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Unread 01-16-2005, 08:20 PM   #1
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shoutout and con discussion thread yo!

The topic is Ohayocon. Now, discuss amoungst yourselves.

Ohayocon's thighs are like buttah! (I wonder if anyone will get this reference at all)

Anyway, I had a blast at Ohayocon this year. It was great seeing old friends and meeting new cool peoples!

Kyle I really enjoyed the photoshoot and I'm really looking forward to seeing the pictures when they're posted. You take such great photos!

EBK and Lionel It was awesome seeing you two again, hanging out, and taking pictures! You two rule!

Pixikitty and her friend (i forget her sn here sorry!) It was great meeting you, hanging out, and taking lots of fun pictures with the monkey! He's quite sexy. =P

Killmesarah It was great meeting you too! I'm sooooooo freaking sorry that I didn't realize who you were on Saturday night! I feel like such a dork. ><;; I'm like... "huh?"

Cosplusers It was awesome seeing people from cosplus there! I'm sorry that I couldn't make it for the gathering. ;_; Next time I promise we'll be more organized!

KonekoMiyabi and Mandy It was great seeing you again and meeting Mandy. You guys are awesome. I had such a fun time at the dance and talking on Saturday night. ^_^

Sexy Nyo People Ohayocon was hawt. Oh baby! Psychicers rocked, and the Galaxy Angels costumes were so cute! I'm gonna try and make that new character if I can. ^_^ It was nice seeing Manda again too!

Everyone Else I talk to so many people at cons... so I loose track of people... but it was great seeing all my old friends again, and having a great time. You guys are all awesome. *hugs to everyone*

It was definately an interesting experience with the Christian convention there. Man... I was so discusted by the way some of them acted. I mean, I'm a Christian too... but ack. I just hate it when people act that way... it's like please... you're not going to convert someone after a 2 minute discussion about how evil it is to cosplay (when it's not). *rolls eyes* Though there were a lot of really nice people from the other convention though that were really interested. So that was cool. Just the overly liberal closed-minded ones were like... agh. Who are you to judge, you know? Sorry I'm done ranting now. =P

I hope everyone made it back safely with the snowstorm and all!
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miss miyazawa
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Ohhh, so there was a Christian convention going on, too. I was wondering why all of the church van's were there. Like, "I really doubt they're here for the anime con. o.O"

Anyways, Ohayocon was wonderful! It was my first convention & my first time cosplaying, so I only went on Saturday, but I still had a lot of fun. I loved meeting the guests and making new friends. Can't wait to come back next year.

Justin - Thanks for giving me the warm welcome to my first convention. It sucked that I couldn't find you on Saturday evening, though! I came back to the game room a few times, but ah well. Maybe next year.

Sherry - You were so fun. We've gotta cosplay together next year.

Jeff - I didn't get your sn or anything... but it was great talking to you in the cafe. Hope to see you on the crossroads, bud. Happy Birthday!

Doug, Bruce, & Bob - Could you guys be any cooler? While setting in on your panel, I found myself forgetting that I was in a room with three professionals, and instead three brothers. You guys were a blast and I enjoyed the relaxed setting immensely. Alas, I still feel silly for mistaking Bruce for one of the con directors, rather than an artist. -hides race-

Tiffany & Monica - Wow, you two were so amazingly nice! I was so nervous meeting my first voice actors, but you guys totally shattered my fear. It was a pleasure meeting the both of you and my brother & I will surely treasure our signed dvd's for a long time.

EurobeatKing - HOLY CRAP. I can't believe I met you. I honestly thought you only went to conventions in like ... California or something [this really reflects how much i come here]. I've always admired your costumes over the internet, so forgive me if I went all fangirly on you. It was a pleasure.

Mystery Guy - I now feel like an idiot for not asking you your name. The one whom I ran into about three times & kept calling me hot. Then I screamed at you when I was leaving & probably embarassed the hell out of you. XD If you see this, WHO ARE YOU?!

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Bobbi and Josh- It was awesome seeing and talking to you guys Saturday night too. Thanks for being so great and understanding. The world needs more people like you!

Galaxy Angels- omg...I had so much fun with you guys! You're all incredibly fun and talented costumers and I was so happy to be part of your cosplay group! I hope we can do something like that again sometime.

Rameana- Happy birthday! I'm glad we got to hang out again even if it was just for a little while. Hope you liked your cake!

R1kku- I'm glad I finally got to meet you in person. Your costumes are absolutely amazing and you were really fun to talk to.

