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Unread 02-08-2016, 04:21 PM   #1
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Dorm Cosplay

So next fall I'm going to move into a dorm for school. As this is a school dorm I'm probably going to end up with sharing it with another person (or two).

For cosplays who are currently living in a dorm what supplies do you have in college, when do you work on your costumes, and what does your roommate say?

Any other advice for cosplaying while living in a dorm would be helpful.
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First off looking to see if your school has a cosplay group is good. If you need to use a sewing machine, I'd hold off until the weekend where less people will be on campus and make sure your roommates are fine with it if they're staying as well and if you need to use it on a weekday, be mindful of quiet hours and try to do it in the middle of the day if you have a break. Do as much hand sewing as you can since it won't disturb anyone. If you need to do anything outside that needs to dry (like spray paint), depending on how your school is set up, ask someone with an apartment if you can let it dry on their balcony. If you need a lot of space to cut out fabric or something, there's nothing wrong with going to a common room. Just make sure it's not during a time when it'll be busy. Once a month, my dorm had an open mic in the basement. This would be an example of a bad time. And always, always, always make sure you clean up after yourself as soon as you're done, wherever you're working.

In terms of what to bring, if you can't store it away easily, don't bring it. I would have my sewing machine in a hard case along with a box for my sewing accessories. If you want to work on props, I would also have another box for a heat gun, different grits of sand paper, craft knives, and a final box for acrylic paint, a palette, and some brushes. I'd store all of these things under my bed. As you're picking things to work on, make sure you can safely store away your pieces as well. Clothes can go in your closet easily. But things like props, you might want to thing about. You never know who will be in your room and if something is in progress or fragile, you want to make sure no one will touch it.
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I lived in a dorm when I was in college but wasn't a cosplayer at the time. However, I can tell you that your life will be infinitely easier if you're an art major, or at least taking some relevant classes. With the classes I was taking I had access to plenty of rooms that had vents, or spaces for painting or general work, or even fabrication down in the basement. And since I was a BFA I eventually had my own studio where I could store things that may haven't had been easy or safe to store in the dorm.

I wouldn't recommend string anything bigger than an X-acto or box cutter in your dorm as far as blades go. You wouldn't want to get in trouble for it or have it fall into someone else's hands and be misused. Honestly I wouldn't keep anything more than a sewing machine if I could help it. You wouldn't want someone trying to use your heat gun for a hairdryer, it seems like a lot of potential for accidents.

I agree with looking for clubs. If you're in an official club you may get access to areas you normally wouldn't (like if you aren't fine arts or fashion but maybe they use the building) without having the be that major or take the classes. Plus it gives you an opportunity to meet people with similar interests in your first year, which is great. And even if you can't find a "cosplay" club, look for "fashion," "costuming," "theater," or similar hobbies that you could probably fit into. Even a general "art" club might be fine if that's the best they can offer.

Honestly I wouldn't stress too much about cosplaying while in the dorm, as your focus should be on your classes and enjoying your time there anyway. So don't sweat it if you end up not being able to make as elaborate stuff as you're used to, or have to leave your fancy tools at home with your parents.
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When I was in a dorm, I had my own room so I didn't have to worry about anyone else getting into my stuff. I only worked on stuff that I could do by hand/simple things. I didn't have room for my machine. I traveled home a lot though so I was able to use my machine over the weekends.

I've kept spray paint in my room with no problem but like mentioned before, I wouldn't have anything that an artist would have. Someone in my dorm hall got in trouble for having a knife(I assume it wasn't a kitchen knife but more of a dagger knife)
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