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Unread 08-17-2005, 09:17 AM   #1
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new to AUSA

So anyways, i was just wondering, whats there to do at AUSA? I've never been there before and i'm just wondering what else is there to do instead of just walking around and taking photos?
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Unread 08-17-2005, 10:29 AM   #2
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There honestly is not too much to do. They have a gameroom that is pretty decent usually in the bar area, a big masquerade of course, some panels, a movie room, video rooms, etc. When I went last year I found most stuff to be lacking. The concert is probably the main attraction. Last year was camino who some people really like. I was not very impressed but this year is MOVE. I am only going friday night-sat to see them and book out midnight saturday. It is a rather small convention. I also recommend a swimsuit since the pool is fairly large.
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Unread 08-17-2005, 12:24 PM   #3
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I really like Anime USA because it's so small. There are less lines, crowds, and the people are so very friendley! It's got nothing special going for it, so I think of it as being a newbie con. It was my first convention and did a very good job doing just that. The game room last year was really fun. It was where I got my first taste of Katamari Damacy, and this year they'll have not one, but two DDR arcade mahcines!
I like the dealer's room. Katsucon's was bigger and I have yet to see Otakon's, but I thought at Katsucon that the content really was repeated over and over. The dealer's room is a bit small, but has all your basic con-things. Wall scrolls, plushies, poky and ramune, bags, figurines, (I don't remember seeing any yaoi doujinshi like at Katsucon, but that doesn't concern me... O_o)

To sum it up, it's not a big con, it's a nice, cozy little con. I don't think it's worth a road trip, though. (One of the main reasons I like it is it's only 20 minutes from my house...) But if you're in the area, I highly reccomend you check it out.
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Unread 08-17-2005, 05:32 PM   #4
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I loved AUSA. It was the very first con I went to (in 2003) and this'll be my second time going. (we couldn't make it last year >.<). I live in NJ, so, even though its a nice small con, I'm attatched to it. Which is why my friends and I are willing to spend 4 hours in a car to go XDD. I really like it, like bag0k said, because it's small. It's a nice cozy atmosphere, and I had a lot of fun the first time I went...can't wait for this time, either. n_n.
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Unread 08-18-2005, 03:07 PM   #5
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Yeah im a newbie Cosplayer, this is my first con, and my friend is coming with me it's gonna be about 8 Hrs for me since i live in the upstate of South Carolina, i have a other friend who has been to a lot of cons in this day, and he said for a newbie cosplayer to go to AUSA so me and my friend are going to it later this year.
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Unread 08-24-2005, 10:04 PM   #6
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If I go, it'll be my first formal Anime USA. Last year I only stayed 5 hours.

From what I saw last year, not much. Much like a lot of smaller cons, MAKE FUN!
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Unread 08-24-2005, 10:21 PM   #7
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AUSA is a smaller con, but they have the perks of a larger con, a band plays, they have awesome guest, nice dealers room (and it improves every year i think). Its not as busy as otakon but its larger then Anime Mid-Atlantic (if that helps at all)
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Unread 08-26-2005, 02:10 PM   #8
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What were the numbers from last year? About how many people?
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Unread 08-26-2005, 08:51 PM   #9
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It's true that there will be times where there isn't a panel you want to go to or an anime you want to see. There is, of course, the manga library if you are interested in that sort of thing. The game room is also another option, but I liked the manga library more since there weren't many people there and it was a nice place to just sit back and read.

Other than that, it's standard con stuff. AMVs, anime showings, panels, gameroom, etc., just not so many at one time.
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Unread 09-01-2005, 05:06 PM   #10
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I'm not really sure what AgentOS expects from an anime convention.

We have the masquerade contest, some video rooms, an AMV room, panels, workshops, video game room (which will be in the bar area, although last year was the first time, so I'm not sure why AgentOS said "usually"), table-top gaming, tournaments for both kinds of gaming, musical concert (this year by Move), a manga library, karaoke, sumo suit wrestling, art show and auction, artist alley, dealers room, autograph session, dance, game shows, and great deals of social interaction. Basically, everything any other convention has and then some.

I usually don't go to any convention-organized events at anime conventions. I might spend a couple minutes at the concert, or go to a panel with some friends, and I sometimes check out the art show, but most of the time I spend socializing. In fact, I usually just go to the art show to socialize with whoever's there (see a cute girl by herself, make a comment to her about some random piece of art, wander off a bit... usually works). A good convention to me is one where, at 1:00am Friday night, I am hanging out with people I didn't know previous to that weekend. Anime USA has a pretty busy schedule, but I find that the overly social environment allows me to accomplish this regardless.

But, if you do go for convention activities, Anime USA is a pretty good con to go to. There's also a good bit of non-convention activities, but they're not in the schedule.
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Unread 09-01-2005, 05:07 PM   #11
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Last year's numbers were over 2300 attendees (number does not include staff, dealers, guests, etc).

This year we are expecting over 3000 attendees.
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Unread 09-05-2005, 01:56 PM   #12
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This will be my first Anime USA as well
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Unread 10-24-2005, 09:16 AM   #13
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05' will be my first AUSA...
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Unread 10-24-2005, 08:04 PM   #14
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my first aUSA aswellllll!! :O its about 2 hrs from me.
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Unread 10-24-2005, 09:32 PM   #15
absolutely! umm..what?
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This will be my first time to AUSA. I just got back from a hotel con (AWA in Atlanta) not too long ago so I'm going to compare. I'm a little bummed that Larissa Wolcott bailed, but I'm sure Caitlin Glass will be a good substitute.
Heh...do I really want to see Greg Ayres for the upteenth time?
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