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harmony harmony
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Anime North 2014: Photos/Videos/Con Reports/etc.

This thread is for posting any convention reports, photo galleries and video coverage from Anime North 2014!

Please note there is a separate thread for requesting photos people took of YOU at the convention, if you have any inquiries related to that, please be sure to post in the other thread, located here:


Thank you!
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Made my Facebook album public so hopefully people can tag themselves?
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Who did you cosplay as?: Humanized Gamzee Makara, Saturday and Sunday

How many days did you attend for?: All three plus Thursday, stayed til the very end

Most memorable event/moment: Staying in the most awesome hotel room I've ever stayed in, meeting and speaking to Michael Dobson again, meeting Hidekatsu Shibata, meeting Yumi Hara and being told by her what a good brother I am for getting something signed for my sister, being part of the crowd arguing/messing with Saturday's religious protestors, the huge inflatable dragoness set up outside, getting to watch Samurai Pizza Cats on Sunday, watching Wolf Children for the first time ever, Hetalia Party

Most unexpected event/moment: Barely spending any time in the Dealers Room, the religious protesters, being among the first witnesses to a frightening car wipeout on Saturday

Most awkward event/moment: Sunday's fighting games photoshoot generating such a tiny crowd, accidentally calling Diglett "Ditto" in front of everyone at Saturday's Pokemon photoshoot

Favourite event/moment: The photoshoots I helped host, getting so much awesome stuff at the Nominoichi, meeting the guests, Wolf Children, the aforementioned huge inflatable dragoness, the huge dance numbers everyone broke into at Hetalia Party

Least favourite event/moment: Not getting to meet Scott McNeil, wasting money on takoyaki that I didn't end up thinking was all that good, nailing myself in the crotch with my juggling club, getting a sore throat and sunburns, the viewing schedule apparently being ignored on Saturday night as Patlabor was shown well into the time Another was supposed to be on during, karaoke taking place in the room right next to the one Wolf Children was showing in, realizing one of the Nominoichi sellers forgot to give me some of my stuff after I paid, my irreplaceable camera's battery compartment cover breaking off, spending money on a bus on Saturday night because I didn't know where to catch the shuttle back to the hotel

How much money did you spend?: Over $200

Best cosplay you saw: There's no way I can decide!

How many pictures did you take?: 667, 86 more than last year, plus 2 videos

How far did you travel in order to attend the con?: From Thorold

How sad/happy were you when the con ended?: Let's face it, who's ever happy to witness the end of each year's Anime North? I wish it could happen 365, 24/7. In fact, I was incredibly sad upon leaving it all behind at the end this year and legit almost cried.

What variety of food did you eat over the weekend?: Cheerios, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pomegranate-blueberry V8 Fusion, chips {ketchup and sour cream and onion}, Faygo {cola, raspberry-blueberry and Redpop}, chocolate soft-serve ice cream, apples, bananas, orange, cheeseburger, fries, Dr Pepper, chocolate milk, Creme Eggs, sakura candy, strawberry and orange gummy, energy drink, Coke, takoyaki, popcorn, Pop-Tart ice cream sandwich

What did you buy?: Coke {Vanilla and Cherry}, Ramune, Duff energy drink, takoyaki, figurines {Buffalo Bell, Ekans, Dratini, Mewtwo, Poliwag, Horsea, two Squirtles, Blastoise, Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venusaur}, plushies {Canada, Togepi, Kirara, Bao dumplings, wolf, Harvest Moon piggy, Pikachu, Sword Kirby, Fighter Kirby and Kirby holding the Star Rod}, PokeBalls {Ultra, Luxury and Premier Balls}, Asian bowls, buttons {Nami, Sanji, Irvine Kinneas and Barret Wallace}, Mikasa Ackerman bookmark, autographed Slayers DVD, FMA poster, Sephiroth keychain, postcards {Hetalia, Black Butler, Trigun, Dance in the Vampire Bund, Tales of Vesperia and Claymore}, Dr Pepper, Harvey's {cheeseburger combo meal, Dr Pepper and strawberry Pop-Tart ice cream sandwich}, assload of cards {Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, MLP, Digimon, Shaman King and Neopets}, DS games {Big Brain Academy and Flash Focus}, manga {Last Fantasy and MeruPuri}, chocolate soft-serve ice cream

Things you won't miss: All the walking, the circus of crowded chaos that was the Nominoichi, the intense fear and mouthful of road dust I experienced when the wipeout happened, my costume not going as planned {although that did work out in the end}

And finally, what did you do when you got home from the convention?: Washed off my makeup and went to sleep on the couch.

