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Shout outs, profanities and excessive stair walking-Starwind824's animeNEXT review.

ahhh animeNEXT....with AnimeBoston and Katsucon being the exciting crap fests that they were, I went into aN thinking "Ah, finally a good con."

Well...it wasn't THAT bad...lol. Over the last 2-3 years, aN has evolved from a tiny little con to a not so tiney little con...but like it's bigger brethen, it has it's share of faults.

So here's the breakdown

The Panels-
That's for the updates asshats!
Cyn was doing 95 from Staten Island to Jersey, in a vain attempt to get to the con by 12, when the Final Fantasy panel was scheduled. WE get five after, assuming the worse, where Oshi tells us the panel was at one. Shrugging, Cyn threatens my life and the panel goes over pretty well. No complains there.

Now on Sunday, I promised Marsiefan I'd speak for her panel on Women and gaming @ 2. I do everything I need to do prior to 2, and when I get there "early", I find out there's like 15 minutes left to the panel coz they bumped it up and hour. So not only did Marsiefan lose a panelist, but the actual research I did was for nothing. I could understand if there was a last second change and I got an email and didn't read it, but no, I got squat. Jerks.

The Costumes-
Proof of animeNEXT's evolution right here folks. There was was seriously awesome costumes this year, and not for nothing, I was beyond impressed.
While there were tons of ppl I didn't know who had sum great costumes, even the ppl I do know on a name to name basis raises the bar. No complaints here.

The Game Room-
Not as good as last year, better than the first one. Still better than the one we had a BaaF,lol.

The Con Staff-
Seems like a lot of people we upset about Staffers yelling at them. My advice-Get over yourself. Everytime I saw a staffer yelling at someone, it was for a good cause. Tell ya what, go stand in the middle of traffic and tell me how it goes. Marsiefan made a thread about how ALL photoshoots that weren't held in the Ballroom (what happend to the Cosplay.com photoshoot btw) were to be held outside. It's not her fault ppl didnt read that.

The Masquerade.
Wow, despite the fact that is was soooo much better in terms of skits than last year, retarded chimps could have done a better job of running that. Shall I break it down further?

The lighting-Ray Charles is dead, but that doesn't mean you should have hired a bunch of blind ppl to do the lighting in his memory.

The sound- Thanks for sodomizing my ears with jackhammers! And what was up with the mikes?

The judging-While I have no problem with the decisions, everyone who won deserved to win, what the hell was up w/ the wait. Did they watch the entire masquerade over? sheesh!

My skit-Okay, I'm not saying we got robbed. Chances are even if we did get the chance to perform it right, we wouldnt have won, but you know what, at least the skit would have made a lot more sense. I would have understand if something happend like the cd skipping or an actual techical problem, but no, depsite the fact that I wrote the directions (twice, under the suggestion of one of the people running the masquerade) some mook managed to screw everything up. What gets to me is while that I'm used to losing by now (can't win them all folks), as is Neoangelwink, some of the ppl up on stage with me where up there for a first time. Not to toot my own horn, but I have to say despite Carrie and I being thrownoff horrbily, Cyn, Ryukku84, Dragooninsertnumbershere and Demri recovered well and at least finished the skit on a good note. And while all the conselation I got from my fellow cosplayers and some the peole on the audience was uncalled for but greatly appreicated, it would have been nice if maybe one of the tards doing the music would have apologized to us, or even given us another shot. They made that offer to the other FF skit they messed up, so why not us. It was clear than when when blanks looks went off on stage something was up (And why was "Walk This Way" coming out of my mic....that hurt my head)

Overall- Why not the best of animeNEXTS, it wasn't that bad of a con. While the numbers were staggering, and the aN crew had to deal with the fact that their the only NY con this year, things could have ran a little smoother, especially in regards towards the masquerade and panels. I assume next year the con will probably be a lot better, unless they push it up again, and it will be see if the turn out will be as big with BaaF and Shoujocon supposley back in the game.

On a lighter notes, shout out time!

Neoangelwink-The cute strikes on many a level. I'm beyond proud of how well you did with hats, and my costumes were super good, as well as ur new Aeris. Thanks luv ::kissles::

Ryukku84- Wolfie own XD! The job you did for the armor on my Cloud costume rocked. A shame about the masquerade, but there's always next time right? CACTIE-TAR!!!

Demri and Dragoon..Hehe D&D...anywho, dammit Demri, I hate how much your costumes keep on getting better and better after every con you go to. You definetly deserved to win something for ur Shion. Despite what happend, I had a blast with Andy (who's a riot, but needs to play more fighting games). Can't wait to rock FF8 again with you guys @ Otakon.

Cyn-RIDDICK!!!!! Dude, I know u had a suck ass time at aN,. but your costumes (and props) owned and according to OS and DC, u raised the bar for the CoP with that lil stunt u pulled. Way to go bro!

