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I'm much more inclined to go to medium and large cons rather than a small con. The US idea of cons are different from my country's, but a few similar to the US ones have been popping up over the recent years. Small cons here are more anime focused and, while I like anime, most are very boring. The large and very large cons (like Comic Con Experience - 180 thousand people over 4 days) have very annoying lines that prevents most people of entering certain booths and panels if they don't want to spend the day in line, but it still have many things to do and you probably won't get to see everything. Medium sized cons can be more anime inclined or expo inclined. They usually don't have many lines, but there are also less things to do.
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A big part of whether I'll enjoy a con regardless of size is how well organized it is. In my experience, large cons that are poorly run are a real pain in the neck, so I try to avoid those, whereas I don't feel as badly about a small con that is disorganized because I am likely to have invested less for admission/hotel.

Overall I'm finding that lately I prefer the medium-sized cons, especially ones that have the perfect balance between having just enough events to participate in and not feeling too crowded with fights over space and hotel rooms.
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I haven't been to enough cons to really know which I prefer. I guess my city's con, Calgary Expo, is fairly big (at least by Canadian standards), it's a 4 day con with over 100k people in attendance the past few years, but it is spread out through 2 large buildings and has the open grounds in between so if you want to escape the crowds you can. Personally, I don't mind crowds, I like the anonymity of them. I have gone to one other con outside my city, and would like to go to more but just don't get the chance. I keep meaning to check out some of the smaller ones that have popped up around southern Alberta, but am a bit of a chicken and don't want to go alone. I need to talk some of my friends into going with me, and if it's out of town then I need to sweet talk Nana and Papa to watch the littles.
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my area is kind of a dead zone as far as conventions go. we only got our first dedicated comic convention at a convention center within the past 2 years. there is a small, general nerd/geekdom college con every year but its programming and management has worsened over the past 10 years to the point where i'm bored after being there for 2 hours, and with nothing interesting set for the schedule in the evening, i end up going home. their cosplay contest is kind of a joke because i have personally seen people wearing recognizably mass-produced costumes allowed into the contest. there's really no other small cons that are within reasonable driving distance.

i'd much rather put the extra effort into driving/flying/spending to go to a larger convention that is (generally) going to have far more events, panels, photo gatherings and guests - all things that i enjoy. that said, i finally hit up katsucon for the first time this year after hearing people rave about it for years and i, surprisingly, found myself pretty bored a lot of the time. if you weren't some kind of well-known cosplayer or wearing something that really stood out, no photographer wanted anything to do with you. there weren't really that many panels or guests, and the one attendee event i tried to go to was horribly disorganized and the host never showed up (not the con's fault but still.)

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Originally Posted by CapsuleCorp View Post
Up here in the upper midwest, small cons are lame and boring. You've seen everyone and the single costume they've brought to wear by around noon on Saturday and their panel and event programming leaves a lot to be desired.
Pretty much this, it's the reason I vastly prefer large cons. Of course, my definition of small (under 5,000 attendees), mid (5,000-10,000), and large cons (over 10,000) probably differs greatly from most other people's. I've mostly only attended small conventions (around 2,000 people) but I've attended one large con (Acen) and one I'd consider mid sized (anime Detour). I enjoyed both more than the smaller cons I've been to, but unfortunately I can't attend them as often as they're a much farther drive. I'd really like to hit up more larger cons in the future though, they always have multiple things going at on at once so you shouldn't ever find yourself bored with nothing to do that interest you.
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It depends on the con, but more often than not I enjoy the larger cons more as they have a wider selection of things to do. But the smaller cons have the option of doing things out of the ordinary, such as one very small con I went to had a dodge ball tournament. Most fun I've had at a con. I also feel like a lot of the smaller cons have an "in group" of those who are part of the group that started the con and/or know the area and talk about it. Larger cons have a larger variety of people so it's more likely I'll find someone cool, or even someone I know.
Also, as Moonsong mentioned, I like watching the cosplay competition and feel as those who bought their costume (mass-produce, unaltered) really should not be competing. I happened to be a judge at a con recently for the cosplay competition and of the 15 or so entrants, only four of them had made/altered their costumes. One guy got eliminated though, but that is another story for another thread.
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