Stephen- Yay! You finally get your Hyoukou (I *know* I spelled that one wrong) costume! It was good seeing you again and catching up.

Lady- I hope your friend that was doing Fatal Frame II with you showed up! It was nice talking to you!

Shippo87- Your Laharl was awesome! I was so excited to see that in person finally..lol. Now if only my friend would give me back MY copy of Disgaea.......

The Inuyasha fans at the meet and greet- You kids were simply awesome! You being excited to see us seriously made the weekend for me.

Telkien- Hey! It was cool seeing you again! Thanks for buying a glowstick from me!

Everyone that bought glowstick bracelets from me- THANK YOU! You guys buying those things helped me pay for my parking space for the weekend! (stupid Hyatt for not validating parking!) Inuyasha loves you guys!! ^_^

If I forget to mention someone don't be offended...I talked to so many people I can't think straight right now and will probably re-edit this post so I can fit you all in! ^_^
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I have to say those kids at that Christian convention were downright awful. I have NEVER gotten that many dirty looks in one day in my LIFE. And I was going around as Kiba (the one with the dog on her head), which wasn't even that bad. The adults didn't seem to be as bothered, and some were even really nice. But those kids were brats. I'm sure some of them might have been nice, but none I talked to. I asked one kid what they were there for, when I was sitting and eating, and he kind of gave me a funny look, paused, went back to doing what he was doing, then turned and said 'Dare 2 Share. It's a church group thing.'

I was surprised he answered at all.

I still had a good time despite the church thing. And, I have to say it was interesting. I was in line for the coffee stand, and this woman from the Christian thing was standing beside me. She started talking to me, and she was a little apprehensive at first, but then she started talking a little easier.

Though as soon as I asked what she was here for (I still wasn't sure), she said really quickly, as if trying to convert me: 'We're from Dare 2 Share. It's a religious movement about trying to spread the word of God to his children.'

But, she still had to be one of the nicer people I talked to.
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Woo! Shout-outs!

Hemuloki-sama - SHUU-CHAN-SAAAAN! Your Tou Tetsu costume rocked! (Even though you're a stupid goat.. >D) Thanks for being a part of our group!

The other D and Leon - CLONES! XD It was nice to see that I wasn't the only mullet-sporting cop, and I know Ra-chan was glad to find another cool D, too.

The 'other' other Count D - Your contacts rocked. Hail Petshop of Horrors cosplayers!

Steve the Guitar Guy, Natalie and the wonderful Zelda who's name my brain misplaced (T_T) - Absolutely amazing. Your voices and instrumental abilities are incredible! Thank you so much for letting me join you for a couple rounds of Canta Per Me. I'm honored to sing with such talented musicians. ^_^

All the One Piece cosplayers - There were a lot of great OP costumes this year! I'm so happy! T_T PIRATES RULE!

Knuxie-chan - Your costumes were awesome, and I'm glad I could be of service in trying to eat your Serve-Bot. XD Thanks for continually closing the "Ring" box.

Everyone who bought $1 commissions from Alabasta Zoro and Ororon early early Sunday morning - More food for us! Yay! XD Thank you!

Everyone who did the "Captain Morgan" pose for us - Haha, these are so great. Thanks so much for indulging our insanity!

The other Sadako - Buying a VCR to actually make the tape....that is dedication. We cursed them all! AHAHAHA!
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Wow, I had a great time at the con. (Never heard the word yoai so many times in one weekend) On friday I was so exausted I wanted to go home, and by Saturday night at 3 am on the dance floor I never wanted to leave! I loved the dealers room this year, room to breath, I spent alot of money which is always a plus. First time attending the masquarade (holy Jesus convention!) and I all I can say is it was awsome. The dances at night were so much fun with the j-music. Many friendly people and beutiful costumes. I was so happy I attended.
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Originally Posted by Bobbi
Killmesarah It was great meeting you too! I'm sooooooo freaking sorry that I didn't realize who you were on Saturday night! I feel like such a dork. ><;; I'm like... "huh?"

I hope everyone made it back safely with the snowstorm and all!

LOL I had a different wig on each time I saw you!! ! LOL
hahah I am also glad we got to meet. I AM pissed that I missed your Flonne costume >_>
Next con!
The snowstorm sucked... there was so many stupid people in ditches on the way home from Ohio..... I mean, I saw like 10, and I'm not even kidding.
It took 7 hours to get home and I missssed Desperate Housewives!!

