (maybe even the first week of June - preferably Dragon Con as not to rush the last details and putting together or all the layers of the coat and what not - plus the weather is clearing up so I can spray paint the armor outside). Most of my upcoming deadlines are between now and around the third week of May. Everything else is spread very wide apart between June and the end of September, which is why I agreed upon the Dragon Con extension, because this time around, even if an unexpected event or two were to occur, it wouldn't be interfering with with anything else or crossing over into other deadlines as it has been lately. May is my busiest month due to how things have come to be, but beyond that, there isn't "a lot". The list looks like a lot, but it really isn't as having said that a few things aren't fully detailed costumes or are just partials or pieces or even wigs.

She also had the utter audacity, the sheer unmitigated gall, really, to attempt to guilt-trip me with regards to – well, she accused me of “being selfish” (!!!) and of “only caring about my stuff” – when, after all, I had no idea, no clue whatsoever that she in fact had as many other projects on the go as she quite clearly, appallingly did – had I but any inkling of that beforehand, obviously I never would’ve entrusted her with anything. More, considering how I’m the one paying for my commission, is it at least somewhat understandable that such is, as a result, my priority? Of course, I had no idea whatsoever until far, far too tragically and unfortunately late, that there wer so many others suffering the exact same as was I – that there were others in the same proverbial boat, being denied and betrayed and screwed over just as effectively as was I. Though, if I may say, I believe that I am currently out the most by far of anyone.

While it is unfair to your commission, it is unfair that you disregard the other commissions I have and not care about their deadlines or my schedule and my responsibility to keep up with my schedule. I say end of May or early June. I only have two commissions for June and July each, whereas, I have five commissions for May.

I haven't posted very many progress pictures of anything, but I am working on it. It's not just the progress if your commission and your commission isn't what I am 100% focused on. I am focused on all of them evenly, but to avoid missing deadlines and upsetting more people, I do have to get these done. The faster I do that, the faster and more time I can put on yours in order to complete it. But, I cannot drop everything I am currently doing and finish up yours. I am multi-tasking. Progress pictures is also not an instant thing, as much as I'd like it to be. I do have a lot of pictures to take but I also have non-commission related things to go about my day. Plus costumes take a lot more time to get set up.

No my services haven't been going smoothly as either of us would like, but please be patient and understanding.

I'm posting pictures of current, upcoming deadlines. That means my May deadlines. As you've noticed, I've posted only about 2 actual in progress pictures and if you've read it says that I do not have time to post very many progress pictures of anything and that all the pictures to come are of completed costumes. Anything I've listed, is in progress, almost done, done or upcoming for this month.

If I didn't care i wouldn't have admitted my flaws and apologized over and over or responded to your messages and what not. But it is you who doesn't seem to care about what my schedule may currently be or whatever it is that I go through, whether I don't eat or sleep or my well being. Which by the way, I should never have to tell another client what my current schedule is because it is posted and updated on my facebook page, which apparently you follow (as well as cosplay.com and deviantart and I post it around so that everyone can see and have access to it. You don't care about my upcoming deadlines and the fact that I have to stay on schedule and that I've admittedly missed deadlines, like everyone else has, you don't care about other people's commissions. You don't care about anyone or anything other than yourself.

Now, I am done trying to explain myself and apologize and accept my mistakes. I've already said I have stuff that I am working on and that pictures are in progress for EVERYTHING and they're coming up as my immediate deadlines are approaching. Nothing I do is good enough so you can believe whatever you want but I will keep my word on completing this costume and so on. But right now, for the rest of this month, what is posted is to be expected because they have to be completed and shipped out. I cannot work on anything else, I can't even work on the third remake of that staff which had a deadline of before yours. I can't catch up right this moment. You'll never understand that. You'll never accept the fact that I am a human being who has made mistakes and am doing everything absolutely possible to catch up, stay on task and do whatever it is I physically and possibly can to make sure that everyone is happy.

I am not responding again. I will however, email you pictures when I get through this set of commissions.

Yeah, as you can imagine, I did not, indeed, take at all well to being frightfully guilt-tripped in such a fashion, told that I was being selfish, unfair, etc., etc. – and in general, too, she was making it out to be that I was somehow the unreasonable one, that I was somehow the one so egregiously and terribly at fault – instead of the plain fact being, of course, that I was quite simply just the customer – who had so long been denied the product for which she was paying and to which she was completely and fully entitled in a far more timely fashion!

