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Unread 08-07-2005, 12:51 PM   #16
Grandma Cosplayer
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Weirdly enough I'm actually a cheerleader. XD And like a lot of my fellow otaku, a theatre/radio/tv person as well.

I'm usually failry pop-punky in terms of style but I like making my own t-shirts, purses, etc just to stand out a TAD. I'm (overly) friendly so I have a really wide group of friends but only a few close ones. My friends DEFINITELY aren't the ones who care to understand cosplay but my best friend is my cosplay partner so she stands beside me as I try for the millionth time to explain it to them. I'm pretty dang energetic and giggly and such and the characters I cosplay usually reflect that ^ ^

I just finished high school and have been working at a daycamp and am going to DePaul University starting in September. And I like ketchup. RAWR!

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Unread 08-07-2005, 03:27 PM   #17
Registered User
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I'm probably the class geek. Emo glasses and speaking up in class all the time. Out of class I tend to dress similarly to Abby from NCIS.

I'm also usually pretty shy, but warm of one I get talking or have been given sugar/caffeine. I hang out in bookstores or hunt for cheap clothes at target/Ross/etc. and you'll hardly ever find me without my camera because I'm looking for the one perfect shot.

So, I suppose I look like a drama nerd and talk like a geek, but you get a different impression once you actualy get to know me. then you realize I'm a social science/anthropology/photography nerd. ^.^
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Unread 08-07-2005, 03:45 PM   #18
Ragnacrack Cosplay Addict
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a mommy and a soldier
Alabama Cosplay/Costuming Events Calendar Please email ciarathallya@gmail.com to add an event
Do it because you want to push the limit of your creativity beyond what you're currently settling for. People win awards for creativity, hard work and dedication. ~ CreativeGuy
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Unread 08-07-2005, 03:48 PM   #19
Yuka Kawai
Materia Hunter
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I'm about to start my senior year of college but that'll be in Japan...however up until now my social groups have pretty much consisted of my roommates and who we lived around in freshman and sophomore year and then last year I joined a pre-law frat so I have friends from that, plus I was in chamber choir every year so I had friends in that. And obviously friends in my major (Japanese) and minor (music) classes. In high school I was friends with people in almost every group so I can't really say I belonged to any one group, although I was a music geek - in marching band, select choirs and the musical. I had one best friend at my school and one best friend that went to a different school I had met through ballet.

Right now I mainly wear lots of cute skirts in pink and turquoise! I love cute heels too, and flip flops in the summer.

I still have my two best friends that I mentioned above and have kept in touch with almost all of the close friends from high school and college, and I am seeing someone but it isn't serious since I am leaving for Japan in a little over a week. :\

Oh yeah and I'm the smartass in class that shouts out comments, but I still manage to get good grades. But I'm not a smartass in Japanese, I work really hard. And in my world politics class sophomore year because the teacher looked like michael J. Fox.
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Unread 08-07-2005, 04:05 PM   #20
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I'm usually working as a librarian.

I dress professionally and comfortably. Kind of preppy style- I like Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy and Ann Taylor Loft a lot. I usually wear Dr. Martens Mary Janes with socks. That's pretty much how I look like.

In the spare time I have after working, exercising, and taking care of other needs, I like to go to anime related activities, librarianship organization socials (whether from school, work, or ALA), and Young Adult Ministry activities. So those are the groups of friends I hang out with.

Yup, I'm another one of those who like both science and art.
I think, therefore I am.
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Unread 08-07-2005, 04:37 PM   #21
Formerly OokamiTsuki
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Ah... this'll be interesting. I'm pretty much the same in and out of cosplay. Very shy, very introverted. I can usually be found with my nose in a book or hiding behind my PSP. I spend quite a bit of time on the computer, actually. I can be classified as a gamer geek/otaku. I'm also into RPG's. The funny thing is I'm a blonde-haired, blue-eyed So Cal girl that never goes to the beach...

As far as my friends go... Most of my friends are geeks like me. My best friend is actually very social and un-geeky... She was class president in 8th grade last year. She's also very athletic. We're complete opposites, but best friends at the same time. I tend to be her right-hand-man kind of... I let her take the lead in most things and just kind of follow her as the back-up in case something goes wrong, to put it in terms of an FPS or RPG.

As far as hobbies go, once again I like to read. I also spend a lot of time playing video games. I horseback ride once a week, and I've been helping my trainer with a pony camp over the summer. I love animals, especially dogs, horses, and birds. I have a beagle/springer spaniel mix who is the love of my life, a canary, a peach-faced lovebird, and three Pekin ducks. I play guitar (not very well...) and am sickly obssessed with the Beatles! I also like the Eagles, the Stones, and a few other classic bands.

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Unread 08-07-2005, 04:54 PM   #22
Stupid Sexy Kotetsu
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...I really can't fit myself into any specific category. I'm a loner, but not the "lookee me, I'm an angsty outcast" type, nor am I shy. I just prefer solitary activities. I'm almost nerdy, but I've got muscles and I don't read so much anymore as I just write. I also draw and play video games. My social interaction consists mostly of either role-playing online and work, but my behavior at work pretty much proves I'm not shy or self-conscious around strangers or anything. And heck, I have over 200 people on my friends list on LJ - and I don't know why, because I don't really do anything except work and do stupid fannish things like fanfic and cosplay for my own amusement... and post pics of my cute bunny. Wait, that explains everything.