Any additional stuff you wanna say?: Even with the negatives that occurred, this year overall ties with last year for the spot of "Best Anime North Ever", if not simply topping last year's experience altogether. I had such a great time, stayed at the best hotel I've ever stayed at in my life, did lots of new things, bought a bunch of cool stuff, helped host some sweet photoshoots, watched an awesome movie and met so many great people, most of whom had simply amazing cosplays. Here's to another successful year, and may we have many, many more!
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Who did you cosplay as?: Yoh Asakura on Friday, and Hao Asakura on Saturday.

How many days did you attend for?: Picked up my badge Thursday night, but stayed at the convention from Fri-Sun.

Most memorable event/moment: Probably selling at the Nominoichi.

Most unexpected event/moment: Having one of the dealer’s tell me that she’s never seen anyone cosplaying Hao before, and that she loved it so much she would have drawn something for me if she had her art supplies with her. Oh, and getting more comments on a Pokemon t-shirt I was wearing than on my costumes.

Most awkward event/moment: During the masquerade, when I was sitting next to someone who was whining about being there the entire time. And was more focused on texting than paying attention to anything going on.

Favourite event/moment: Selling at the Nominoichi.

Least favourite event/moment: Hearing/seeing the accident on Saturday from my room at the International Plaza. I was so worried someone got hit when I heard the screeching tires. So glad everyone was alright.

How much money did you spend?: Between $300-400 on food/merchandise.

Best cosplay you saw: The Trinity Blood ones in the masquerade were awesome. Plus the Yoh I saw on Saturday, and the Anna I saw on Sunday (just in passing though).

How many pictures did you take?: …0.

How far did you travel in order to attend the con?: About 40 mins.

How sad/happy were you when the con ended?: Kind of sad, but kind of relieved as well. My feet and legs were aching yesterday, and I was exhausted.

What variety of food did you eat over the weekend?: Lots of chicken fingers (Kelsey’s/Orchid Café), chicken noodle soup (room service), muffins (Tim Hortons), frozen lemonade (Tim Hortons), water, quarter chicken dinner (Swiss Chalet), and a coke.

What did you buy?: Food/drinks, a Lugia plush, four Mewtwo plushies, a Scar plush, two small Lugia figures, two small Mewtwo figures, a small Entei figure, a medium sized Lugia figure, a medium sized Mewtwo figure, a Pokemon Centre Mewtwo Diorama lottery figure, a small Mewtwo blind box figure, an Ishizu bottle cap figure, a Blue Eyes White Dragon bottle cap figure, an Alliance necklace, a Horde necklace, and a set of Batman washcloths.

Things you won't miss: The walking, the crowds in the Dealer’s Room/AA/Nomi, watching everyone try to run across the road, the heat.

And finally, what did you do when you got home from the convention?: Showed my brother what I bought over Facetime. And then raided on WoW later that night.

Any additional stuff you wanna say?: I’d have to say this year went pretty smoothly for me. No really super-exciting moments for me, but no really horrible ones either, so it was a good year ^^.
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Some photos shoot on Saturday and Sunday....

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I made my album public so people could tag themselves.

https://www.facebook.com/heather.har...48092&type= 3

If you cosplayed as an Inuyasha character, there's a good chance you are here or will be when my friend uploads the ones from his camera. (Though I missed Naraku. Nuts!)
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photos i took
Editted fixed the link since it kinda messed up

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Not the greatest shots ever but hey... At least I'm actually posting them this year!

