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Lady Olivia
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Wearing the same Cosplay 2 days in a row?

Hi Everyone!

Are there any tips people would be willing to share about keeping your costume
fresh for wearing it 2 days in a row? I usually wear a costume one day only, but
I bought a nicer costume and would like to get more use out of it. The base of the
costume is a spandex bodysuit.

Thanks in advance
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~If you have access to a washing machine, (like you're commuting from home, not in a hotel room) wash it if you want.
~Also, if it's wrinkled, use the iron on it. Lots of hotel rooms have irons and ironing boards, so this can be done at home or at the con. (But on a very low setting!)
~Take a shower. It'll keep you smelling good.
~Use some gentle (not AXE) body spray on the suit.
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Princess of Heart
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I usually wear the same cosplay for all 3 days of the con (next year is the first time ever that I'm not) and it's pretty simple. Basic hygiene is a huge factor. Shower each day that you wear it (if your body isn't sweaty/grimy your costume will be cleaner for longer) and wear deodorant so you won't sweat as much. Wash it if you can (throw it in the washing machine but if you can't, hand wash it and hang it up to dry) or lightly spray some Febreeze on it (they don't lie when they say it removes bad odors). If it isn't raining, you can hang it up outside or near a window to air it out. Hope I helped
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beer + costumes
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The above tips are great, also if you can fit any kind of undershirt under if, wear one and replace with a fresh one each day.

If you are over 21 or will be staying with someone over 21, cheap ass vodka in a spray bottle can help neutralize stank. To a lesser extent hanging it up in the bathroom while you take a long, hot, steamy shower can also help neutralize stank.
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Originally Posted by Randommerade View Post
Wash it if you can (throw it in the washing machine but if you can't, hand wash it and hang it up to dry) or lightly spray some Febreeze on it (they don't lie when they say it removes bad odors).
^^^Agree with this^^^. My undersuit is one of those spandex/polyester morphsuits and hand washing it does the trick when at a hotel. Except I only lightly hand wash it or "pat" the suit in a cold bath. Then hang it out to dry overnight and it's ready the next day. If you want your spandex suit to retain maximum shape and durability you should always hand wash and air dry.
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Ron Jr
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I have multiple under armor suits as well as two leather suits for my Vader so for most cons I am good but for a three day I would air out or tumble dry (cold air) the first used set of leathers.
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