As far as how I dress... jeans and a t-shirt/turtleneck depending on the time of year. Whatever's comfortable. Or on special occasions, I find something crazy at a thrift store (for example, a horribly ugly shiny yellow leopard-print blouse) and put an outfit together around that.)

*shrugs* I am what I am. Eccentric, probably, but who cares? I think that little bits of my personality are in every character I cosplay (which is why I can't cosplay a character I don't know) and I just play those bits up. So if you put all my characters together, maybe you'd have something resembling my personality... or you'd just have a big mess, or both.
"If people are going to laugh anyway, I want to try to make people laugh, and then laugh myself."
-Emishi Haruki, Get Backers

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Unread 08-07-2005, 05:06 PM   #23
Bad Llama
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I don't really belong in any group. I wear skirts every day, usually with loose socks, thigh highs, knee highs, etc. Almost everyone in my classes know that I like anime, but they think it's cute.
dilly dally shilly shally
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Unread 08-07-2005, 05:27 PM   #24
Go West!
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I'm usually quiet most of the time unless I really want to say something. I'm somewhat shy and prefer to just sit back and observe. My friends say I'm the most mature out of them all. So I'm usually the one watching out or helping them. I'm not in any particular social group. Most of my friends are all punk and stuff like that, I'm not, though. I get along with pretty much everyone who's nice to me/us. I dont have anything against any groups, I hate stereotyping. as for clothes, I really love modern Japanese fashion. Though I'm sure it'll be a while until I can get enough courage to try it out myself. I like fitting shirts with movie logos. I have a few Pirates of the Carribean shirts, Lord of the Rings, Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate factory (my favorite), etc. Besides anime and video games, I enjoy acting in theatre, art, making movies, and watching paranormal shows. I like some historic shows, too, and occasionally the food network xD Out of all of it, I think I enjoy making people laugh the most. My friend says that I can make anything funny, and I guess it's true. I just may be a little too laid-back ^^;
OhayoCon 6 Possibilities: Cho Hakkai from Saiyuki, Hiroshi Nakano from Gravitation, Raquel Casull from Scrapped Princess, Kaldea Orchid from The Bouncer.

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Unread 08-07-2005, 06:21 PM   #25
Registered User
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I dunno, I really dunno.

I like listening to modern jazz, wear mostly jeans and tshirts (either jean pants or shorts when it gets warm).. the shirts tend to be anything (southpole, defjam because they're both companies that make nice big comfy shirts) -- I have a shirt with link on it -- and a bunch of peanuts (snoopy/charlie brown) shirts... and a set of OS X shirts -- and then I have a few jean jackets

I've never been much of an exhibitionist though -- if you didn't know me long enough you'd probably never guess I had a phone with me when I was out, nor an ipod (and then you wouldn't know mine was from the days before ipods even became popular haha)... uh... yeah.. because I don't show my stuff off

I'm not really an "otaku" by far -- jrock/jpop are okay but not my thing, "rock" and "punk" music kinda annoy me, though I've been known to like some rap (the music itself can be really good, though the lyrics are downright disgusting).... it goes hand in hand with some modern jazz lol (sometimes the music feeds off one another).. but anyway..

Yeah, definitely not the otaku thing. lol. I don't believe Hondas have magical powers, nor do I believe toyotas are the most reliable cars in the world..

Friends I've had in the past were from just about any "clique" -- didn't really pay much attention though I had a long time friend up till HS that slowly became a "ghetto kid" or whatever, his friends were cool with me hanging around but I got bored fast so I'd just do nothing -- I had a few other friends for about the same amount of time -- funny thing about them was I never knew them outside of school LOL (except that one best one).. oh well.

Right now I'm pretty much "on my own" as far as all that goes, I haven't heard from that friend of mine in almost a year, told my other friend off because he was devious as heck (every conversation turned into a "game" and he always "won") -- he was always "right" and the "rational" person while my decisions/choices were always frowned upon by him -- that stuff got damn annoying. >_> well anyway! I did meet some people in college, but it was always right near the end of the semester so I never got to talk to them afterward

So I'll be a computer science/architecture major at UNLV
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Unread 08-07-2005, 07:08 PM   #26
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This is a neat thread. I'm seeing alot of interesting people in here. Definat;ey people I'd hang out with at a con.

As for me, out of cosplay (and itchy wigs) I have "dirty blonde" hair down to my ass, ^_^
I wear guys clothes (baggy shorts and the like, I rarely wear skirts). I like to draw, sing, and walk (I love walking around town, though I always have a destination so I'm not walking aimlessly). I am never "really" out of cosplay fandome, cause I'm either working on a costume or I'm here on cosplay.com talking to people like me who are passionate about conventions and planning stuff.
I have a small, close group of friends, whom share the same love of anime and cosplay as me.
I'm pretty "wacky" personality wise, I'll blame that on being an Aquarius. Currently, I have a job as a cook at a pizzeria. I still love pizza after working there for almost a year, believe it or not. ^^
My life basicly almost always is revolves around anime/gaming/fandom. I plan to be an anime artist or manga-ka. I graduated High School, which is good, I never liked school, its good to be out.

