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Unread 09-15-2017, 11:06 PM   #16
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For real, that article oozes resentment. And to no real purpose! Things are different. It is so much EASIER to get good materials and information now, and being truly world-class is an order of magnitude more difficult and expensive as a result--most people can't really aspire to it. Parameters of "best" have shifted. "Best" has shifted. It's harder now.


Seriously, so?

Wendy gives a lot of fucks about that. A lot of new cosplayers also give a lot of fucks about that, for reasons that are simultaneously very different and very similar. For the huge majority of people, the best is not going to be you. If you were the best in your city, well, now your city can see and interact with the rest of the world. Sorry Wendy-types, there goes your version of being "best". If you HOPED to be the best in your city, people in your city will be comparing you to the rest of the world. Sorry modern newbs, "best" was gone before you got there. It can get kinda miserable, as long as you keep giving fucks about being the best. Good is awesome. Great is great. Better? Wanting to be better is marvelous. Aiming for "best" is climbing up a down escalator.

Don't. Knock that shit off.

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Yeah, it seems that some of these veteran cosplayers are really getting upset over what amounts to a change in semantics. Sure, convention costuming is more about recreations these days, and yes I do get frustrated sometimes by the fact that original stuff is often passed over, or barred from some masquerades. (I'm not talking about costume contests with highly specific themes, based entirely around certain fandoms or such)
But there's definitely a lot of anger around what amounts to a shift in language.

In regards to cosplaying/geeky stuff being thought of as cool now, while old time geeks got beat up or made fun of, I commented on that on my own cosplay page once. I said "I got picked on for being different and liking what I like too, I got the hell bullied out of me. But that doesn't make me a superior geek. It just means that my classmates were assholes, and that many of my teachers were ineffective wimps when it came to dealing with shitty behavior in their classrooms."
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No one's going to talk about the wonders of IRC and Usenet?! Those were my window to the fandom worlds. (Mostly because I lived out in the boonies with a crappy connection. IRC and Usenet didn't stress out my bandwidth.)

There were also more magazines out there devoted to fandom, like Analog, Realms of Fantasy, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Asimov, Heavy Metal, etc. That's where I learned about a lot of conventions.

As for the elitism, I don't pay much attention to it. If you're not having fun, what's the point? And I still use the phrase "costume artist" because a lot of people outside the community don't know what cosplay is.
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