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Sweet Style help.

Hello, so I've already done a Sweet style, but the dress is a little odd fitting because I think I gave wrong measurements to my friend, so the skirt is way longer than I thought because I was bad at measuring and stuff, and now that I am much better at sewing I wanna try my hand at making my own.

I'm using the same shoes and wig since I'd rather not buy new ones..so I'm sticking to the same style. I love the Sweet and OTT Sweet styles. More of the OTT Sweet..lol

My wig is:
It's pink and blue streaked. It's a duo-blend wig from arda (and I DO plan to cut it to have hime bangs), and I am totally willing to use different head accessories, including making a bow that maches the dress, and adding little cute things.

You can see my shoes here:
They are a light pink color. That pic sucks..
I am willing to get different stockings too.

I also have a beaded pink and blue necklace that has one pink and one blue hand made big convo hearts on each side and a pink and blue lollipop in as the middle pendant, and 2 corresponding convo heart rings and a pink chocolat bar ring with a bite taken out.

I also just got some really awesome little things I can put on barrettes for hair stuff.
I would like to keep the candy theme if possible..But here's the kicker:
........I can't use a print on the dresses skirt trim....I can't afford it..

Is it possible to do a Sweet/OOT Sweet with no print? If not I will understand and bite the bullet but I'd like to avoid the cost if possible. I just can't find anyone that does these styles that have plain dresses..I can't do anything extravagant though..
And the shape has to stick to this basic style:
Except obviously with a circle skirt and not that kind, but that top style, the square neck, princess seam, puff sleeve style is the pattern I have already and already have sewn up before.

Any thoughts?

If not, any idea where I can get custom fabric for cheaper than spoonflower? It was like $15 somthing per yard and I can't afford that
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You can get cheaper printed fabric at Joanns, or check local fabric stores! Fabric.com also has border prints available, but I've heard iffy things about their customer service. I haven't had any issues with them, but I know people have.

I'm not an expert on sweet loli style, but I think you could be able to achieve the overall sweet look without a printed fabric, especially if you really load up on accessories!
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You can definitely do sweet without a print, just look at BABY and AP's solid dresses! I found quite a few examples of cute solid dresses. The thing about solid-colored dresses with Sweet is that they need a lot of extra little details, like ruffles, pintucks, and lace.

A dress in the style of the one that you linked is pretty simple to make. I would recommend using a rectangular skirt pattern rather than a circle skirt--circle skirts can end up looking a bit square dance-y. You may also want to see if you can find some scans from the GosuRori sewing mooks. They are incredibly helpful for learning how to pattern Lolita dresses that fit the right shape.

Sometimes you can find cute border print fabric on Etsy (usually Japanese imports), but they are often on the pricey side. Spoonflower is okay, but also very expensive, especially since the base fabric isn't really good for Lolita, and you'll need to spend more for the better fabric (poplin or cotton sateen are my recommendations). So Spoonflower is probably not a good plan if you're on a budget.

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Ah see, the main problem with the extra stuff you mentioned, is I don't know how haha I still need to go to Joann to see if there are any good fabrics I can use, I'm trying to stay with the candy theme, so I think a print is a must with a theme like that. But candy border prints seem to not exist..And it looks like I have to go with a print since I can't do alll that other stuff you mentioned..
And yea I figured out that skirt looks better than a sircle skirt. The dress my friend made me was that kinda skirt style for it, and my Stocking cosplay is the same dress style, but with a circle skirt, and you are right, the look is too different. Doesn't drape the same.

But one of the members posted in the fabric forum on a post looking for prints, and I and some of my family are going to cali hopefully this summer, and he told me a bunch of places to find good stuff at, so for mow I'm gonna try that when I go.
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