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Unread 04-02-2013, 08:11 PM   #1
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where to buy quality costumes?

I'm wondering.... Where can you buy quality costumes online that are reasonably priced? I love cosplay, and so does my wife, but we have absolutely NO sewing talent whatsoever! Any tips or suggestions?
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The cheaper the price, the cheaper the quality. Your best bet is investing some money in a talented commissioner -- buying costumes off of websites will often leave you disappointed and feeling scammed as many steal pictures from Japanese sites or even cosplayers themselves. Unless you feel like importing from Japan (even then, quality can be an issue), a highly reviewed commissioner is who you'll want to buy from.
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EDIT: Just saw the post above me. 100% agree with what is said up there. Beware the overseas cosplay sellers! Also I find that the quality they deliver sometimes is absolutely horrid :P

If you are looking for one of those cosplay-house type websites I'd recommend FanPlusFriend. They seem to be the most dependable and have great quality costumes. CosplayMagic I think has a bit more variety on the costumes available and my friend orders from them all the time. The costumes he has received have been really good quality and fit him nicely. The only thing I'd have to say is, if you are going for a live-action costume, you might want to stay away from those sites because usually the costume accuracy isn't the greatest.

You also have the option of seeking a commissioner. You can check out commissioner's available and reviews here.

I'd personally suggest going with a commissioner if you can manage though. This is because then you will (hopefully) be able to work with your commissioner on which details, material, or extras you want included on the costume. With a commissioner, you have more flexibility with the outcome of your costumes, and you will be able to consult with them on what exactly you want. This route will be more expensive but that is because you are paying for the commissioner's skill and time that they take to make your costume, but this is what makes it worth while in the end.

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It depends on your budget. Define what budget you have and go from there.

Commissioning a talented person to make one for you will be the best quality - but it can be expensive - and the better they are the more they can charge. I would expect to pay over $500 for most costumes, and that won't include wigs and such.

I was quoted $3000 for a costume once, and $800 for a certain jacket. These were fair prices for what they were - however, for something less complicated and going with a less skilled worker would have cost me less.

I didn't buy either of those - I wasn't even looking for a quote, it was just part of a discussion. The fabric alone for that, though, cost me $300 just for one of the materials. So you have to consider the costume itself and how expensive it will be to make + labour - and people who are really good and are doing this for a living are going to be charging ~$30 an hour or more.

I started sewing because I couldn't afford to have someone else make it for me and wasn't willing to put up with poor quality. My Legend of Zelda costume is costing me about $300. Now, if I was gonna charge someone for me to make it, they'd have to pay $300 for those materials plus me for my time. It would probably end up being over $1000 because chainmail takes a long time to make. $700 would cover about one work week - about 35 hours at $20/hr (what I would personally charge), however, I'm thinking the chainmail alone will take me 8+ hours and I'm only making sleeves - so 35 hours for total work might be cutting it close.

I just want to give you an idea of costs and where they are coming from if you decide to commission someone. The fabric itself will be the lower cost between it and labour, usually.

Another example is that a real, professionally made replica for a coat from Doctor Who is going to run you over $1000 for just the coat. It's probably over 40 hours of work and the guy had to develop the pattern himself. Just as one example. There are cheaper mass-produced ones for like, $4-500 and the really cheap ones form China for like, $200-ish. The fabric for the professional replica is probably over $100 alone, though - to give you an idea of the differences in quality of even just the fabric.

I hope that gives you an idea of costs and the choices you will have to make.
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Unread 04-09-2013, 12:18 PM   #5
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I ordered a costume from Milanoo.com and I think it looked good but that's just me.
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I've ordered two costumes from Cosplay House and have no complaints, quality was good and the costumes were pretty accurate as well. I've had them for two years now and ther're still in such good shape that you'd think they were new. I'm hoping that the Miku costume I ordered from them continues to be the good quality that I've gotten from them in the past!
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Cosplay FU has a lot of positive feedback so does FM Anime and Cosmonde from what I've read, so those three seem like good places to check out. I usually buy from cosplaymagic for the most part. Moemall is great as well I ordered from them a few years back and my costume was very well done.
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Unread 04-10-2013, 09:14 AM   #8
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My little sister buys most of her cosplays from cosplay fu, and they have all looked very nice with pretty good quality, what you see in the pictures is what you get.
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