-S <----is angry
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Agh just got back to good old Toronto ^_^

I had a great time at my first Ohayocon despite the lousy weather driving Thursday night and tonight. I met quite a few of you (Shippo87, DMG, KonekoMiyabi, R1kku, Nikolai, Voltz, Eurobeatking to name a few) and took pictures of a lot of people I recognized, just didn't get a chance to introduce myself (I was one of the three Kiba's from Naruto on Saturday)

I really didn't find the Christian convention too bad. One lady was talking to my friends and I about anime and of course had to ask, "So, are you Christian?" but she seemed really nice and wasn't opressive with her love of God and understood we weren't of a religious nature. I figure part of their 'task' for the weekend was to try to talk to others, which ended up being us attending the convention.

However, I had some people during the masquerade sitting behind me that were unbelievably RUDE. Every time someone got on stage they made a comment along the lines of, "This could go two ways. It'll either be really good or it'll suck!" and then proceeded to mock the skit if it wasn't funny, or the costume if it was "unoriginal". I was tempted to turn around and tell them to shut up, but they eventually left.

I had a great time and I'd do it again it a heartbeat. I just hope the weather cooperates a bit more next time for the drive >_<
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Hey guys!! I promised a shout when I got on here so here I am!

This is Mandy, btw....Friday and Saturday I was Kagome and Sunday I was Kuu from Haibane...I was with Miyabi? Yeah....*that* girl.

Bobbi and Josh: You guys kicked *so* much ass. I love you guys!! It was so great meeting you and hanging out...and thanks again for the ramen cup.

Galaxy Angels: I remember *most* of your names! You guys were really awesome and I was really amazed at all of your costumes. Great work.

The Girl That Cosplayed Rekki: Message me because I *almost* remember your screen name. It was really great meeting you. People like you really made my first con enjoyable....thanks for being so cool! By the way, I was amazed....you look like you crawled right out of Haibane. Great job!

Rameana: Sorry I scared you in the parking lot. It was great running around with you!

Anyone else I forgot: Message me and I'll apologize. I'm nicer than I acted Friday night, I swear!
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Yah shoutouts!!!

...hmm..lets see...

KonekoMiyabi, Rameana, Melchior - It was really nice meeting all of you for the first time. I enjoyed the picture-taking and random small talk too.

CardCaptor Will - yes, men CAN look good in pink. Your skit was hilarious!

Chibik3ro - I know Ive seen you on these forums, but probably havent talked to you much, cant remember, but I enjoyed making small talk with ya anyways, even though I had some troubles understanding you with those teeth in... So sorry =(

Mr. McNeil - You STILL owe me an autograph! "Come back here!" lol [mumbles]"stupid fangirls in the way" but thanks for the hug, the pictures, and the random humor.

The-Real-Link - I hope I got this s/n right, but I enjoyed getting pix taken with you. Your shield kicks so much a$$, but seriously, you must have a backache by now. o.O

EBK - thanks so much for getting those pictures taken, although I was really tired earlier today.

ArsenalFierce - thanks again for the GG pictures, and for answering my fabric questions,lol.

Im sure there are plenty more people who's names I have forgotten, but here's my shoutout to whoever you are.
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Anne Packrat
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Hmph, no Penguin love. Well, thppt! The Religious guys liked me. Well, one tried to convert me, but he gave up after I gave him short answers. Or maybe he took pity on the fact that I was dying of heat in six yards of flannel.

A lot of the kids were like "Are you a penguin?" and I said yes I was from a comic book called Tuxedo Gin. They asked me what it was about and I said it was about a guy who is reincarnated as a penguin who beats up people who threaten his girlfriend/owner. "Really?" they replied, "That is so cool!"

One group of religious teenagers were so overjoyed I was a penguin that they took several pictures of me. ^_-

To Sexy Nyo: Glad you all got home safe. We gotta do FFX cosplay group guys!

To Tracey, FF kid cosplayers, Little Boba Fett: You guys are the cutest costumers ever!

To Koneko Miyabi/friend (sorry don't remember the name): Great to meet you, sorry I had to miss cake.

Rameana: Happy B-day. Enjoy your sexy sword.

Cedric: Great seeing you again too, bud.

The Cleveland Yuna with her dad: Great job, come cosplay at our Cleveland groups!

To the newbie cosplayers who asked me questions: You got your feet wet now, so keep trying hard.

To everyone who knew I was Gin: You all rock hard.

To everyone who thought I was Pen Pen: Close, but no cigar.

To everyone who thought I was Tux, the Linux Penguin: No! Bad!

To the girl from the religious convention who seriously thought I was Penguin from the Batman cartoon: You were so out in left field you can't even see the batter.