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Who did you cosplay as?: Ravio on Friday, Giant Diglett on Saturday and Sunday

How many days did you attend for?: All three

Most memorable event/moment: I came out of diglett and a group yelled "OMG diglett gave birth to a human!"....

Most unexpected event/moment: The heat made the frame swell on Saturday leaving a floppy frame...

Most awkward event/moment: Rolling around in the grass at the FF photoshoot so I wasn't in the way of the photographers.

Favourite event/moment: All the random diglett comments! Some examples: "Diglett has an ever stone" "Steroids are bad!" "Diglett doesn't want to evolve" "I saw your feet!!!! Diglett has feet!!!"

Least favourite event/moment: The religious protest and all the people swarming them like they were aliens.... They were voicing their opinion/belief, so what? They have theirs, you have yours, you can agree, or disagree. That's it nothing special.. gees

How much money did you spend?: Around $300

Best cosplay you saw: The Squirtle squad - it was simple and effective

How many pictures did you take?: Very few

How far did you travel in order to attend the con?: Depending on traffic, 50 minutes was the record time

How sad/happy were you when the con ended?: Wish I had more time to enjoy the con....

What variety of food did you eat over the weekend?: I didn't really buy food at the con. Just a slush and a beaver tail.

What did you buy?: Some vinyl figures, a t-shirt, some anime (not as much as I usually do), a wallet, a book..

Things you won't miss: B.O. smell.... the humidity/stale air in TCC, general idiots

And finally, what did you do when you got home from the convention?: Took apart diglett frame, got dinner. Nothing fancy.

Any additional stuff you wanna say?:
-seemingly larger dealer room which was well organized and very roomy
-fenced off dance zone
-recycle and garbage bins
-food trucks
-photoshoot signs
-quick badge pick up
-general organization of lines
-very obvious first aid station and paramedics
-autograph lines were managed well, even with some miscommunication
-lots of choices for dealers
-entrance to TCC was automobile friendly! - liked the back exit, police managing the crossing, TCC workers directing traffic (they all need gold stars for standing in the heat)

-the BO....
-airflow in the TCC – stale air and gross... were the fans not working?
-the religious demonstration that occurred on Saturday that distracted participants of photoshoots, brought out troublemakers cursing at them, people taking pictures of them... really guys... was that necessary?
-fogginess of people... not watching where they are going
-rude remarks and opinions people were sharing about some cosplays - not only to me but some to others - specifically one guy who told his buddy that the girl who was cosplaying as Anne(?) in titan form should just be naked. - really guys???...
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I didn't take many photos, and they are extremely cherry picked, but here's what I've got:

http://imgur.com/PSIB28w,izK81Gx,7kZ...cIoX,GxXW MXY
Anime North 2014:
- Thresh - League of Legends
- Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney Series
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Who did you cosplay as?:
Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time) on Friday and Holo (Spice and Wolf) on Saturday.

How many days did you attend for?:
Fri - Sun, although we were at the DT (I refuse to call it the International Plaza!) on Thursday.
Most memorable event/moment:
The chaotic fun that was the AT photoshoot on Friday.

Most unexpected event/moment:
The number of people who squeed at Bubblegum.

Most awkward event/moment:
Honestly? None.

Favourite event/moment:
The photoshoot for AT. We had a ton of photographers and everyone was just having a blast. I also got a huge kick out of sitting in my hotel room on Saturday afternoon and watching the Disney shoot across the street. I think I scared my hubby with my "OMG THERE'S A DARKWING DUCK!" screech.

The Disney "Don't Forget the Lyrics" panel was fantastic, the entire crowd all singing Disney songs at once was the best thing ever heard/ been a part of.

Least favourite event/moment: Some parts of the art room and dealers room seemed very poorly laid out and were pretty much impassable all weekend.

How much money did you spend?:
More than I'd care to admit, but still stayed within budget!

Best cosplay you saw:
Everyone? I can't choose just one!

How many pictures did you take?:
LOL, just one.