I feel like I'm babbling so I'll stop now. ^^ Mwa!
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Unread 08-07-2005, 07:37 PM   #27
How Much Longer Until CN?
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wat kind of person are you: Um.. thatís a difficult question to answer. I change with my moods, and the setting. At work Iím very laid back, but also really mature. Iím probably more mature at work than at any other time. With friends Iím like a 4 year old, running around hyper excited like a kid whoís had too much candy. With my family, Iím the wild one, whoís always got the most insane ideas, and stories to tell. All my aunts tell my baby cousins ďdonít fallow Daniís example!!Ē haha! With my boyfriend IímÖ. letís just skip that one and move on shall we?

wat social group are u: Social group? I donít really believe in social groups. So long as youíre nice, I can love anybody. Iíd never look at someone and say like, ďOh look at her. I donít associate with people like that!Ē Iíve got friends who are still in high school, to friends who have grandchildren! All ages, all races, all religions, sexual preference, none of this matters to me. So long as youíre nice, youíre ok by me!

what clothes do u wear: I wear pretty much anything. One day Iím super formal, the next I could be going shopping my jammies. One day I could be very sophisticated business woman, then next Iím all rocker, or Goth styles. I even wear clothes that arenít even my culture! Iím Italian, but for my high school prom, I wore a red silk Chinese wedding dress, with gold dragons embroidered all over it! And sometimes Iíll put on a casual Sari, just for fun. I wore that to College a few times. And Iíll defiantly use any excuse to go out in cosplay.

Iíd have to call myself a pretty hardcore anime/cosplay fan. I dunno if I could roll with the big dogs, but I do love it all so much. I donít have just one single genre of music that I only listen to, I listen to a very wide variety, but one of my favorites is singing along to the Japanese theme songs from my favorite anime. I just love to memorize the words, and sing along. It always gets such a cute reaction from people! Haha!

Iíve got a lot of friends (more than I care to count) but thatís actually not the best thing in the world, because it makes it difficult when planning get together (U can never find a day when EVERYONE is available) and it gets hard to get really close to one person in particular when there are so many people who want your attention.
I guess Iíd have to say that my boyfriend is my best friend Ė by far.

As for hobbies, I love to cosplay, thatís my biggest hobby right now. Really looking forward to CNAnime.

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Unread 08-07-2005, 08:54 PM   #28
squ33k t0y
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hmmm o.o

well in and out of cosplay i am a very hyper person XD buuut during class for the most part i'm pretty quiet unless i'm with my good friends, then you can't get me to shut up XP lets seeeee i'm going into 10th grade and sense we have to wear uniforms i usually wear baggy Japanese style knee socks and lots and lotsa of those plastic bracelets and always some sort of choker o.o ummm i think i would say i hang out with two different types of groups =P my anime/game friends annnnd my friends who i guess you can lable "punk/goths" o.o ummmmmmmmmmm...o.o

out of school!! i'm learning how to play bass guitar ^^ i loooove music o.o techno and rock for the most part ^^ (j-rock and j-pop too =D) i love to draw and hang out with my friends. i play DDR at home and at the arcade a lot ^^ i live at the mall o.o i'm on the internet a lot too ^^;;; annnd my clothing style? lets see!! for the most part i get all my clothes from Hot Topic and Pac Sun, and then a lot of the time i go out in public in Harajuku style clothes!! XDDD it's fun to watch people stair at me o.o

umm...i think that's about it? o.o
Katsucon // Otakon // ???

Cosplay/Art Tumblr
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Love Me~
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...when I'm not cosplaying...

-well my luv for j-rock is pretty much the influence for my taste in clothing >XD! I used to be mostly into anime-but now that's kinda of my side thing-with the exception of Naruto (which I used to hate, but now luv)- I live off my j-rock and occasionaly manga (Model +_+)- I'm almost positive I have partial short term memory and have multiple personalitys >XD- although thats prolly from lack of attention spand and bored-ness---not sure which social group I would fall into, as said, I don't really pay attention- I do luv to voice act though, perhaps someday i'll make it a side job, sence I don't think they make a great deal of money-

--overall, I like to make my life as big of a hazard as possable...-
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Unread 08-07-2005, 09:17 PM   #30
The cake is a lie
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Well, out of cosplay I'm just a average person doesn't really have much friends that I hang with.

I normally play a lot of video games, watches anime, collects CDs and shitajikis among other game/anime stuff. I like listening to T.M. Revolution and Kimeru, and really isn't someone you would notice out of a crowd.

Okay, and myabe I'm just a tad antisocial.

My Cosplay Selling Thread: http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=310791

My Wig Selling Thread: http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?p=4653915

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