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Unread 12-16-2010, 10:20 AM   #2806
culture shocked
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Originally Posted by xXxKaitoxXx View Post
Actually, most people steal their pictures from FM-ANIME. They're a very reliable site.
... judging from the user having signed up only to post this, you may have it from FM-ANIME themselves ^^;

Though sending employees to pose as guests on forums without identifying themselves as associates to vouch for their being honest wouldn't say much for their honesty :/
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Unread 12-16-2010, 10:18 PM   #2807
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Unread 12-25-2010, 01:31 AM   #2808
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CosplayHouse Review


Let me just get out of the way first, that after using this site once, I now hate it and everything that spawns from it.

For Youmacon 2010, I cosplayed as Suzumiya Haruhi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. My sister was Asahina Mikuru, and our friend joined us last minute as Nagato Yuki. My original plan was to buy costumes for myself and my sister off CosplayHouse, as well as a wig for me, which I did. I ordered the Haruhi costume and wig, and the maid!Mikuru outfit. Using the sizing chart that the site provided, we decided to get a small for me (I am pretty thin, and usually wear smalls or mediums, but I have big hips), and a large for my sister (she has a much larger bust and hips than I do), spending, in total, about three hundred dollars of the money I had received as a gift for my high school graduation.

Now, here's where you have to pay attention - they took much longer than the site claimed to arrive, and once they did, both of the costumes were way too small. I couldn't even get the skirt on, and my sister's costume fit me, albeit loosely, which is NOT good. We decided to exchange them for one size up each, and to get the combat waitress for my sister instead of the maid, since it states in their return policy that you can exchange for an item of equal value, and not long after I'd bought our costumes, they randomly lowered the prices of pretty much all the Haruhi costumes. By the way, their policy also says that exchanges are twenty bucks for shipping. They made me pay forty because it was two costumes, even though it was in one box. Also, there is a hefty restocking fee.

After waiting yet longer, we finally received the package. My costume finally fit, though it was still a bit snug around the hips. My sister's, however, was a tent - also, I'd like to point out, it was still the maid outfit.

I emailed them a lot through all this, and got horrible service.

To sum up my experience with this site :
1. The prices are not worth what you receive.
2. The sizes are awful. If you ask them, they claim that everything is 'tailor made', but obviously it isn't, because you have to try to figure out your size (in small, medium, large, etc.) by using a very vague and less than useful chart.
3. Not to sound racist, but the people running the site obviously do not speak English. This is simply a fact.
4. Though they ship everything first class, they take a very, VERY long time to make the costumes themselves.
5. Assuming you wind up with the wrong size, which you probably will, you can always exchange or return it - but you'll have to pay an arm and a leg in the process, which makes it almost not worth it.
6. They seem to change their costume patterns frequently, because between my first order and my second order, the costumes changed completely.
7. They don't tell you everything that a costume includes - such as that the Haruhi costume includes the headband and arm band, so don't buy those separate because you'll wind up with two. Would be useful info, I should think.

I could probably go into more detail, but then it would just be a ranting and whining thread instead of a review. Really the only good thing I have to say about this site is that the wig was good. (Though the bangs were way too long.)

I would have to say that CosplayHouse's grade is an

I.E., don't buy ANYTHING from there. Ever.
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Unread 12-25-2010, 01:10 PM   #2809
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Yes, I bought my Teto costume from them. ^^ While my costume was pretty good quality, the sizing was wrong. (But then again I measured myself, so it could have just been me.
I heard they have good wigs though. ^^
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Unread 12-25-2010, 01:19 PM   #2810
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While cosplayhouse TRIES to do a good job, they are a little below average. Not really your money's worth, I recommend you all go somewhere else to shop. ^^
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Unread 12-28-2010, 01:47 PM   #2811
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Originally Posted by PandaTeddy View Post
I recently got a costume from them and didn't have any major problems.