How far did you travel in order to attend the con?:
2 1/2 hours by plane

How sad/happy were you when the con ended?: On one hand I'm sad, but on the other I'm thankful I get a chance to rest and re-charge my internal batteries, plus work on improving the cosplays I wore this weekend.

What variety of food did you eat over the weekend?:
Mostly burgers, chips and ice cream. Whoops?

What did you buy?: Pins and hair accessories, I went nuts on those!

Things you won't miss: The walking, the absolute zoo that is crossing Dixon Road, hotel beds and showers

And finally, what did you do when you got home from the convention?:
Started laundry and then collapsed on the couch!

Any additional stuff you wanna say?:
Not really... it was a fabulous year and I can't wait to come back next year.
Cosplay 2017:
Holo (Spice and Wolf)
Rin (Fate/ Stay Night)
Evelyn (The Mummy 1999)
Haru (Persona 5)
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Who did you cosplay as?:
Cyberpunk clothes on Friday (was checking in and selling in the fashion swap, couldn't get complex), Luna from MLP Saturday, Quorra from Tron: Legacy Saturday night (10 pm to about 1 am), and Twilight Sparkle from MLP Sunday.

How many days did you attend for?:
Friday to Sunday (and Monday morning) at the IP, although our friends at the Crowne Plaza let us stay with them thursday night since the occupants of the bed my bf and I used weren't arriving til Friday afternoon.

Most memorable event/moment:
Being told "You're just TOO pretty!" in my Luna cosplay by a friend who's seen it several times now, being called a "Hero of cosplay- REPAIR!" by my Thursday roommates as I helped them fix their five or so costumes up in time (none of them brought sewing kits and they all had bought costumes that had various issues...), and getting to play marco polo and various tag games with the 404's in the pool on Sunday night (and hot tub).

Most unexpected event/moment:
1- A guy paying double my asking price in the Nominoichi because he loved the item so much (it was $5, he shoved a $10 at me and said "It's so awesome you can keep the change!")

2- Getting shoved into a very drunken can-can line at the Saturday night rave while in my Quorra costume (which is not cancan friendly). Also at same rave, the girl with the LED hula hoop, wow, amazing moves!

Most awkward event/moment:
I just HAD to try on a shrug-top in the dealer's room at Plastik Wrap while in my fancy-assed Luna dress... boyfriend had to help me get the top half of my cosplay off once I realized I couldn't reach my zipper with my wig and headpiece on and no mirror. But he didn't do a good job at coming into that ghetto changeroom DISCREETLY while I was in it. I apologize to any congoers who may have glimpsed me almost-topless.

Favourite event/moment:
My Quorra photoshoot on Saturday night, throwing on this sudden sexy but awesome cyberpunk ensemble in my hotel room (aforementioned shrug-top with no undershirt, the pants and wig I had from friday, Luna's blue lipstick, Quorra's light-up sword and bf's chunky boots...) and having a great improptu photoshoot with it, raving on Saturday night with friends, Nagata Shachu concert, our Thursday night Cards Against Humanity game, finally got to see (and talk to) Miranda Tempest, and the pool party on Sunday night.

Least favourite event/moment: Not managing to get dinner Friday til 1 IN THE MORNING because of a Pizza Pizza screwup combined with the late Nominoichi, the sellers lineup for it, hurting my foot on Saturday night from dancing in four-inch heels (I'm a ballet dancer, but injuries still happen...), Quorra breaking just as expected a little after the photoshoot from a combo of dancing and rather active posing for photos, and not being able to get into the Pacific Rim panel because the line was so huge.

How much money did you spend?:
Spending money only? All my $300 cash, all my food money (about $60 extra just for food), and then slapped down a chunk of money on my Visa for that Plastik Wrap top... Nominoichi profit was for school, though, I didn't touch that.

Best cosplay you saw:
I can't pick one. But there were some amazing electronics and armour/mascot things this year. Oh, but the Sid from Toy Story made the hell out of my Thursday in the pre-reg line, it was awesome and so clever.

