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Unread 10-08-2017, 05:59 PM   #1
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How do I make my prop within con regulations?

I have had quite a bit of free time in the past few weeks and have been working on a few props for future cosplay's. I just finished my newest prop, a staff with a piece of deer antler on the top. It is already relatively blunt but I am not sure if it would get into the convention and I can not find anything helpful in the convention rules other then sharp edges not being allowed.

I was wondering if anybody would have any tips for how to blunt or make a cover for the antler so that I would be able to use it for my cosplay.
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Unread 10-09-2017, 05:41 AM   #2
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Well, I'd take a sander/dremel and heavily round off the tips/sides. Try to get the edges down to the point that even if you run your finger/hand on it, it feels like rubber or plastic. Something so smooth that you can apply as much pressure as you can without it breaking and it still feels rounded. (My own definition of that is the plastic bottle test: I can squeeze a bottle and still feel the roundness of it.)

If you include a pic, I might be able to suggest some other options.
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Before you do anything, contact the con safety panel and ask directly about a real antler incorporated in a prop. Bone is heavy, it may be outlawed regardless of sharp points due to it's weight. Many cons outlaw metal weapons solely based on their weight that can be used as a blunt object.

Antlers are a bone structure, if you grind too far you'll expose the porous center.

The fact that you've already mounted it on your prop is going to make working with it significantly harder.

Use a sanding sponge first, primarily working on smoothing down the sharpest point of the tip. Work to soften the end, but slide it down the sides from time to time to round the end instead of creating a flat end. Shift to finer sandpaper to get a nice shine.
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if your con rules page looks similar to that for kitsunekon (greenbay WI, US)

thier idea is that they dont want anything that will harm others, or damage the walls/doors
which is thier general excuse against metals

in this case though they wouldnt allow it because its a hard spike
so check your rules in reguards to spikes/horns

if it becomes nessesary, just before the event, cover in cotton candy to blunt it
its easy to remove, and can be a good snack
any residue can be delt with, using prefered cleaning method for stickyness
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disclaimer* im not an expert, i simply add in my "2 cents" having a second opinion is always a safe bet
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