Kuruthy-Okie, I love your Quisty costume and all, but your fluffy bunny-thing has to be the cutest thing I've ever seen outside of Carrie,lol. It was great seeing you and all, and it was a shame that u were bumped out of the skit but hey, at least u got to spend more tume w/ MWT....speaking of which.

MisterWonderfulTouji-The lone Irvine as per usual, but hey, great seeing none the less. Can't wait to see the "SeeD" costume for Otakon.

Dressdragn, Joey Bombs and Gears-Great job on the skit, despite my hatred for yaoi. XD

Chrisscrewball-You get seperate props for rocking Red Cons as well. You need to cosplay Gene soon, so that we may get out duel mack on...we'll in spirit, I'm quite taken.

Lady Ava, Oshi and Yuffiebunny- Oshi's gonna hit me for saying this, but LA's Ed from FMA is dead on awesomeness!(Oshi Roy wasn't that bad either,lol) Thanks for the soda, SeeD costumes and subs guys, and YB, while the pranks were funny (and odd, especially on friday night...I hope u were drunk), you still owe me a tunnel!...and don't try to out prank me again either, or next time I'll use something other than hair gel...tis okie though "I forgvie you stupid people!"

LiL and Tempest Strife-While you lack the awesomeness and male parts Cyn and I have for our Cloud and Seph costumes, u made up for it by just rocking in general. You guys did a great job, and I'm glad u took home an award!

Ranma-Like I said, not my fault,lol.

Fanboy- "NIIIII!!!"

Naruto related art dude-Haha Googly eyes!

KaineMaxwell, PQR,animelone wolf, rukawa, Number 18, Booyaka, all my FF peeps,the freakin Cheat, and everyone else I spent a lot less time with-Thanks and sorry for the crapp shout out....next time...I promise!

Oh my fingers.
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Maester Seymour
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I can't really compare the costumes of this anime next to last years cuz i wasnt there ^^;;, but in comparison to the first con i went to there were only a few exquisite costumes and a lot of crap. but here, you'd really have to look to find a crappy costume. almost everyone blew my mind. great job on the cosplay all.

oh yeah. NEVER AGAIN should you guys put a "trial" game show inbetween the cosplay and cosplay awards XD I was so bored the ppl around me were talking about starting riots. lol
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Dragon Spooker
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SHOUTOUT TIME?! YIPEEEEEEE! Ok I have quite a few!!

Maester Seymour a.k.a John- I LOVE YOU!! Lol xD;. I was so happy I finally got to see you. And what you said was right! We talk like evryday and its hard to believe we'd get to see each other *_*. Ahem! And you stole my hoagie and you stole my "Pepso" too!! And you made the soda explode on me you evil Seymour you *whip crack* Lol jk I <3 ya tons and miss you! Thanks for making me cry when I got home!! I missed you do your walkon and I just miss you is all ;O;!

Visualstimulation a.k.a. Stefanie- I GOT TO MEET YOU!! YIPEE!! Your Sora kicked ass and you were a great Rufus too!! Remeber the mob of us in the lobby planning what do for dinner (I was saved when my mom brought me a hoagie but no John had to steal some of it!! Lol xD). I miss you tons as well and shall see ya at Otakon ^_~! Um.....curse that Pepsi for leaving a puddle on the floor!! *lmao*

Demri-So glad I got to meet ya too! Sorry I didn't hang with you ;O;. You were a great Quistis!! I <3 your costume!! ^_~

Ranma-Daddy!! Lol xDD;. I had fun being your Marlene and can't wait til Otakon!! Great to see ya again and um.........yea sorry about the Ranma thing while you were Ryoga *lmao* And his name is not Dick Cox! It's Richard Cox...............RICHARD COX!!!!! >D

Stardwind- I KNEW YOU WERE SQUALL!! Lol xD;. Funny m friend didn't know who you were o_O;. Your Squall rocked ^_~.

Neoangelwink- I LOVED YOUR AERITH!! *_______* So glad you made it to the FF shoot!!

Marsie- Yea for you!! You rock Marsie for dealing with the sudden change of the FF shoot and coordinating it so well thanks!! You are so cool ^_~.

My PACMEN people-Kayla,Tiffy,Laura,Alex (you came gah!!!), and Janet ;O;- I had a blast. I am so sorry I ditched you alot over the weekend. You probably hate me and I'm sorry. I love you guys alot and you know that!! WE GOT TO MEET RICHARD COX SO BOOYA!!

Oshi and Lady Ava- Your FMA costumes rocked!! I only waved to ya a few times Ava, wish I had talked to ya xD. And I saw you two holding hands a few times.......so cute *sniffle* Man I am just so balled up with emotion lol xD.

