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[NoVA] Recruiting for Cosplay Dance Cover Group

Hello! I know this is probably just a pipe dream but here goes.

I'm interested in starting up a casual (i.e. no current desire to perform publicly) but dedicated cosplay dance cover group based in Northern Virginia. (although anyone within a 1-2 hour radius is fair game, as my friend is 2 hrs south!) I am by no means a good dancer (0 formal experience ) but I enjoy learning dances, so why not do it in cosplay?! This would be a cover group, so unless someone who is sincerely versed in dancing joins, probably no original choreo. That means target dances will mainly be pulled from Perfume, Vocaloid, Love Live! (or any other idol series), AKB48, k-pop, j-pop, etc.

Currently it's me and my friend on board, but ideally we'd like to recruit at least one more girl to form a "core" unit. In my mind the group can be any number (within reason, probably max 9 however for Love Live!/SNSD scale dances haha) of members, but there will naturally be a varying level of dedication/availability. So basically, come form a somewhat committed 3-man group with me lol!

I am a VERY enthusiastic/excitable person when it comes to cosplay, and the type of person who when doing something, wants to do it right and go the whole nine yards. Of course I am just a noob but paying attention to detail and putting in the effort to be accurate are very important to me. I know it's a lot to ask for but I'm really looking for someone on the same energy (craziness? lol) level as me, who knows cosplay is for fun, but has the motivation to look good too. B)

So ideally:
-1~2+ yrs experience doing cosplay (I would say if you have a dedicated cosplay page/handle and already have a few different cosplays under your belt, we're probably on the same page xD)
-early to mid 20s (both of us are full time young professionals, it's just a bit more comfortable to be around the same age range but upperclassman in university is about as young as I'd like to go)
-Enthusiastic but committed to doing things, come up with fun ideas, not afraid to get out of comfort zone
-Obviously interested in dancing/performing while in cosplay (in front of a camera for the most part haha, but could be recorded in public??)
-Not already affiliated with any group (I don't want to burden anyone with splitting their time/dedication or worse, leave their group xP)

I would love someone I could be good nerd friends with (i.e. spazz about latest anime/game w/e) but we don't have to be best coffee date pals.

Whew that was a lot; if you think you're interested though please hit me up! ; A ; I am sure getting this off the ground with more than just me and my friend will take a while, but there's no rush. :3 If you're even the slightest bit interested and share the same values/ideals as me pleaaase. I want to talk to you. (`・ω・´)ゞ

(S/O to μnite for being inspiring and ultimate #squad goals!)
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