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Info and Rules

Please read through everything here before posting in this sub-forum.

Many cosplayers have asked for the ability to self-promote their various projects, when it may not fall under the Marketplace rules and would also be considered spam on the rest of the site. This sub-forum is here to give everyone a central place to announce and promote these things. This is NOT a place to post commission businesses or specific items for sale.

Note: This also means there is a central place you can IGNORE if you don't like these types of posts. There are a lot of people who don't like the self-promotion side of cosplay. That's fine, the opinions on the subject are as varied as any other hobby. That being said, this section is specifically in place so that those who do enjoy this part of cosplay have a central place here to do so and interact with others, without getting in the way of the rest of the site.

Because of this, if you reply to threads here simply because you can't stand people daring to have a Patreon or a Kickstarter and just want to debate the overarching topic, your posts will be removed and you may lose access to this forum.


This sub-forum is provided as-is. Cosplay.com is not responsible for anything you see posted in here. Always do your own research. We reserve the right to remove any thread for any reason, and to adjust the rules at any time.

Rule 0: For anything that would otherwise be fine in the Marketplace section, use that instead (used items and commissions)

Anything that is posted here must be a personal project of yours. Please do not post on behalf of others.

Each post must ultimately link off-site somewhere. In other words, don't do your business on-site.

Each thread must also clearly state what it's about. If you post a title like "Check out my Kickstarter thx" and then just post a link in the body, it will be removed. Take the time to present or explain your project a bit in the post.

No more than one new thread per week, per topic, per account. This is not hardcoded into the forum, but we will monitor it for abuse. Example: If you have both a Patreon and a Kickstarter project, you can post one new thread for each during the same 7-day period. We do suggest just updating your previous thread though, as there is a benefit to having all user replies in the same thread.

Understand that by posting in this section, other users might engage you via replies if they have questions.

Anything posted here must be cosplay-related. Some examples of what can be posted are:
  • Kickstarters
  • Etsy stores (must be your personal store, and must be heavily cosplay-related)
  • Cosplay Patreons
  • Convention / Promotional Appearances (e.g. "appearing at booth #YYY", NOT "hey I'm going to this convention!")
  • Twitch (cosplay related)
  • Print Sales (cosplayer) / Book Sales (photographer) that are personal projects
  • Tutorial Series that you have produced
  • Fan projects/series (photo/video) that you have produced
  • Etc.

Examples of things that are absolutely not allowed:
  • Links to your Marketplace listings
  • Commercial stores, mass-produced items (wig shops, costume shops)
  • Links that simply go to personal webpages or other cosplay profiles, including Facebook/Twitter/YouTube (we already have a main thread for that)
  • Links to eBay, Amazon Wishlists, etc.
  • Links with affiliate referral codes
  • Surveys, market research, "help me write my cosplay essay" requests
  • Links requesting or posts containing personal information
  • "BEWARE (cosplayer name)" - just reply to their thread if you have an issue. Don't post a new one.
  • Links to contests (vote for me @)
  • Photoshoot scheduling (already a sub-forum for that)
  • "Sideways" cosplay funding requests. Example: "Woah is me, I spent all of my money on cosplay for Anime Expo, and now I can't afford my half of the rent. Please help me at (IndieGogo Link)"
  • Linking to anything for sale that would be considered illegal
  • Linking to anything that is NSFW
  • Linking to fundraisers that are cosplayer-related but have absolutely nothing to do with cosplay itself.

If you have a specific question on whether something is/isn't allowed, just send me a quick PM and ask. I'm sure there will be plenty of cases that I haven't thought of.

The forum is set to show newest threads first, so bumping your thread will have zero effect. If you do want to see the most recent reply activity, you can change the sort order at the bottom of the page.

I'm assuming this sub-forum will get a bit spammy, but that's ok so long as it doesn't get out of control. Once we test the activity here, I'll adjust the rules accordingly.

Currently there are no account level requirements for this sub-forum. If we start getting hit with drive-bys then I'll adjust it. Brand new accounts linking off-site usually get caught in the spam filter anyway.

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Not Jackie Chan
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I'll be updating this post with clarifications as I answer others' questions.


"Can I post on behalf of my cosplay group?"

Yes, so long as there is only one thread on the topic. This would still fall under the "one thread per week" rule across the entire group.


"I posted but it didn't show up!"

If you're new or have less than 10 posts, it's probably in the spam filter since it links off-site. There's no need to re-post, we go through the queue a few times per day.


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