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Unread 12-02-2014, 11:37 PM   #1
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How does your family react to your cosplaying?

Luckily I have some family members who support and compliment me on my cosplays, where it be giving me fabric, helping me sew, or even taking pictures for me. My Grandma and my Dad especially and sometimes my older sister. However not everyone sees it the same way, my grandpa thinks it's a waste of money and time to make costumes and go to conventions and my twin sister gets really embarrassed by it. My brother is a little indifferent and doesn't really have an opinion on the matter though. So I was just wondering what kinds of support or even discouragement you all out there get from family members too?
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Hmmm... well my Dad is just kind of passive about it, not crazy about it but accepts it. My mom is a seamstress so she will help me with sewing when I need it, though she still doesn't quite understand why i want to walk around with glittery fairy wings. They both don't really understand why I would spend so much money on it. My sister is a socialite so she kind of calls me a nerd and shakes her head but she's pretty cool about it. My brother watched some anime, so he kind of gets it he just doesn't really understand the dressing up. The only person who is really bad about it is my moms boyfriend, he lives with my mom and he's just really judgmental on anyone whose different, so generally I just try not to talk about it around him because he will start trying to argue and just kind of act like he's better than me.... My step mom and step siblings I'm not sure if they even know but hey... it happens.

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My brother and I both cosplay. My mom's mostly mad that he hasn't taken up sewing so he'd stop asking me or her to sew his cosplays.
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Unread 12-02-2014, 11:50 PM   #4
Milky Bubbles
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My mom has always seemed very accepting of what I do.
Though, this upcoming May is gonna be the real test to how she feels about what I'm doing since it will be my first time legitimately cosplaying.
Though, she has always attended the conventions with me and happily tagged along to hold whatever random stuff I needed her to hold on to.
No one else in my family really knows about my habit outside of my boyfriend and he's totally for it and actually wants to be my "cosplay buddy" which I am a-okay with.
I ask other family members like my aunt about taking measurements and things and she absolutely loves helping me with whatever I may need...but me cosplaying is a total secret, ha ha.

I don't really plan on "coming out of my cosplay closet" with any of my family outside of those who know, honestly. I feel that those outside of the few that know would look at me like I was an idiot which I would be okay with because I do with my hobbies as I please but I'd really rather not allow that seed to be sown.
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Unread 12-02-2014, 11:53 PM   #5
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My whole family is ridiculously supportive. My mom doesn't get it, but she's happy so long as I am, and loves my costumes- she even helps me sew or gives me advice on what to do sometimes. And my dad is where I get my nerd from - if he could, he'd cosplay with me. XD My sister and cousins don't cosplay, but they're huge geeks in their own rights, and my little niece loves seeing me in costume. I didn't expect, however, that my grandparents would be so supportive. When I was in full white face and elf ears, we passed by their house and I remember really wishing not to be there because I thought they would react negatively - they're old Cuban folks, I expected them to claim Satanism if they saw me like that - instead they fawned over me. I guess they don't mind since it was stuff I all made and embroidered myself. XD So my family is extremely supportive, and I'm really happy that I'm so lucky to have them. X3
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my mother and my grandmother usually praise my sister for all the hard work shes done on our costumes...... even though we each made our costumes entirely on our own
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Unread 12-03-2014, 12:10 AM   #7
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My family thinks it's stupid and that there's something mentally wrong with me. I got accused of being gay for a while because of it, too. Fortunately we've come to a bit of a truce where I don't mention cosplay and they don't ask.
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Unread 12-03-2014, 01:10 AM   #8
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There's a few answers for me..
My parents don't care..I'm an adult I can do whatever I want..So they think "If I tell him I don't like it, what's it matter..It's not hurting anyone" so they help me find items for cosplay and will buy fabric when I need some and am broke.

My brothers and their friends think it's pretty kool. One friend we all have that is close like family actually HAS cosplayed before so..And him and my full blood brother both love cosplayers and support them fully, including my own.