-It arrived within the time they said it would
-I'm pleased with the quality of the costume
-It came with everything pictured

-It did not look exactly like the picture (the shades of the colors were a bit different, but that was the only major difference)

Overall, I'd say that it was worth it to get my costume from them since no one other site selling the costume I wanted also came with all the accessories (hat, gloves, boot covers, belt, etc).
I've heard of so many other people getting crappy costumes from them and having it take forever to ship though so I don't know if I just got lucky or what?
It could be luck because I've ordered from other places where customers had complained about the quality and/or not being able to receive the items that they ordered. Then when I order from the same company, I had no problems with them. Is kind of weird or or maybe just lucky as you say PandaTeddy.

I guess the reviews for this place is pretty mixed. I was about to order a costume as well, but I was not sure how the quality and shipping would be since some of their stuff are quite pricey.
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Unread 01-03-2011, 02:07 PM   #2812
the stoopedist Link!
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Imho, Milanoo is a hit or miss :/ I've had friends that have ordered both wigs and costumes from there. One friend got a Kaito cosplay from there that looked nice, another friend just ordered a Sora wig that's actually a lot better than I expected (looks nicer than the picture even), but another friend got an awful-looking Ichigo wig that's really small. I thought it was just because he had a big head, but then I tried it on and, argh, it popped off every other minute!

So yeah. Sometimes you get it good with milanoo, but sometimes, you get the bad : (
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Unread 01-08-2011, 12:40 AM   #2813
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is this site ok i really like this wig: http://www.cosplayanimewigs.com/whflcucowig.html and http://www.cosplayanimewigs.com/heresiwig.html
and will it fit someone with a larger head?
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Unread 01-10-2011, 01:44 PM   #2814
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A user named Argento on this site. i paid her alot of money to commision a pokemon kigurumi (because she needed money up front for materials) and she kept in touch for a little bit but she just gave me excuses every time i contacted her. after like 4 months she stopped talking all together. i never saw a sketch or any type of progress. i even asked for a refund since she seemed "too busy" to complete this. but all i got was scammed.
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Unread 01-11-2011, 10:47 PM   #2815
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I would like to know about:

I like their wigs, and their feedback and rating seems pretty positive for the most part, but I couldn't find any reviews on them here... =/
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Unread 01-12-2011, 01:34 AM   #2816
culture shocked
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Just an update on TeL/Blackmarket ~ have been transferred to another member of the group for customer service, have recieved several different excuses explaining multiple delays... most recently for why it will take even longer to process a paypal payment.

I've seen (gorgeous) pictures and recieved a small discount. Balance has been paid but still no costume or shipping info

Due date: end of November 2010.
Event this costume was for: has permanantly ended.
Basement Sale: Touhou: Mokou costume, clearfiles/shitajiki, NeoRomance/Angelique artbook, etc.

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Unread 01-12-2011, 10:27 AM   #2817
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Anyone know anything about Cosplayshow.com? I wanna buy this for my Allen Walker cosplay, but I don't know if it's reliable or not. Thanks!
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Unread 01-13-2011, 01:35 PM   #2818
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Hay guise. My friend doesn't have a cosplay.com account, so he wants me to ask you guys: Does HelloCosplay allow you to switch the fabrics for their costumes? He really wants a Sebastian cosplay, but doesn't care for the fabric Hellocosplay.com uses.

How are they about that?
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Unread 01-14-2011, 05:28 AM   #2819
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Anyone use FM-anime before?

I have been browsing the website fm-anime to look at commissioned cosplays. Their price seems comparatively cheap for the quality they advertise some of their display photos are people wearing them, not the actual costume itself on mannequin or stand. I thought it would make sense for me to ask around to see if anyone else has delt with them before and could possibly give me a review on theirs dealings with them.

The site in question: http://www.fm-anime.com/
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Unread 01-14-2011, 05:38 AM   #2820
culture shocked
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Basement Sale: Touhou: Mokou costume, clearfiles/shitajiki, NeoRomance/Angelique artbook, etc.

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