To Shippo87: You're very cheery aren't you? ^_-

To Katamari girl: Keep on rolling! "I want to loll you up into my rife....."
Anne Packrat
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Lady Lupin
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My shoutout goes to everyone who applauded for me during the cosplay masquerade. I was Lupin III. XD
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~Bunny Cookie~
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^_^ Ohayocon 2005 was sooooo much fun!! While the "Jesuscon" people were a bit rude, I was thoroughly amused by their reactions to costumes! One lady stopped to ask my friends and I what was going on and when we told her we were from Final Fantasy 7 and that in the game you are trying to, basically, save the world, she asked something to the effect of "Oh, are you trying to save the world through the gospel?" TEHEHEHEH ^_^;; But I loved Ohayocon! It was soooo amazing and there were SOOO many people there!
I have only a few shoutouts...

To the Selphie who made such sweet comments about my cosplay from last year's Ohayocon: YOU ARE TOOOO CUTE ^_^ You made a wonderful and believable Selphie and I was so excited to have actually met you! Please keep in touch ^_^

To the people next door: Besides the fact that i <3 you all anyway, you taught me the joys of Katamahoochidoo ^_^ I will now lose years of my life on that game...

To the Yuri girls: You were both so sweet and I LOOOOOOOOOOOVED your shirts ^^ So sorry you got harassed by creepie people though o_O

To the girl dressed as Red XIII: I didn't get to talk to you very much but I have never ever seen a Red XIII cosplay and I loooooved yours! Too cute!

^_^ I loved Ohayocon 2005 and I hope everybody had just as much fun as I did ^_^

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Hey everyone I returned from the Dead. lol!!

I was not out and about as much as I wanted since I only ha 4hrs of sleep in 72hrs (Thursday morning till Sat morning 3:45am) I wanted to go to the dance badly but I was exhasted from standing all night (Cosplay: waiting to go on stage and then watching the skits.. STANDING in not so comfortable shoes).. so I'm sorry.


I had a great time. I will be back for this Con on Jan 6-8th 2006!!!!!!!!
It was so wonderful meeting everyone!!!

R1kku: You are so awesome!! I love those contacts, and you Jorumaru is kick @$$. lol.
I wish we could have talked more.. but it was great meeting you.

darkdjinn: Hey man we are gonna blow them away come next Con we go to. Sorry that we did not do the skit, I was so tired.. and it just felt like everything was going wrong at once (another story lol) but thanks.. it was awesome to get to see you!!!!! But we are gonna do a skit. So everyone wtch out!!!!

Koneko Miyabi and SakkaRosette: I luv you two!!! It was the best hanging out with you two Friday!!!! We need to take this Inuyasha show on the road!!! lol. every 30 seconds.. I'm tell'in u. Sorry we could not party on Friday.. my exhaustion was really bad.. but I tried not to show it.

Sexay Nyo: I hope I was on good behavior.. because I was very tired the whole con.. that 30+ hrs.. no sleep (zero) took next to everything out of me. I always enjoy being with u all!!!! And Sexay Nyo needs to do one big HUGE cosplay together!!!!

Eurobeat King: YAY!! I loved meeting you, you knew my character was Jajuka!!!! *hug*

Admin: Thanks for putting up with my falling apat costume. lol. I know the pics came out great though. Thank you so much!! Cool guy! ^_^

Shippo87: YAY!!!! *hugs* we got to meet!!! lol.. we picked each other out in the crowd of people!! You are so awesome!!!!

Kouga fans kids: I LOVE U!!!!!!! I want to take you everywhere with me!!!!! OMG!! You mad this whole con so worth it for me!!! I hope to see you all again!!! And keep watching the Show!!! ^_^

To ANYONE that knew I was JAJUKA: I LOVE U!!!!! I thought no one would remember him!!! Thank you!!!!!! I was having so many problems with that costume.. but you all helped keep my spirits up!! Thanks!!

I did have a blast.. though I think I signed up for too much stuff that in the end I could not make... which I hate.. but still I love this Con with a passion!
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Rameana: Yeah, I'm sorry you were so tired. I felt so bad for you! I was just pissed cause we didn't all get to drink together....;-)

Anne Packrat: Hey, I was that quiet friend of Koneko Miyabi. Great work on your penguin costume, btw....I just did *not* envy you...that looked so unbearably hot.

And finally Bobbi: Congrats on winning SakkaRosette's Totally Kickass Person of the Month award for January 2005! See your private messages for the link. :-D
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