The plain truth is that I was far more patient, far more tolerant, through all this than, in point of fact, she ever had any right to expect from me – certainly far and away more, by my understanding and in talking with others, than nigh-well anyone else ever would have been. Yet because I have endeavoured to be patient (superhumanly so) and understanding every step of the way – the quintessential Canadian, apparently – I have given her every chance, and then every chance after that, dozens upon dozens of times – only to be continually disappointed, and to have my trust in her betrayed. I have literally nothing to show for this entire endeavour – nothing, of course, but grief, frustration, anguish, nightmare, and tears.

Just wanted to give you a quick email, not necessarily an update, since I'm not sure if you're following my facebook page or not. I am done with my May commissions and my schedule has lightened quite a bit, so I'm beginning to work through the backlog of things I have, including Loki. Pictures stopped coming up for the past week though, since I've been sick and I'm getting over that. Ideally, I'd like to get Loki and all the pictures up soon, but at the latest I still aim for Dragon Con if absolutely necessary, though having it take that long it rather unlikely.

…it shouldn’t take up to Dragon Con and should be done sooner than expected.

And when I asked her, in late June, when in point of fact it would be finished and would actually be shipped out, according to what she had most recently quoted me there (though you can imagine how little stock I placed in that), and since it was rapidly getting to the point where I felt as though I dared not put all my hope in the fact that I would indeed have the Loki in time for Dragon*Con....a distressing notion to be sure, since she had REPEATEDLY AND CONSTANTLY promised me that I would, always, every single step of the way – and distressing, deeply and traumatically disappointing also since I wanted to take part in various things such as, of course, the famous Marvel photoshoot to which I was so greatly and eagerly looking forward; but, of course, the way things were appearing even back in late June, I was increasingly coming to feel as though I dared not truly, fully get my hopes up – after everything that had transpired over the past many months and months.

Apparently I was all too wise, too canny to feel so – and to, in truth, suspect also that in all unfortunate likelihood I really wouldn’t have the cosplay for D*C after all, and I really shouldn’t be too surprised on that score when it turned out to be so. Told myself all along to not dare get my hopes up when they’d been dashed, crushed so many times before, and yet when it came down to it – I still ended up crying, utterly devastated, even so.
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I will say mid to late July for the sake of not rushing while I catch up on everything. I don't have commissions back to back like I did for May, and they are rather purposely scarce, but it's all so I'm not overfilling my plate and so I have a good amount of time for everything. (Before) Dragon Con is the definite absolute deadline. Definitely plan to pack this.

Delivery/in transit by late July, completion by mid July.

As I've stated, it will be in transit if not delivered by the end of July. I honestly do not have pictures yet, or really much of anything I've been working on, which is indeed a problem, but I've been trying to work on that. On top of that, I've been having problems with the regular post office as none of my shipments are arriving on time or at all, which creates an even bigger problem as I don't even know where to begin with that. I will certainly not use the regular post office for Loki though, that's just too much stress to have in shipping Loki in *hoping* it arrives without fail.

Of course, June and then July – the entirety of it – came and went, and no pics, no updates, no progress reports – nada, zip, zilch, and you’d think that after all that time I unfortunately wouldn’t have been too overly surprised by that, but....in truth, it didn’t hurt any less, didn’t cut me any less deeply or disappoint me any less profoundly, really, for that. She also at one point accused me of changing the deadline, which in point of fact I did not do; all along, and as stipulated in the contract I signed, the finish-by, must-have deadline was for Portland Comic Con in February. That I pushed it back at all after that was because I was the one endeavouring to be patient and understanding at every turn – with the continuing promises of completion which did not happen. Such is not and has never been, however, “changing of the deadline”.

July 11, 2013:

I won't argue with you though, as I've already admitted to and apologized for my poor services. I respond in a timely manner, as often as I can, I respond on the go as I am now trying to get supplies from FedEx, and email you on my own, even though in a lengthy gap of time to go e even the slightest of updates. Please expect my next email with pictures and inquiries on your thoughts if you feel anything needs to be changed or fixed before I package it up and get it shipped out.