How many pictures did you take?:
None except a dozen for someone else. I'm nowadays too restricted with fancy costumes or too busy to do any phototaking, while my bf always has his nice fancy camera in hand, so he just takes photos for me.

How far did you travel in order to attend the con?:
Half hour to the hotel by car (I live in North York)

How sad/happy were you when the con ended?:
Sad, always. It always seems like I do the most on Sundays and then I feel like it's over too soon as a result. And sad because tomorrow I have to go to the dentist and get my wisdom teeth out a few more days later...

What variety of food did you eat over the weekend?:
Sushi, breakfast buffet (so, a lot of stuff), poutine, cold cereal, doughnuts and juice boxes, onigiri, soda, ice cream, pizza, subs, mochi and a delicious penne alfredo at Milestones.

What did you buy?:
I went NUTS with pins and prints, a shrug-top/jacket from Plastik Wrap, a wig for Rarity, pony socks, a new shoulder bag, food and candy.

Things you won't miss:
The lack of a fridge/microwave, con B.O., too-tight wigs and false eyelashes all weekend, the lines, and the crazy-crowded sidewalks at the intersection. And getting my hems stepped on.

And finally, what did you do when you got home from the convention?:
Did laundry, then had to unpack everything so I could pack all over again for the trip to my parent's/dentist back in Kingston... then went to the bank.

Any additional stuff you wanna say?:
This latest hotel booking situation is RIDICULOUS!!! Also, IP, change the building exterior AND the rooms, please, they are SO god damn dated and practically run-down half the time.
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There's a vibe here that says "We're in this together!Through thick and thin fabric! Through cold water washes and burning hot irons! Though we might super glue ourselves to our projects, cut holes/gashes/oh-god-mom's-gonna-kill-me into the dining room table, we will stand strong together. Unless there is a 75% off sale at the Fabric store. Then you're on your own. And get the hell out of my way."<3

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Here is my album: https://www.facebook.com/meg.mueller...3 8434&type=1
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Oops,i forgoted something
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https://www.facebook.com/loki555/med... 39021&type=3 Here my photos i have tooked. I didnt tooked many this year
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Who did you cosplay as?

Mokona Modoki from various Clamp productions, Mew Zakuro from Tokyo Mew Mew and Sheeta from Laputa: Castle in the Sky

How many days did you attend for?

All three

Most memorable event/moment:

I participated in my third masquerade ever and I won my first prize (Honourable Mention - Tailoring Novice)! It was so awesome knowing that all the sweat and blood I poured into making my costume was recognized

Most unexpected event/moment:

I honestly did not expect that many people to recognize my Mew Zakuro cosplay. I was pleasantly surprised when so many people recognized me.

Most awkward event/moment:

I have none to comment about

Favourite event/moment:

I loved participating in the Clamp and Ghibli photoshoots. It was my first time attending group photoshoots and it was so fun to meet new people and take silly pictures with them! I loved taking pictures as Mokona with Kero!

Least favourite event/moment:

The moment I realized that it was over and I had to sit in a car for six hours to getback to bed D:

How much money did you spend?:

I was under budget!

Best cosplay you saw:

Difficult to say, there were so many awesome cosplays! Let's change the question to be my favourite cosplay! I must say I really liked the Kero that was walking around on Saturday (and who I posed with). They were my favourite!

How many pictures did you take?

About 80.

How far did you travel in order to attend the con?

About five to six hours of driving.

How sad/happy were you when the con ended?

I was very sad. Today I was battling post con depression all day.

What variety of food did you eat over the weekend?

I ate sandwiches and lots of snacks.

What did you buy?

WORBLA! And a beaver tail :P

Things you won't miss:

The painful shoes XD Walking was not very fun. Also the sunburn.

And finally, what did you do when you got home from the convention?

I unpacked my cooler and went to sleep!

Any additional stuff you wanna say?

I've already started working on my cosplays for the next con on my list! All you guys made me super inspired to make all the things! Hope to see you guys again next year!
~Proud to be strange
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