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Fitness With The Wii Fit

Weight Loss and Fitness is about as fun as pulling teeth at first. No matter your size, working out is a big change to your life. Your body doesn't tend to like it for a while either.
Depressing, but true.

And here is the secret... Sometimes, working out and dieting is just flat out HARD.

I suffer from a regularly irregular heartbeat, and it's something I can feel whenever I work out or push myself farther than normal. I also suffer from something called oral allergy syndrome or what ever. In short, I can't eat ANY fruit. Even a single grape will cause an allergic reaction like my throat and tongue itching, hard to breath, hard to swallow, ears itch and swell, all that fun stuff.

When I say I know how hard it is to work out, trust me, I know.

Well, since I plan on going Cosplaying the first time this up-coming summer, I want to be fit and yes, thinner. I'm thirty pounds overweight, and for health alone I need to lose the weight.

I've found that only one thing worked for me last time, fitness wise, was the Wii Fit. Crazy? Perhaps, but it worked. I don't have one any more, but for anyone fighting to work on losing weight, I can't recommend it enough. It's great because it's private, no one is going to see you working out. Added bonuses? You can shower as often as you want while you work out and get rid of the sweat (a lot of people refuse to work out because they will sweat). It uses your own body weight, which has been used in the Extreme 105 and other really big fitness movies and such. You have FUN doing it! No joke, I had a blast working out on that thing and wish I had it still because it is amazing! I don't know anything else you can do that is as fun as this is and works as well as it does!

Now, down to diet! (Yuck, what an ugly word!)

Allergies aside, I can tell you that the easiest thing to do is to eat at home. Stop eating out! If you need more motivation to refuse the Golden Arches and places like it, look up some of the info on them and how they make their food. If that doesn't turn you off of it, look at how they treat their livestock.

Little things you can change that make a huge impact? Use Olive Oil and not canola or things like that. I say olive oil because it's healthy but also easy to buy and cheap. Coconut oil is great too, but way too expensive for me.

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast. Holy Crow! Not only is Chicken VERY easy to make into a variety of things, but nice, lean protein. Sure, it's a little more expensive, but so will your health care and doctor bills be when you don't take care of your body.

Vegetables! So what if you don't like a big variety of vegetables? I don't either! ^_^ I stick to the ones I find tasty and yes, CHEAP. I don't buy the frozen stuff unless it's going into stews etc, because I find them raster...yucky tasting. I eat corn and sweet peas and green beans usually. I also like brocolli with cheese, and asparagus with a touch of mayo. So you can get the vegetables you need without making yourself feel like a rabbit.

Fruits!! I wish I could eat them. If you got them, BUY THEM! Honestly, they are so good for you in so many ways. Certain ones such as Grapefruit, Cranberries, Pomegranates etc, help to burn fat. (Yes, there is no 'scientific' proof, because there has been so many bounce backs between approval and denial that I don't even mess with it any more.) Plus, you can get a nice full feeling, a healthy dose of vitamins, and something delicious all in one go!

Pasta! Ah, my weakness. Now, pasta is generally not so good if you are trying to lose weight and cut fat. What I do when I do eat pasta (I have it about 2x a week.) is go for the whole wheat variety. It's still not a good idea to glutton out on pasta, but you can adjust things like that to where you can make it a bit more healthy.

Rice! I love rice, I do I do I do... But, it is SO not good for you! Or rather, white rice isn't. I have substituted it for wild rice mix and brown rice since it isn't quite as bad for you as white is. Also, it has a lot to do with what you mix it with. I end up putting italian seasoning and some crab boil oil in while it is cooking, along with cumin etc to give it a kick of flavor while keeping the sodium down.

If you have junk food... You have two options. One- You can binge out on it ALL in one go, two- you can give it to someone or three- throw it away (please don't toss it, I hate seeing waste ;_ This means: No more chips, cookies, crackers, candy bars, candy, soda's, ice cream, etc. Why? All of that is what we typically call empty calories, they do NO good for your body. Why undo all the hard work you are planning on investing with junk food?

Please Note!- Frozen Yogurt is DELISH, easy to find, and a WONDERFUL substitute to ice cream. I can't tell you how many varieties they have out now either, it's just massive. Need a crunch that you get from chips? Try carrots, celery, apples, air popped pop corn and such. Want something sweet but not frozen? Let's go right on back to the fruits! You can have them in a lot of different ways too, dress them up as it were. So sweet cravings, you're covered. ^_^ Salty? Well, that one is a bit harder. I'd go for smoked salmon if you aren't allergic to fish et cetera. Jerky works well too.

It's little things like this that can help you lose weight in small, healthy ways. I think the best ways are the one's that have a positive impact but don't make a massive change.

I am not a nutritionist, but I am all about eating what tastes good and is healthy as well! I have so many recipes that I create and have found online that are easy to make, taste great, and don't cost a ton either! The amount of money you can save just from no longer eating out is a big chunk!

As always, love and support to fellow Cosplayers! <3

Any questions, I will happily answer!

Never Argue with Idiots, They Bring You Down To Their Level and then Beat You with Experience...
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Yeah I was thinking of getting the wii fit with the tv package. And this is very helpful!
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Wii Fit U is pretty cool, but it'll never match up in terms of time/reward to the Insanity I'm already doing. On top of that the Fit Meter is terrible about altitude since it relies on a barometer. The day Nintendo gets out a heart rate monitor to track alongside the Fit Meter they'll have a hefty winning combination.
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I hope to get it soon myself! Keep up the positive attitude, it will help you in the long run! Good Luck Girlie!!
Never Argue with Idiots, They Bring You Down To Their Level and then Beat You with Experience...
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Oh no! I had no idea the wii fit worked off of that. I guess that does make it a lot trickier. I heard great things about the insanity but it it wouldn't good for me. I'm rather scared about what it would do to my heart! I know it is very cardio active which is great for melting fat but a strong strain too. Good luck! The key about losing weight is doing what WORKS for you! After all, weight loss is a personal thing, and doing what is going to work best for you is the suret way to success!
Never Argue with Idiots, They Bring You Down To Their Level and then Beat You with Experience...
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