Though I would also take this opportunity to point out that at no time, and despite her continued insistences to the contrary, did she truly “apologize”. Indeed, I was the one who felt it necessary, felt basically bullied/forced or otherwise was pressured into issuing an apology or a mea culpa of my own – even when I was the customer desperate for the timely and really long-overdue arrival of the product for which I’d paid, and hence even when I, as the customer, was being misled, disappointed, generally having my trust used and betrayed repeatedly. Yet because I’m ever the nice Canadian to the core, I felt like I was put in the position where I had to apologize to her, if you can believe it. But apologizing to me? She never did....despite such instances as above when she claims that was the case. Also, though you already know what I’m about to say – these so-called “pictures” in her next E-mail never arrived. Nothing of the sort ever showed up, then or now, and she never gave me any concrete idea with actual, solid details as to the actual state of the cosplay itself and where it was, e.g. what it actually was looking like and how it was all (supposedly, in theory, though evidently now not at all) coming together.

Finally, on August 20, 2013, I informed her that I would be leaving exactly a week from that particular day – which she already knew, since I had already stipulated as such to her….check out her response:

I've informed people to look out for you at the convention~

I've begun shipping items out this week and I still need to post pictures. So if I don't get to post them up on fb, I'll just email you a folder of unedited ones.

I can't find your mailing address using gmail search so if you could please provide that, that'd be greatly appreciated.

Yeah, you see how that right there definitely made it sound like the cosplay was finished, completed, truly good to go, especially if she’s saying stuff like how she’s supposedly told her other friends who’ll be at the convention to actually look out for me in the cosplay – and even though I knew it, even then I knew that I shouldn’t dare get my hopes up in any way, that surely I would only end up inevitably crushed, disappointed all over again….even so, I realized only after the fact that – indeed I did dare hope, and wondered “what if, oh, what if-?!” at least a little bit….because again, when she’s saying stuff like how she’s told people to look out for me, at the convention, in the cosplay – that gives the clear and undeniable impression that in point of fact it really is done, finished, a hundred and ten percent. Especially, too, when she’s supposedly seeking an address for delivery – which I gave her, opting for the host hotel (Hilton) I was staying at, and ensuring that the package – aye, this supposed, theoretical package, this almost mythical cosplay – was addressed c/o one of my roomies as well. She said it would be shipped out that very Friday, so in other words, the 23rd of August. She explicitly, point-blank said that. Cue the passing of that week, and me heading out to the airport on the 27th – as she knew I was doing, overnight’ing it at the airport, I had told her as such. At that time I requested an immediate update as to what was happening....and then I got this.

I have not been able to send this out *yet*. I would like to catch up on posting progress and completed pictures, plus it'd be only fair to see what you're getting. Furthermore, you have not paid me in full nor have I requested that you do so until I can catch up and provide more solid proof (I can post things here and there overall and I was able to post the material swatches while my lights weren't working in my sewing room since I was using the kitchen counter). From there, I will send it out, once I have received your final payment including shipping costs (in which you have paid $850 out of $1500 minus the $125 for the zipper trim, excluding PayPal fees and shipping).

But, going by overall progress and updates, though not entirely related to Loki, you have no right to call me a scam artist, a fraud, nor am I stealing money from you or anyone else and you cannot report me for a crime. Furthermore, once you do report as such and do get your commission, you can't undo that it would have to go through a long and huge process to remove as such.

Unfortunately, at the moment, I am swamped with both school and work, but I'm still trying to post updates and pictures and post about what has shipped or still needs to be shipped. We all know and hopefully understand that I have a lot to catch up and a lot to still post and a lot to do. This goes for yours and any other delayed and current commissions. Did I ever intend for things to be this way? No absolutely not. I planned out accordingly at the time for everything to go as smoothly and stress-free as possible. I was not even planning on going to back to school at the time. Will I try to post/send pictures and send it express if I need to? Absolutely.

Understand that, yes, I was fully aware that there remained an amount I had yet to pay her – which I would have been totally alright doing, had only she offered me any proof whatsoever that she had even been working on the cosplay at all, that she’d made any progress with it over the past almost-year. If she had given me any reason whatsoever to trust her, and to believe a word she said, I would have gladly paid her the remaining amount, no problem. She did not. How could I reasonably be expected to pay her that remaining amount without having seen anything of the cosplay itself, in any state whatsoever?! In no way was I comfortable doing so! I also wasn’t exactly in such a location to where I could PayPal her anything – which she knew would be the case, because I had told her exactly when I was leaving, so she’d had that entire week and way more, and I never heard anything back from her. There was no way whatsoever that I was ever going to give her one cent more without actual, factual proof of the costume, and I do not for a single second believe that I am wrong to feel so. I continually placed my trust in her time and time again over the past year, and you see where that’s led me, and what I really don’t have to show for it – STILL.