KaineMaxwell- YOU STALKER!! WE SAW YOU BOUT 5 TIMES EVERDAY!! STALKER!! S-T-A-L-K-E-R!! Lol jk. It was great to see you and great Melvin!!

To anyone in the cosplay line near me and my pals- TREASURE THE SING ALONG1! IT COMPELLED YOU DID IT NOT?! This is where you say yes...............lol xD;.

To anyone who was in the Richard Cox panel/s-Fun times fun times!! Richard is totally diffrent then I'd thought he'd be...........he was better *_*. He was so damn hyper and funny and uber nice and so was Moneca (minus the hyperness lol).

To anyone who went to his signing/s-We stuck out the long lines..........GO US!! Lol xD.

To any other Cosplay.com people I met- I know I met ALOT of you but I can't remember your screenames and such but it was great to meet you. A bit shocked so many people knew who I was...........I'm not even popular o_O; lol.

And finally to everyone who went to the con-

That would be my shoutouts xDD;.
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Originally Posted by CCAmanda
To anyone who went to his signing/s-We stuck out the long lines..........GO US!! Lol xD.
LoL...My friend and i were toward the back of the panel......I still wonder how we ended up towards the back of the autograph signing line outside the door XP ^^; nevertheless, we stuck out there too XP I thought i was gonna die ^^
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Unread 06-21-2004, 03:27 PM   #5
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Me? T_T Amanda, you forgot meeee... *goes off in a corner and cries* I love my larvae!
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Originally Posted by ShoyesaiNoMiko
Me? T_T Amanda, you forgot meeee... *goes off in a corner and cries* I love my larvae!
GOMEN SHOY!! I <3 YOU TOO!!!! I'm sorry I forgot you ;_;. You were my Samurai Rikku so wh00t!! Yea, go Pyrefly Larvae!! *lmao*
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[quote=Starwind824]The judging-While I have no problem with the decisions, everyone who won deserved to win, what the hell was up w/ the wait. Did they watch the entire masquerade over? sheesh!

You do realize this is when they did the actual judging, right? This has happened at every con that I've attended over the last 5 year. The fact it took so long meant they probably had to fight with each other to agree on who got what. It took us a few hours to get the hall costumes judged ourselves so I can sympathize.

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Unread 06-21-2004, 04:54 PM   #8
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Not my fault we kept finding one another in the slow elevators.

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Yea curse those elevators!! Lol xD; and the ebil staff too >_<.
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaah i am in Kaine's Avie! lol

*points to Neptune* what the hell am I doing?

Chris doesn't love me enough to give me a shout out but Amanda does! *blows kisses*

I have all of the photoshoots on disk via David Ng so i'll be posting them tonight. Please remember to credit him with a name and a link to the site.

Beth G
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Marise, I gotta say you looked good, which one were you again? Were you Mars at the David NG shoot later on Saturday?

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Hey Starwind824 I saw everybody you were with. It was nice to see the cosplayers I met in the past. I'm pissed of I didn't go to the swim shot...I was still at home then...damn sewing and no hotel room that night :waves fist:
Damn elevators...they started making strange noises after awhile...I thought I'd die with a bunch of Sailor Scouts...lol well not really.

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Bunny Hugger! ^_^
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Yea, shoutout time!! ^_^

Okies, I'll start with Andy (Dragooninsertnumberhere). You're the most cutest Link ever and I hope you don't give up cosplaying even though you had a crappy Saturday night and Sunday. I hope mebbe you'll consent to Seifering up our Otakon FFVIII group??? Hehehe...

Chris & Carrie - Lots of huggles!! You guys are both so sweet and adorable (even you, Chris! teehee) and I had fun practicing lines, hanging out, and sulking with you guys. Thanks for letting a newbie into your skit fun even though things didn't turn out so swell... It was... An experience, to be sure.

Ray - For some reason, you make me giggle a lot. You're a funny guy with a very small waist. =)

Kim & Lisa - It was fun to meet both of you and hang out throughout Saturday. You're both such cutiepies. ^_^

Sean - Nice seeing you again! I hope you enjoyed the banana bread, even though I'm sure it wasn't as good as when I made it.

Amanda - It was fun meeting you too, if only briefly. Our paths will cross again at Otakon!

KAYLA - You're a giant dorkoid who is a CUTE, PRETTY Selphie. So take that! :-P I'm glad I finally got to meet you and I'm sorry I was unavailable from Saturday on. This con kept me perpetually busy!

Janet & Kayla's Other Buddies (so sorry - my brain's so horrible with all these new names!) - Nice to meet you and congrats on surviving a weekend with Kayla! hehe

Ambrosia - Wow, I'm glad you recognized me and said hi but I'm sorry I really only saw you like that once. I missed the Stinger Butt somehow and I'm so sad! I hope I get to see it at Otakon!

