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The Ice King from Adventure Time

Hi everyone. Let me start off by stating this is my first attempt at cosplay ever. I've learned a lot from this website and various others. I'll be using this thread to keep track of my progress and intend for this to be a tutorial for anyone who would like to do something similar. I'll be making my rendition a little more "realistic" and less cartoon like. If you have any questions feel free to ask. And if you have any suggestions feel free to speak up. Hopefully this turns out well and everyone, myself included, learn some things.

Materials List [incomplete]
$8 Foam for Crown by Darcie from JoAnn's (PURCHASED)
$32 Wig & Beard by Widdmann from eBay (PURCHASED)
$20 Wizard Contact Lenses by Funky Eyes from You Know It
$12 Reel F/X Evil Nose by Rubie's Costume Company from local Costume Shop (PURCHASED)
$8 Spirit Gum & Remover by Cinema Secrets from Amazon (PURCHASED)
$35 Gremlin FX Fangs (unstained) by Dental Distortions, Inc. from Dental Distortions (PURCHASED)
$11 Robe & Tunic Sewing Pattern by Simplicity from Simplicity (PURCHASED)
$19.95 Sky Blue Broadcloth for Tunic from Hobby Lobby (PURCHASED)
$42 Royal Blue Poly Satin for Robes from Hobby Lobby (PURCHASED)
$8 Gold Trim for Robes from Hobby Lobby (PURCHASED)
$2 Bias Tape for Robes & Tunic by Sew-Ology from Hobby Lobby (PURCHASED)
$3 Baby Blue Thread for Tunic by Coats & Clark from Hobby Lobby (PURCHASED)
$2 Sapphire Blue Thread for Robes by Coats & Clark from Hobby Lobby (PURCHASED)
$25 Gunter plush by Hatcore from Hatcore
Fake nails have not been picked out or priced yet.
Blue paint for face and hands has not been picked out or priced yet.
Other materials list for crown to be added at a later date. In process of acquiring.

Tools Required [incomplete]
$23 Heat Gun by Wagner from Amazon

The Wig & Beard
I ordered the wig & beard first because it's a simple, yet powerful, piece. More importantly I could not start on the crown until receiving the wig due to needing to measure the circumference of my head with the wig on. I went through a lot of searching for a good wig & beard set. I finally found the one I ordered on eBay. According to the picture it is made by a company called Widmann. I tried searching but couldn't find much on them and couldn't find the set sold anywhere outside of eBay. It is entirely possible this item is discontinued and I did buy the last one from the seller on eBay. Hopefully if you would like to do an Ice King cosplay yourself you'll find it for sale somewhere.
Warning! I received my Wig & Beard set made by Widmann. Unfortunately the quality was very subpar. The beard doesn't fit very well, the mustache portion is horrendous, and the wig itself has multiple spots where you can see the netting underneath. At first I thought it just needed to be straightened and such. But no matter how you layer the hair you just can't cover the spots. I don't know if this is a case of me receiving a poorly made individual product or if it's how they're all made, but I just wanted to give a heads up. I've attached a picture below as well.

UPDATE: I have received a 50% refund from the seller. Not idea as overall the set is basically unusable, but better than nothing.
Here is a test run of wearing the beard and wig. Teeth thrown in just for fun.

Robe & Tunic
I have never sewn in my life, but after tons of searching without luck I gave up on finding a set of robes I liked enough. I found Simplicity 1582 on their website and bought the downloadable/printable pattern. I'll be changing the grey to a royal blue, the black trim to a gold, and the lighter grey tunic underneath to a light blue. Below are the colors I have purchased and their materials.
Tunic: 5 yards of 45" Broadcloth in Sky Blue
Robe: 8.5 yards of 60" Poly Satin in Royal Blue
Trim: 15 yards of 1/2" Rick Rack Trim in Gold
I also bought some 1/2" width white single fold bias tape and threads to match both fabrics. I found someone to make the outfit for me for $30.
Tip! Simplicity's download and print patterns are not easy to work with. They give you a user name and password that you use to download a secure file from their website. You even need a special viewer to see the files. And they expire after one year or after you print them three times. (Whichever comes first.) Also, the patterns take about 123 pages worth of paper and ink. I ended up going to JoAnn's and purchasing the pattern physically. I was the same price as online and no shipping costs. It's worth noting that in the store it's labeled as pattern 2208A and not 1582.
I got the nose over the weekend. I ended up buying two just in case I mess one up. Also, it wasn't a bad idea as this was the best looking one I could find and it seems to be discontinued now I think. It was $12 and comes with some fake blood and adhesive. I'll probably still buy the spirit gum and remover set from Amazon listed above in the materials list. Here's a picture of the actual packaging.
Here's a pic of me wearing the nose to test it out.
I have not molded the teeth yet but below is a picture of me with them in.
Potential Add-on Items
Demonic Wishing Eye
Ghost Pouch

Update Log
10/04/13 - Purchased teeth from Dental Distortions.
10/06/13 - Purchased nose from Local Costume Shop.
10/08/13 - First test of wearing the nose.
10/09/13 - Purchased foam for making the crown & got teeth in the mail.
10/10/13 - Purchased materials for making robe & tunic.
10/14/13 - Beard & Wig set back. Searching from scratch.
10/23/13 - Purchased Spirit Gum & Remover. Also got 50% refund on wig & beard.

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