Also, she took that time to further broadside me with the fact that she said she wasn’t going to take the amount for the armour scales out of the total for the costume – as would be done for the zipper trim – even though she never worked on them, never did anything with them. She said that just because she said she’d originally wanted to do the panels, and then claimed that she’d told me not to go to guaje for, but I did anyway – that she wasn’t going to take that amount off, no matter what. She was the one who ran out of time to do them, it was her poor (to say the very least!!) time management skills which resulted in that, and yet she was still insisting that even though she didn’t do the work whatsoever on the armour scales – just as she didn’t on the zipper trim – she wasn’t going to take that cost out of the final tally. Talk of intransigence, putting it mildly!
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As far as labor hours go and what was actually accounted for, I didn't work any less because I did no make those items. I agreed to the zipper trim costs but not the panels. There are still over a hundred hours that went into drafting, testing and making everything else.

I'm sorry this currently cancels your Loki plans, but I'm still going to get pictures up and I'm still going to request the remaining costs then. No one gets a commission they haven't fully paid for. I even asked other commissioners about such a situation. It was agree that I get pictures as soon as possible and not to send anything out before hand.

I find it truly impossible to believe her claim that she “didn’t work any less” – because I’ve seen nothing whatsoever to prove in any way that she did any work on it at all, this whole entire time – literally, all this past almost-year! All this time, all this work supposedly done, and yet I have nothing, I have seen nothing whatsoever, of it. And she has had more than plenty ample opportunity to do so – despite her sundry flimsy excuses – and yet, she has not. And as for her being “sorry” that this cancelled my “Loki plans” – I do not believe a word of it. (suffice it to say that I broke down and cried through two full airports on my way to Dragon*Con, such was my distress and disappointment) Particularly since, in all the time leading up to this, she was giving every single positive reassurance that the cosplay was in fit state to be sent, that it was fully completed, very much good to go, and that – of course – these elusive, intangible, impossible pictures of it would finally and at longest, most unendurable last, be sent. She even asked for the shipping address for it, and supposedly told her friends to “look out for me in the cosplay”. Which now, of course, I can only conclude to be naught but lies. She’s given me nothing else to make me ever conclude differently!

And then, of course, as no doubt others who find themselves in similar dreadful, nightmarish situation, have seen....she sent me this, on August 27th, and posted an update to her FB stating similarly – though I must say that I find it rather “rich” that she is asking for “patience and understanding” from others, given how she has strung us along ad nauseam for so long, and repeatedly screwed us out of the product for which we’ve paid and to which we are more than long-since fully entitled.

At the moment, I am not giving any actual dates on anything because I cannot 100% guarantee when they would be up and although I've tried to give out dates and stuff before on all of my commissions in general, I haven't been able to keep up with all of them and I really dislike that fact, just as anyone else has. They're just all going up as soon as I am able to put them up, when I am able to. It's not just Loki, it's everything and over time, I have been trying to post here and there.

....so let me get this straight. She doesn’t know when she’ll have these supposed pictures for me of my cosplay. No idea, on that one, apparently. And she won’t send the cosplay itself until these supposed pictures are up and posted. And with no idea, no timeframe whatsoever apparently, as to when that would be – then, apparently, ruddy well if I know it when I would ever see the cosplay itself in any way, shape or form.

In essence, she is saying that she will finish the cosplay and get it to me “when she feels like it”, but not before, and apparently there’s not a damn thing I can do about that. She is seeking to dictate the timeframe – of my product for which I am paying, of my commission, my costume – and apparently I’m stuck fruitlessly, bootlessly waiting, in anguish and in torment, for pictures which may well never arrive, for all I know now, of a cosplay itself which – again, for all I know – has never even been worked on in the slightest.

