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Question Help with/tips for: Ayame from Inuyasha anime

Hi. One of the costumes I'm thinking of doing in the future is Ayame from the Inuyasha anime. I plan this to be the first costume I do where the majority of it is made by me and which is a "serious" costume (ie an actual effort to look like the character, as opposed to a couple of my current ideas for parody costumes)... which means it's pretty far in the future for me. Still, I like to plan ahead for stuff like this, because I've learned that if you don't, your costume usually ends up looking like crap.

Soo... I have a few questions regarding it.

1. I saw one site refer to her "necklace"... after Googling her name and finding some better pics, I've discovered that it looks like it's actually a tie made to hold the front of her fur cloak together, it just has a few green stones of some sort on it as decoration. Any suggestions on what to make this out of? I was going to commission it because of my horrible history with jewelry-making, but I think now I'll back out on at least using that for the costume, since it looks like I could just attach it to one or both sides of the cloak... if you can wait a day I can give you links to ALL of the pictures I've gathered so far (I'll upload them to my photobucket account), maybe that would help. But I'm wondering if mere string would be enough, or if metal would be comfortable. :\ Also, what are your suggestions for the stones? I could always make them out of paper mache... personally, I think they'd look prettier as clear crystal type things, but they don't appear to be very "clear" in any of the pics I've found so far, or even too awfully shiny (though this could potentially be chalked up to lazy animators :P)

2. She wears this purple flower in her hair... after Googling her name, I was surprised to find several flower pictures - of a PURPLE FLOWER that looks VERY similar to the one she wears in her hair - in the Google Image results. So obviously, there's a chance her name is shared with a type of flower's. There's a picture HERE that seems pretty good. Does anybody know another name for this flower in English? If so, I may be able to find a fake flower for my hair that matches her's EXACTLY over at Micheal's... or hell, even get a fresh flower, though it'd probably wilt.

Another pic of that kind of flower is HERE

3. The fur. White or light grey fur. Where can I get fake fur that color? Preferably cheap, because I need a LOT of it, on account of needing to learn to work with it AND needing a lot for the costume (her skirt, her leggings, her belt, her bracelets, AND her cloak are ALL made of fur... basically like 90% of the outfit :P), and hopefully easy to work with?

4. How the heck do I handle her top? It's got a (apparently stiff), shiny black part and what appears to be a less-shiny pink or red rim on the top. What the heck do I make that out of without making it REALLY uncomfortable?

5. The shoes. Now that I FIANLLY got ahold of a pic of her that includes the actual feet (not just lower legs), they appear to actually be leggings (up to the knees with tufts of fur folded over) and BARE feet. Any way of getting around the barefoot thing without ruining the effect? Because I have this horrible tendency to step in or on stuff that's gross or painful, and not every place would necessarily take kindly to me being barefoot in the first place.

6. She carries a sword and hilt. Any tips for that that you've foudn useful? Judging from the picture references I have so far, the sword in the hilt is technically shorter than her arm if you count her hand and shoulder as part of the arm, but not by that much. The sword hilt appears to be about one third of the total length of the sword and has what I can only describe as "A hilt that looks like a samurai sword's, only the leather strappy things are pinkish". I want the props and accessories to be as accurate/realistic as possible, though of course, the sword wouldn't need to be... um, and actual sword, just look very close to it (gotta keep in mind all of those "no weapons" policies cons have, after all ~.^). Mostly concerned with the hilt. the strips that wrap around it seem to be the same color as the top band around her bodice, which I take to mean that maybe it's a form of leather. Is there a pinkish/brownish/reddish type leather around? Naturally, especially (I speak in terms of "Do you think the costume in the series actually is supposed to be part-leather", of course. I know leather is waaaay too expensive to work with for this kind of thing. ~_^)? I just kinda have to wonder... :P

Thanks so much for any help you can give me at all!

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Ah, a note: here is a good place to get a bit of info on her character. It includes a picture, which shows the bodice that I'm talking about, the though detail on the cloak's tie thingy is different from most of the other pictures I've seen (they're tinier in this one, and all the same size; most pictures have the middle one as a bit bigger, and they're vaguely claw-shaped instead of looking like slivers). However, the fur is there, the bodice is there, and there's the flower in her hair, though some shots I've seen also show some yellow in the center (whether it's pollen or the flower's natural coloring, I have no idea).

And here you'll find most of the way down the page a couple of cels with Ayame in them, including a good one that shows the necklace, bodice AND flower in good detail.

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Ugh, forgot to mention. The site that had info on the character has a link to the cel gallery for her as well. A larger one. Has some good pics.

And this one even shows that her bodice has straps of some sort...

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I'm pretty sure that the flower is called an Iris - since her name Ayame, means Iris as well.
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Talking My Ayame Costume

I'm working on my own Ayame costume, so here's a few pointers to help you out:

1. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any good beads for her cape. You may have to commission them, or find something close and alter them. For the string, I am planning on using plain dental floss, since it's stronger than thread and more comfortable against skin.

2. The flower is an iris, but I don't know the name of the specific breed/species. Since it is just a purple flower with 3 petals, I think it would just be easier to find a fake plastic flower and paint it.

3. Since faux fur is rather expensive, I thought about using fleece. It has a similar texture, but looks better than white fabric.

4. For the bodice, I found a really cheap tank top that was 100% cotton (no shiny for me). I used a white colored pencil to sketch where the red stripe went, then cut red fabric to fit. After I sewed it on, I used white ribbon for the trim; as well as her headband. If you want the shiny effect, you could sew on dark blue fabric, but it wouldn't be as realistic.

5. Since I am like you and don't like walking around barefoot, I am going to wear neutral-colored sandals (tan or beige). That way, I can take them off for pictures and not step in or on anything. I am going to use medical tape to wrap around my feet so it looks more like the character.

6. I've seen cheap plastic toy swords at Wal*Mart that would work OK. I'm not concerned with accuracy there. I bought red electical tape at a hardware store to wrap around the handle.

I am handsewing the entire costume, and it's pretty labor intensive. The top is only half done, and it took almost 6 hours. I still need the fleece, but so far the costume has only cost me about $20 US.

Reference pics if you need them:
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