WHOEVER RETURNED MY XENOSAGA ARTBOOK - Thankyouthankyouthankyou a bazillion times! It got lost at the convention and I was scared it'd never be heard from again, but someone was sweet enough to take it to the Lost & Found. (And there was much rejoicing!) Thank you ubermuch!!!!

David Ng - Photographer extraordinaire. Thankees for somehow capturing not terrible piccies of me! Your talent is amazing.

And (alright, I'm wrapping this up soon) HeeroJF - You're the coolest! You're a peach and you have tremendous costuming talent and you portray your characters so well. Hope you're having fun in Montreal!

And everyone else I met, briefly or otherwise, hihis and see you at Otakon (I hope)!!!
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First off, sorry about not knowing ANYONE's name, I'm a jackass when it comes to such things.

1.) Demri - Maybe I'm biased, but I think you should have won something for your Shion costume. Trust me, I know how much time and blood you put into that costume. Also thanks for recording my adventures in searching for Triforce pieces Thursday night, too bad I didn't find any in the toilet....

2.) HeeroJF - Thanks for rooming with us and sharing San Juan, I'm all ready looking for it on eBay. Out of all your costumes you wore I loved Goemon the most. Hope the bus ride went smoothly.

3.) Starwind - Thanks for thinking of me for your skit when you couldn't find Kruthy (sp?). Hope I was of SOME help. If you're coming to Otakon I'll bring the only fighting games I'm actually good at so I can give you some challenge (Gundam Battle Assault 2 or Naruto: Gekito Ninja Taisen 2!).

4.) Cyn - You have a small waist and an unquenchable thirst for blood! I loved watching you impaling various people, you should do it more often so we can start SephirothDestroysEverything.com. Thanks for being one of the few joys at animeNext for me.

5.) NeoAngelWink - Let's try for two beers next time

6.) TaintedEmbrace - You're crazy... Thanks for the yells while I was on stage.

As Demri said, after this weekend I've been thinking about not cosplaying anymore. My Link costume suffered catestrophic damages to the point where I would have to remake nearly everything. I don't know if it would be worth it because it would likely only happen again. After attending the Final Fantasy Fan Panel I've come to the conclusion that I'm not a Final Fantasy fan, but if Demri, Starwind, and NeoAngelWink would like I'd be happy to cosplay as Seifer. Also I guess if I'm open to that I might as well cosplay as that one Xenosaga character. Well, I'd better stop typing soon or my post might be as large as Starwind's.
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Unread 06-21-2004, 09:01 PM   #15
Lady Ava
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Shout-outs time from me. Forgive me if I don't remember Usernames...I have a terrible memory ^^()

Starwind and NeoAngelWink- *huggles you both* You two are so awesome! It was so much fun having you across the hall from us. The jokes were rather entertaining XD And watching Chris walk in, place a random beer on top of the TV and leave was so funny XD You're welcome for the subs and food. XD

Chrisscrewball- You crack me up! You're such a sweetheart and just an all around fun guy. I loved watching your group practice before the masquerade. XD

Ranma- Its always a pleasure to see you around. I'm glad everything turned out okay for you. *hugs*

Shini- MY GIRL! *glomps* such a cute little Squall! Thanks for being in our skit. So much fun! And Booyaka! (see, this time I spelled it right)

My group of Minons from my High School- I'm glad you all had fun at your first con! And tell your parents that I swear I'm not weird.....really >.>()

CCAmanda- Hehe! I saw you running around alot over the weekend. It would have been great to talk to ya, but the con was so friggin crazy and crowed @.@

sailor-moon and co- *hugs* Lori! So much fun hanging out with you! You're getting better at DDR! Sooner or later, you can beat Mamo! I promise ya ^.~

Studmaster- In the moments I did get to see you, I'm glad I did. It was fun and I'm glad to didn't overwork yourself. I hope you liked the Chicken Soup we brought you.

Andariel & her Roy- You guys were so awesome! Our own little FMA shoot outside was very nice I must admit. Great getting to meet you in person and I hope to see you at Otakon XI: "When the Eds Invade" XD

All my roommates: "3 ox and Chicken for J-Rock CD!" XD Good times. Rooming with you all made the weekend all the more better. ^_^

Any and all C.com peoples I met- It was great to meet you all! ^___^

YuffieBunny- What a weekend! Your beserker was so the best XD Running around for the masquerade brought back all those Katsu memories. Kevin's pic of us hanging out the window, Pirate's Booty, AYA-KUN, Kill Harry (RAWR), Hunting for FF guy characters...It was truely a fun weekend!

Oshi- Thankies for coming this weekend. *huggles* We had fun XD Sorry the skit song annoyed you, and you still made an awesome Rufus. <3 always.

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