Let’s be clear about something: I did not commission her and pay what I already have so that she could suddenly decide, oh, she’ll finish the commission and get it to me only when she feels like it, and not before. Time and time and time again, she misses my deadlines, betrays my trust, and now this?! Truly untenable! It is not, plainly put, the commissioner who dictates the deadline for completion and deliver of the product. It is the customer who pays for a product, and for its delivery in a timely fashion; Mykaios has no right whatsoever to withhold said product as she sees fit, and for her own supposed reasons, until such time as she apparently wants to send it off and present any pictures of it. If any other business operated like this, they’d have long-since gone out of business, because such behaviour is not only obvious and repeated breach of signed contract - but it is also criminal. Plainly put, when we are now nearly seven months past my deadline, and she refuses to present any evidence whatsoever, and she continues to refuse delivery of the item for which I am paying, even though it is unacceptably long past my deadline - now it is little more than theft. I am the paying customer, and yet she is saying and, moreover, also making me feel, like I have no rights in this regard – and, certainly, she would have it believed, also no recourse whatsoever.

I have, however, been told – by everyone else to whom I have spoken, and to whom I have thoroughly explained these matters, those both in the legal field and out of it – that I do in fact have recourse. And I am taking it – because Mykaios has left me no choice whatsoever, no other options. I truly, of course, did not wish it at all to come to this – but it is her fault that it has. I am following the lead of Soul_Siren, and filing my extensive Internet crime report against Mykaios. Additionally, I am consulting with my financial institution, and I have spoken with those in the legal field and shall continue to consult with them in the coming days (lawyers in the family). Mykaios is in clear and repeated, egregious breach of contract, and so something must be done, pure and simple. Fortunately, too, I have fellow cosplayers and commissioners who are already boosting the signal for me, with regards to these matters, and we are getting the word out about her. Again, I have been left with no choice! Time and time again she’s insisted that she isn’t a “scam artist”. Her behaviour and her attitude thus far, and her continual breaking of contract terms, and her ongoing refusal to provide any in-progress photos or the item itself, for which payments have been made, even seven months after the signed deadline - all of this only indicates the exact opposite of her claims. If she wishes to not be seen and judged as a “scam artist”, she should abide by the terms of the contract and, in other words, not act like one.

In conclusion, my grade of Mykaios’ “service” stands as follows: F. F. Absolute and final, utter, complete and total, abysmal and appalling, heinous and unforgivable F. Do not commission anything from her. You will regret it, and you will be vastly, tragically disappointed. That there are those others who have received items from her in the past changes nor mitigates nothing now. W hat of it, if she’s managed to deliver wigs, say, in the past? Maybe that’s all she’s good for, that and nothing more; quite clearly, however, she cannot be trusted on a full cosplay. That is rankly, tragically and terribly obvious, especially to me.

With New York Comic Con coming up, and with the premiere of “Thor 2” on November 8th, I have since found myself having to pursue other avenues, as well. Why? Because being denied the Loki cosplay which I was promised at every turn, in time for Dragon*Con, was utter devastation and crushing disappointment bad enough (the amount of distraught tears I’ve shed over this defies almost all comprehension, I would say). But I cannot, I cannot and will not endure it for the movie premiere – literally, physically, my heart cannot endure any further disappointment with regards to these matters. Would I like to believe that I would have the cosplay in time for, say, New York Comic Con next month? After all this time, I cannot afford to trust, to have any faith in her. She’s broken it, and hence broken my heart, at every turn.

I will say, also, that this entire experience has not only very badly shaken my cosplaying confidence in general – it’s really profoundly rattling, in truth – but, moreover, it has also left me feeling extremely badly burned when it comes to ever commissioning anyone – for anything else – ever again. This is by far the utmost worst and most heinous, most egregious and unforgivably, appallingly negative cosplay commission experience I have ever had, and it has left me extremely gunshy-wary about ever working with anyone else again....and this, with the fact that there are very much more cosplay commissions I want to do, but again, my trust has been deeply, unfortunately and very badly shaken – by Mykaios only! I would even almost say that people should steer clear of commissioning anyone through the cosplay.com forums here – which is a statement I would otherwise very much not wish to make, but again – what choice do I have? Surely it is understandable that I feel so, and then some-!
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Not Always Right
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Hi, I've been following this saga since Shadowken first thread; and while I haven't really posted much in the threads, (didn't feel like it was my place) I like to say that I hope you get better. You do not deserve any of this treatment. And the part about you apologizing to her for something that her fault,(her guilt-ing you to doing so)

just broke my heart.

