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So, I am new to cosplaying. The only thing I have done so far was actually for halloween, where my other half and I went as Khal Drogo and Khalessi Daenerys. It was my first time sewing and I realized I have an addiction...

I've always loved halloween and Cosplay seems like the perfect thing for me to do. (I'm a huge geek and otaku anyways, so it's a logical step)

So, a bit more about me, I guess?

I'm hard to dress, as in my body and normal fashion don't mix too well.

5'8'' tall, 36G cup, 34'' waist, 40'' hips, and a 36'' in-seam. So yeah...clothes don't like me.

Another issue is that it seems as if a majority of anime/manga revolves around impossibly perky tig ol biddies and super skinny. Naturally, picking out a person to cosplay as is going to be difficult. Still, won't deter me any!!

I joined because I am going to a convention this summer and I want to soak up as much info as I possibly can! That and since I am new to this, I hope to get a lot of friends here too. After all, there is nothing like a common interest to link people together right?

I hope that I can make some fast friends, and if possible, offer advice or help to anyone who needs it. I do know a little about sewing and fabrics (still learning myself) but I have a good grip on the mechanics I think. ^_^

And I have run out of things to say, since I am far from an attention monger... Anything else you want to know, I am ALWAYS open to chat!

Thank you very much for your time! I hope I didn't run on and that I can make some friends on here haha!

Always Lovingly,
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Really nice to meet you, Pix

What struck me most when I read your introduction was how disappointed you were that the anime/manga characters don't offer you many options for your body type (I'm a smaller, fatter version of you).

It made me wonder if you wouldn't see more options in the comic book world. There are a bunch of tall, endowed, hourglass superhero women who I imagine you resemble. Would you ever consider going that route?

Anyway, looking forward to talking more with you in the sewing forums
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Well thank you very much Lemuries! Depressed, yes, but I admit to being a victim of culture. I just wish there was more love for real women who enjoy eating more than gum and water for lunch.
You know, I do read some comic books, but no where near as much as I do manga. I was always more into comics like Grendel and such, versus a lot of the marvel and what not.

I do look forward to chatting with you more as well! Will be seeing you in the sewing arena! ^_^ I will be posting as I progress on the Assassins Creed costumes.
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lol I like the title of your post

I also can relate to your clothing problems... I am a short busty girl, so often times I will find really cute clothing, but it will look strange on me because my chest is too big! Or the biggest frustration is that really I am a size 6, but because of my boobs, I buy tops that are like a size 10 in order to accommodate my chest. So sometimes it's a struggle to find clothing that is actually flattering on me.
I find that a lot of the stuff from Free People looks decent on me, and the more flowy but sort of fitted/stylized tops look pretty good.

Welcome to cosplay.com! It's awesome that you are starting out in the cosplay world with solid sewing skills. I wish I took the time to learn how to sew before getting into costuming. I just feel like a really unskilled person sometimes because I've been doing this for 4 years and still haven't made any of my costumes (made parts of the costumes but not an entire one yet). Hope that will change soon. So I may be coming to you for advice sometime soon

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Hahah, Love the name Sweeney! I know what you mean about the shopping struggles! I usually have to buy in certain fabrics that have a stretch to them in order to fit. That usually means I live out of t-shirt like fabric. If it is anything else it really does have to be loose and flowy like you say. It's the only way the stuff closes over the bust.!

As to sewing skills, I just sew a lot of hand, still new to a sewing machine. I have the basics down though, which is awesome. I got a basic singer on sale, so it doesn't have a ton of bells and whistles which actually works better for me in the long run because I wouldn't know where to start if it did. I am still working on grasping some of the more complex things. I think the hardest things are sewing hems on curved lines, such as circle skirts.

I will be breaking down my halloween costume and re-using the velvet for some cute skirts and such. No point in wasting fabric! ^_^

Also, a lot of sewing is learned by trial and error. I get the ideals and tips online, and some places have great sewing patterns for free which is amazingly awesome because I'm cheap. ^_^ Good luck, and I look forward to chatting with you more!
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