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Unread 02-10-2013, 11:37 PM   #57556
Crossplay is awesome
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Originally Posted by Kell-chan View Post
My group was invited to a con as guest panelists. *0*

I'm so very, very shocked and honored.
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Unread 02-10-2013, 11:43 PM   #57557
I Am Not Sephiroth
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^^ Congrads kell-chan and bacon flavored cosplay!~

So.... I'm flipping out over nothing. Apparently, I just forgot I'm colorblind when it comes to purple and blues. It doesn't usually bother me unless someone asks me to grab something and I pick up the wrong colored object.

...this also explains my thing about my Murasakibara wig. . . gah, how could I forget this!?
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Unread 02-10-2013, 11:44 PM   #57558
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Originally Posted by animejunkie View Post
Thank you! It's a small, local con at a high school. We went last year, and I really liked how eager the attendees were to learn about cosplay. I'd like to hold our "Intro to Crossplay" panel this time. ^_^
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Unread 02-11-2013, 12:26 AM   #57559
Embroidery Enthusiast
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Just around fifteen more hours plus a few hours of boyfriend's electronics work to finish Quorra and Twilight Sparkle in time for Con-G (ten days! Got to be ready in eight!).... and yeah. Max of ten days to do that. @_@ This upcoming weekend will have an eight-hour workday in it on Saturday.
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Originally Posted by Moofingham View Post
There's a vibe here that says "We're in this together!Through thick and thin fabric! Through cold water washes and burning hot irons! Though we might super glue ourselves to our projects, cut holes/gashes/oh-god-mom's-gonna-kill-me into the dining room table, we will stand strong together. Unless there is a 75% off sale at the Fabric store. Then you're on your own. And get the hell out of my way."<3
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Unread 02-11-2013, 12:42 AM   #57560
Human Bubblewrap
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Congrats, BFC!!! When's the con?
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Unread 02-11-2013, 03:40 AM   #57561
S. M. R. T. I mean...
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My wing structure works for gundam wing zero but I don't want to do it at this point of my time in the hobby...

On another thought, maybe I should just do one costume per con.
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Unread 02-11-2013, 05:32 AM   #57562
Sui Kune
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It's so interesting how wildly different body proportions and measurements are from person to person, in completely random ways.

Yesterday was another adventure in fitting for a long-chested, small-backed woman with a small frame and a 36DD chest. I do love my body the way it is and wouldn't trade it for anything, but man is it always interesting when it comes to fitting. XD I had to adjust Sparkle Pipsi's Sailor Fuku bust armor pattern to hug my chest better like with the leotard below it, since otherwise the lycra just "tents" over and around my breasts unflatteringly. Completely and totally worth it though once I sew the final product together (going out of town for the week, picking up more lycra along the way). I'll also see if I need to add a zipper in the back after all; I have enough fleece to cut out both versions (on the fold and two pieces with zipper seam allowance) so yay experiment. I'm very much hoping for no zipper so I can just outright sew the collar in and not deal with collar snaps at all.

I'm also nearly done salvaging the lycra pockets from my shoulder petals. I'm so excited to stuff them with craft foam, just need to remember to not use tiny stitches and possibly loosen up the tension when it comes time to top stitch and then sew them where they need to be sewn to each other. The only machine stitching would be the top stitching at least, but yeah, totally need to test first. If this works the way I hope, I'm totally sharing this method with would-be S Saturn cosplayers.
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Unread 02-11-2013, 11:26 AM   #57563
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Originally Posted by PSY-chan View Post
Congrats, BFC!!! When's the con?
Mid-April. We don't have anything going on that time except prepping for Fanime, so it works out pretty well.
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Unread 02-11-2013, 11:39 AM   #57564
That guy
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Probably a good thing I'm not going to AB, even though I really wanted to. None of my cosplays are going anywhere with all this travelling around.

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Unread 02-11-2013, 01:56 PM   #57565
Make All The Things!
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Checked my bank account and I have more money than I thought I did! Whoooooo. I can order Saber's sandals and be done with her! And buy the skirt for Heroine so I can finally go fabric shopping to make her blouse.
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Originally Posted by .PapercutSenvy.
...You are now dubbed the Persona ninja.

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Unread 02-11-2013, 02:11 PM   #57566
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After this weekend, I am really really close to finishing the first of my costumes. The last big hurdle wil be the crop top Pirate coat that I have planned.

I felt really excited for a moment... And then realized just how much more I still have to do for the other costumes. Fitted business suit, overcoat, fitted evening gown style dress with custom draped bodice. Then the daunting task of making lavender and purple robes look good on my husband.

But, dang it, I will finish these costumes. I can do it.
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Unread 02-11-2013, 02:25 PM   #57567
Wishful Dreamer
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I'm getting beyond frustrated!

I'm waiting on Stocking to come in the mail but the mail center at my University is a joke. They don't notify people when things arrive. I've blown all the money I have on this cosplay and for it to be sitting in mail limbo is just irking me.

I might just walk over to my University's mail room and talk to them.
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Unread 02-11-2013, 04:27 PM   #57568
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Oh my freaking Christ...my mom keeps saying, whenever she sees me looking at cosplay, to "look at something else" because I'm "getting enthralled and obsessed with cosplay" and it's "the only thing you think about is cosplay; you need to think about other stuff"

For goodness sake I WAS JUST LOOKING AT IT. IT DOES NOT MAKE ME OBSESSED OR "ENTHRALLED" IN COSPLAY. I look at cosplay all the time because I love it, but I still think about other things. >> Can't wait till I move out one day....

On a happier note, I made the "sparks" for my Jolteon gijinka out of a white T-shirt. Yay. I'll have to upload the 2 pics sometime.
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Unread 02-11-2013, 06:07 PM   #57569
fear the yiffening
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So I recently bought some minty fabric from Joann for my Flying Mint Bunny, and I was kind of sad because I was only buying a few yards of fabric, and I didn't have a huge shipment I could do so everyone could split the cost (my group of cosplay friends occasionally do group shipments to save money). And then basically the day right after my friend asked me to add a yard of fabric for her BL1ND JUST1C3 cosplay. Timing sucks.

I'm also worried a bit about the FMB jsk, because I plan to sew it as soon as I get the lace and fabric, but this is the first time I sew a complete dress so wish me luck I guess.
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Unread 02-11-2013, 06:09 PM   #57570
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I'm waiting for the paint to dry on one of my cosplays and today I ordered most of the things I need for another of my cosplays. So right now, it's just a bunch of waiting.

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