My neices on the other hand..Holy crap..They are so starry eyed when it comes to talking about my cosplays..It's like a whole new universe full of awesomeness and sparkles for them.
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My mom's no geek, but she taught me to sew and as a tradesperson loves to see what I can make (because now, I sew better than her!). Dad thinks it's a ridiculous amount of money, BUT also likes seeing my creations and actually having a social life. That said, cosplay also led me to saving up and enrolling in fashion school (hoping on being a professional stage/screen costume designer someday) and a beginning job in AA crafting and commissions (heck, I'm officially registering as a business in the new year, even), so now that costume making/sewing is a skill set that brings me some income they're a lot more supportive than they used to be. Mom actually paid for a new serger for me and some of my AA setup items I needed, and my dress form a few years ago. Though since I was always an artsy kid and usually paid things with my own money, they never rightout condemned it.
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There is a vibe here that says "We're in this together! Through thick and thin fabric! Through cold water washes and burning hot irons! Though we might super glue ourselves to our projects, cut holes/gashes/oh-god-mom's-gonna-kill-me into the dining room table, we will stand strong together. Unless there is a 75% off sale at the Fabric store. Then you're on your own. And get the hell out of my way." <3
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I want to say that my parents are supportive, and just OKAY with it. I mean, I'm my own person so as long as I don't ask them for money for it they're good. I do know that my dad finds the costumes interesting and likes seeing a well-made cosplay and can recognize how much hard work the cosplayer put into it. I am STILL trying to see if I can get him to come to a con with me one day. His first experience was walking into the hotel and seeing a guy in a sailor uniform and I'm pretty sure the character was from a boy's love series.
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Unread 12-03-2014, 02:47 AM   #11
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Well as my mom put it: "He's not out drinking and doing drugs. Keeping out of trouble and he's with good friends who are old enough not to do stupid stuff" But seriously though it started off as my mom being passive about it. Then I started getting pretty good at it and now my mom is pretty proud and happy for me I'm able to do cool stuff like this. The rest of the family is the same way. They don't really care, they probably think it's weird but eh oh well.
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I consider my family super-supportive of my hobby. My mum has always liked the idea (because she loved to dress up for carnival herself) and despite being sceptical of what I plan to make, she really admires the effort I put into it and is really proud. She always asks me to send her some photos ASAP
My grandma is extremely proud as well. She used to be a seamstress and is really happy that I started sewing myself. She often helps me out if I have a problem and is always looking forward to see my costume when I come home.
My dad is not as excited about it, but thinks it's an interesting hobby and sometimes even keeps an eye on TV reports of conventions, hoping he might see me
My brother also likes it, as do most of my other family members.

As for my friends, they all think it's cool and some of them even cosplay together with me, though not all of them keep it up. But most of them feel like at least giving it a try ^^
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My family's pretty accepting, they're really open-minded people. My dad has come along to the last couple cons with me, partly because finding another adult to go along was proving a bit difficult, and I think he enjoys himself. My mom doesn't really get it, but she's supportive and will help me find stuff. She had a few stereotypes in her head before we really talked about it, but I think I proved to her that it's different than she assumed. She also knows that I have to have an outlet for creativity, and this is a perfect one. My siblings are really fascinated by it all, my sister can't wait to do her first cosplay and she helps me with mine. My mom hasn't approved of her going to a con just yet, but I think she will soon. My brother's 6, so he doesn't understand a whole lot, but he really likes seeing the costume pieces I make and has dreams of making his own Power Ranger costume.
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Well, my mom is pretty open minded, but me crossplaying the first time did seem to surprise her, but shes supportive about it and even helps me with the wigs (shes a barber) by cutting and styling them, but last time we talked about my crossplay with one of her coworkers she for some reason implied that i was homosexual, just because of crossplaying a character, who in fact is a guy who just transforms into a girl (i cosplayed the girl version), and has a whole harem of girls, one of which is lesbian. She obviously doesnt know the backstory, still bit of a leap.

Other than that a handful people around me know about it. The friends that do know are pretty okay with it, though they still dont get the fuss about it or why i dress up as a girl.
One day , when I came home from Gamescom in my entire costume, i met my neighbor practically on the doorstep as i was searching for my keys. Suffice to say, back then I was at best neutral with him, since thanks to drugging he had 3 working brain cells left, and by now reduced it to 2. So, first thing he did was flip my skirt up and look under it. I swear to god, next time anything like this happens i cannot take responsibility for what my foot does to his face. Even if Im a guy, I dont like that stuff any more than a girl would.
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As an adult, none of my family care any more, because I'm working 40+ hours a week and paying my bills, so its whatever. But when I was first starting out, as a teen, it was a bit different. My mom and aunt were / are quilters, so they were all for my getting into sewing of any kind and were very supportive of it.

My dad, on the other hand, was very much against it at first. But after competing and winning at a convention in 2006, he was all "Wait, this can be a competitive thing? Girl, we gotta get you some better equipment, holy crap!" and did a complete turn around in supportiveness (my dad is very competitive lol).

Now everyone in the family loves it, especially when Halloween-time nears XD
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