I just want to give you a hug, it's so upsetting to be to be in that situation. I wish there's something I could do for all of you Shadowken, you, Soul siren, Ketania, HoudinisGirl and the others .
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Aqua's Rhapsody
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Since I am a commissioner myself, I normally try not to post a lot in regards to other commissioners because it can be seen as being "bad for business" but I feel like I really have to speak up. I have been following this issue for a while, and I am terribly sorry for everything that you have been through.

Making a customer feel bad and trying to make them look selfish when they don't care about what is going on in your life is appalling. You shouldn't care. You should be patient, but you clearly have been with the amount of time that has passed. The heaping mountain of silly excuses is unacceptable.

I saw the pieces of the contract posted in another thread, and because of the wording of the contract it seems like she hasn't technically broken the law, but it is by far the most unethical contract that I have ever seen. No refunds under any circumstances and the ability to extend the deadline as long as she wants? Disgusting. I would hope that it wouldn't hold up in a court of law if you choose to pursue that route. I can't imagine a judge being okay with that kind of run-around.

I actually know a couple of people that have been affected by this commissioner, so I am not just hearing it from here. I applaud your courage for being able to stand up for yourself, because some people are afraid of saying anything and never getting a costume in return, which I can't really blame them for feeling that way. At least you speaking up is able to educate the community on this irresponsible behavior, and I hope it inspires more people to come forward.

The commissioner needs to just cut their losses and issue partial refunds because this has gone spiraling out of control and there is no reason whatsoever not to give someone some of their money back when the deadline has been pushed back for months or even a YEAR. I'm pretty sure that the money has been spent unfortunately, but let's be honest. These costumes haven't been finished. Promises of shipping a costume out but not receiving the costume weeks or months later, and no photos at all is CRAZY. It doesn't matter how far a commissioner is behind. Stop taking more orders. MAKE time or give the money back. It doesn't matter if you try your best to finish everything and it takes you two years to do so because you have thirty orders. That does not make everything okay.

I wish you luck in pursuing legal action and I hope you give more people the courage to come forward.
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Ayase Shin
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I too am a commissioner who has followed this "commissioner" for some time. I read all of the posts and threads and have even spoken to her.
I agree you should never say anything bad about another commissioner but I must!
This should never happan. Yes things come up in life but if you DONT know what your doing, DONT have time or simply are not skilled at this then don't undertake the responsibility.
If you go to school, work or whatever you should really stop and think about priorities.
Never give excusses to a customer, be honest and say "I cant do it"
It doesn't mean your less a person but if your serious about Cosplay then proofs it with your work.
Id rather see one or two wonderfully crafted costumes then several terrible ones.
I do ONE at a time because I know my limits and I know if I'm going to give someone what they want then its required and expected to be taken seriously.
I'm not saying never commission again but my advice is yo really stop and don't do it until you can handle your personal life.

I hope everyone involved either gets there commissions or a refund.
Cosplay / Prop Commissioner

Ayase Shin Coslay @ http://ayaseshincosplay.weebly.com/

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Saving all the meguca's.
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I don't want to start any arguments or see this thread to become filled with drama.

I am not denying that GodKingJedi has yet to receive her commission and I have accepted and admitted that I am behind on commissions, which include picture updates. I have said publicly that commissions and everything are being worked on, which include updates and that when I am able to post about them and such, those people will be notified when it comes to their particular commission. I generally email my customers first before posting images online, especially pictures of finished products. This does not mean they'll be posted "when I feel like it" or things will be get done "when I feel like it".

I go to school almost full-time and I work almost full-time. I don't expect anyone to care or sympathize with me ever, though I do find it unfair (not that my being behind on commissions is fair to those who have commissions either). I know what I have to do, I know I have a lot on my plate. I know people aren't going to understand and that their patience has run out. But, I honestly wish that people still kept in contact with me and kept it a private matter. I do not intend to run away or hide or take people's money. I deliver every commission I take, on time or delayed (and I understand it's not quite good customer service or whatever either, but at the same time, it'd still be worse if no one ever got anything at all. And, yes there are definitely those who have yet to receive their commissions and those who have, including delayed ones. So saying that you'll never receive your commission, isn't true).

