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Xia Cosplay

Name of Commissioner: Xia Cosplay
Website: Has a FB page and Etsy shop.
Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.): Lightning's gunblade
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: N/A
Timeline (how long your order took to process): Never arrived.
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.

I commissioned Xia back in December 2016. She was so kind and polite and I felt I was in good hands. Her prices are really nice, and her work looked great. I bought her Lightning sword, which she had cosplayed from herself, so the sample pics were nice.

I followed her on Facebook to see more of her work. I noticed she did a lot of her own personal projects in December/January. Then it was a bunch of wig commissions. I never saw my commission come up. I noticed she pulled the sword from her Etsy shop shortly after I bought it, and has not offered it since.

At the beginning of February I write her, because it had an expected shipment date in January according to her shop. She says something about a house issue, ok, life happens etc. I was on a deadline for April, however because of the shop's completion dates I figured it would arrive in plenty of time.

At the end of February I write again. I am told it is going to be done soon. 2 weeks into March I write again to see if there's any progress. I am told it will ship soon and I'll get the tracking ASAP. Some days pass, no tracking. Write again... She writes back. Tracking doesn't work when I try it. I write to tell her that. She writes and says she knows and she's sorry. Ok...so my tracking number doesn't work, the website says it isn't even the right number of numbers. She tells me she has other packages this happened for and that she cannot track it either. At one point she told me customs had it.

It is now the end of March. I need my item in 2 weeks and still don't have it. I ask her to contact the postal company and inquire what is going on, because they're in France so I really couldn't do a lot from my end. I ask for photos because I was never sent any. I have no actual proof the item exists at this point. I sadly acknowledge that it will not arrive for my deadline but make new plans to wear it over the summer instead. She does send photos, but remember, this is a prop she made for her own cosplay, so once again I really don't have guarantees these weren't progress photos of her own. I had asked why I never saw my item on her FB and she said she doesn't post Etsy commission progress there. She sends me a photo of the mail slip as proof it exists, however, there is no official stamp anywhere on it, and nothing to validate that it was not all just filled out by her. I know how it works with USPS, and they have a stamper so you can clearly see it was officially done at the post office. Otherwise, I can just go in and literally take a slip to fill it out.

Ok, now we're into April and I still have no prop. She is not proactively staying in contact with me either. May arrives and I am finally done waiting. She did offer a refund back in April if it didn't show up by May 1. She refunded me promptly, minus postage costs. I curtly informed her I was seeking the whole refund and she promptly fixed that, but said she thought she did refund completely.

Final Grade:
Because I cannot be sure of what actually happened I can't really grade her. No one else seems to have had issues so I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. If she actually sent the item and it got lost then that's just our bad misfortune. However, I am writing this in the first place because I just do not know what happened here. She was 1000% polite, in spite of me getting kind of huffy at the end of this transaction.
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