This is going to take time, a lot more time than people are willing to wait, I'm sure, but I just wish you guys would just let me do what I need to do. You can leave the bad reviews or yell or whatever at me all you want and I will say doing such doesn't make anything better for anyone right now. It's just adding more stress onto my shoulders, stress that I could do without because I already have enough in regards to my commissions, on top of my personal life.

I want to make things work and I want to be able to fix everything and get caught up and get everyone their commissions. No, not all my reviews are good, but even if you read them, even the recent ones, you'll see that not all of them are for wigs, and even my delayed commissions have been wigs. So, it's not that wigs are easier either. This is not about when I feel like it. This is not a when I feel like it mater. It's time. Time that I have been trying to manage and find a balance in, time that I used to have balance in and have admittedly lost and am trying to balance once again. Things have happened out of my control and I tried planning ahead and around things so more bad things can be avoided and all I can do is focus and move on and fix what I need to fix and just get things done. I wish to avoid legal action and crime reports (which cannot be taken back in a split second, mind you, once commissions are sent out and received - which just makes everything even more difficult), I do and I'm doing and working as fast as I can. The only promise that I can guarantee for everyone is that everyone will get their commissions, which I have kept and have been trying to keep. I just can't get to everything and make it happen fast enough, I'm sorry. No, I can't give an exact date, because I can't promise that date, and I have broken those promised dates in the past and it should be known that it is incredibly stressful and disheartening on my end as well.

I should never have to specifically inform an individual, about my daily schedule or give them a list of everything I have to do and or commission. My old schedule was just listed by which months were booked up or closed and they were planned out for very well, but apparently things are not allowed to happen in my life and my life is supposed to be flawless so that it fits into everyone else's schedule.

Even if I do get caught up or ahead or just finish every single commission I currently have, I do not plan to be commissioning anymore. You don't see me posting commission threads or ads or anything on here or anywhere. You don't see me posting anywhere either. Though, I still check and reply email. I still make updates on my facebook page in regards to ANY and EVERY commission when possible. I am still active and I am still working. I haven't disappeared, or done anything of the sort. I just need everyone understand and be patient, which I know is a lot to ask for and is impossible.

I know my feelings, my personal life and anything else doesn't matter to you all, because this is all business, but I'm going to say how I feel anyway. I feel as if, it has been wrong to have owned up to and accepted my faults. It has been wrong when I do try to email people, when I do post updates and pictures. It has been wrong for me to try to live a life and make things better and get a job to be able to pay rent and bills and go to school to get a career. It has been wrong to make mistakes, to simply be a human. I absolutely feel like less of a person because anything and everything I do isn't good enough and I have been honest every step of the way. That's how I feel. I know I screwed up. You guys couldn't possibly be anymore clear on that. I took the commissions I took and planned them out accordingly with enough time, and honestly though I could do it, and very well could've done them had things just went smoothly. And it wasn't necessarily about getting my personal life in order either, and commissions have always been a part of it, moreso now than ever. I know (and this is getting repetitive) that I have to catch up on commissions and make things right and get people their commissions. I know I have pictures to email and post up and updates. I. Know. I'm doing the best I can and I'm sorry that it's not good enough for you, but I am working on it.

I don't know how internet crime reports (and going by the previous thread and people's posts, no one has made such reports or anything) or anything work when it comes to background checks, but I will say this: I am 25 years old. I have made mistakes, I have learned from them and am trying to fix them. And, I since I am human, I will be prone to making more mistakes along the road in life. I've gone back to school, just starting over to better myself and my education. I've gotten a new job (which took a little over a year) in order to be able to pay rent and bills. I do not need anything to go on my record or ruin my life. Not getting a costume in time is one thing, but ruining someone else's life and well-being forever, is another. I really don't know of the possible consequences with these report or legal actions. But going after me for money I don't have, because I've spent it on materials (and I have stacks of receipts, including shipment receipts - hence why I have a no refund policy) is going too far. It really is. I don't have a cent to my name, I don't have assets. I don't have health or life insurance for that matter either. I'm also already swimming in debt from having originally attended art school and I'm about to swim in more debt when I transfer schools and then go to med school afterwards. Think about it, and think about it hard. If I were truly a scam artist, would I be constantly trying to defend myself and remain active and what not? No. I would've disappeared. My fb page and anything else would no longer exists. Everyone would be ignored. I most certainly would not be trying to keep my fb page or anything else active either. But, I have been. I have been posting updates and pictures from time to time. I wouldn't help others with their problems or stick up for people and what not either. I am honest with my replies and honest with my updates. When something comes up, you guys are the first to know, because it effects my commissions, my progress and my personal life. I just want to make/finish/send out my commissions and despite everything, I do pride myself in my work.

I am asking everyone to just stop. I'm asking those with commissions to keep in contact with me, or let me contact them or to keep an eye out for proper pictures and updates. I'm asking people to stop with the slander and accusations and judgements, some with harassment and some straight up ignoring anything I may have to say. Do not argue with me or anyone else. Do not get anyone else involved as this is strictly a matter between any of my customers who are experiencing delays and myself. I will get things done and fixed and am really not being given that chance (by chance, I don't mean past due deadlines, I mean you guys not contacting me [or not contacting me in a civil manner] or get giving me some room to move and breathe). Again, I still post updates and pictures and still have a ways to go. I need people to have faith in me and work with me.

I have no one on my side and no one cares and I just want to get my commissions done and caught up on. Can, I please be given that, at least? Can I just work on my commissions, including delayed ones and get them done and over with, with a little peace - without everyone taking sides, and jumping and attacking me at the throat? Everything is falling or has fallen apart but no one is letting me pick up the pieces.

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Originally Posted by Mykaios View Post
Dude, you think that she wanted to make you feel bad? She's at her limit and did not want to do this. From this, she's one of the last that wanted to make you feel bad. So why guilt trip her on her feelings? You said so yourself that you don't have time to answer emails because you're catching up.
  • One, Pictures you keep telling everyone that you cannot upload and never tell the reason. (uploading pictures are very quick, just snap and upload then go back to your commission)
    And as multiple people had pointed out in the previous thread, just take a crappy picture.
  • Second, Did you not read what she wrote? HOW can she trust you? For all she knows, Loki is not even finished and it "sound" like a scam. (not if it is)
  • "I can't send the cosplay before the pictures?" that's sounds like an excuse saying I haven't finished it.
  • Does the cosplay even exist?

Why would they want to wait for you to finish when they don't trust you?

They want someone else that they can trust!

We only have your word that the cosplay existed (loki) and now it's not good enough anymore. You keep breaking multiple promises and expect everyone to keep believing you? Boy who cried wolf moral in mind.

I know you said you have pride in your work and all that but that's not important anymore. It's really isn't, when obviously you cannot finish it in a timely manner. At this point, even if the cosplay was perfect in every way it would still be a horrible experience.

It's stressing everyone out and you, give everyone a break.

What I think you should do is to give everyone their unfinished cosplays, (and the materials needed to finish it.) They deserve to not waste their time waiting for a cosplay that might be not even finished in the next two years. The more you delay on the cosplay the more stress they go through. It would be beneficial to you as well so you can work on school and work.

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Magic is Golden
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Thank you for this important post, Godking_Jedi!

Thanks also to those here who are understanding of what is going on with this commissioner, as well as understanding the situation is out of control and needed to be rectified long ago by this commissioner.

We do not want a fight or popularity contest. We want to be treated with some professional courtesy and get our commissions in a timely manner. Just like our signed contracts would suggest, a set deadline for getting our cosplay needs to be settled.

I, for one, did submit a crime report against Mykaios. If, when, and how it will be taken care of is not determined yet. The situation should have never come to the point where a crime needed to be reported, and it is not the customer's fault for sure.

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Again, I extend my condolences to everyone who has been scammed by this commissioner.

For my part, I was able to discuss the situation with my bank and they have refunded the $37.64 that I paid for my scarf. I'm unaware if they have decided to go after Mykaios for such a paltry amount, but I have my money back, and that's the most important thing to me.

In summary for anyone who doesn't already know: I won a contest held by Mykaios in March for My Little Pony scarves. I was supposed to receive 3 of these scarves. I ordered a 4th scarf and paid for it. I have received none of these scarves.

My last contact with Mykaios on Facebook was in the form of this message from her on August 22nd:

You will be getting your scarves at the end of the month. Please review the listing for your purchase where it says all sales are final, unless you are unsatisfied upon receiving your scarf such as it's damaged or isn't frilly enough or something, in which then I would send a replacement.
Obviously I still do not have my scarf, but fortunately my bank was able to help me out. Good luck to everyone else who is dealing with this commissioner.
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