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Unread 05-04-2006, 08:28 PM   #1
call me chaos
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looking younger

The idea of lolita is to look young forever right? So I was wondering ways to make me look younger.
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Unread 05-05-2006, 01:00 AM   #2
Oni Giri Baku
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Look Younger Tips

There are lots of little things that can be done with hair and makeup to look younger/cuter.

For hair, children have lighter-colored hair, so you can dye your hair or wear a wig that is lighter than your natural hair color. Just make sure the color is a soft, natural color and not too light (the color your hair was when you were 7 is a general rule of the lightest you should go) or it may make you look older.

Also, hair style makes a huge difference. Bangs make the face look rounder. Rounder = more childlike. Opt for hairstyles such as pigtails, ringlets, bobs and other styles that are simple (no teasing and put down that can of mousse). Avoid like the plague any style that pulls hair back tightly, faces tend to look narrower when hair is pulled back. Similarly, long, straight hair will also lengthen the face -keep hair length at the shoulders or shorter. Younger people also have shinier hair, so a shine balm is a good thing to use as well as a shine-enhancing conditioner.

Makeup should be minimal -the idea is to look fresh-faced. If your skin is the least bit dry, moisturize. Nothing will make you look old faster than dry, matte skin. Use foundation and concealer to smooth out your complexion if it isn't perfect, but avoid anything too matte, apply only lightly, and only powder your nose if absolutely necessary. I'd avoid eyeshadow and mascara altogether, and apply only the barest whisper of eyeliner to the outer half of the lash lines. Cheekbones get a very light dusting of rosy blush (avoid peach tones, they are too yellow for an ingenue). If your lips are thin, use a plumper, but avoid lip liner and lipstick altogether, they are too matte. Opt instead for a light, mildly shiny pink or rose tinted lip gloss or a tinted chapstick.
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Unread 05-14-2006, 05:42 PM   #3
All Will Be Well
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*nod* Minimal make up is good for a more youthful appearance.
I disagree about peachy tones...they work well on people with deeper skin tones to give a more natural, pretty flush than pinks do. ^_^ When choosing colors be sure to keep your skin tone in mind...if you just choose colors based on what you think is supposed to work for everyone you might end up making yourself look too made up. (did I make sense? lol)
I like mascara for Lolita..but I use the Maybelline kind that has the teeny tiny brush (Discovery Lash). It gives color and definition without really looking like you're wearing mascara. I guess it depends on what kind of Lolita you're doing too...
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Unread 05-14-2006, 06:15 PM   #4
Nina Star 9
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a lot of lolitas actually have longer hair, just to let you know. ^-^

and white eyeliner on your rims makes your eyes look wider, which adds to a youthful effect. mascara, eyeshadow, and lipstick is also really good if you are going for a doll-like look, which might not be what you want, but still works for lolita. lilith bunny is correcta bout younger-looking techniques, but they should not always be used in lolita, i think, because the style you are wearing and look you are going for changes, and minimal make-up does not always work for that style.

hope i made sense. ^-^;
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Unread 05-14-2006, 10:25 PM   #5
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you ate my brain. meanie. http://www.lisewatier.com/retail/index.asp she has a few on how to make youself up. click on enigsh verison then vidoes. something ont heir should help.
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Unread 05-15-2006, 06:15 PM   #6
call me chaos
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sorry angelleover ^^;
Thanxs everyone i will keep this in mind.
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Unread 05-17-2006, 11:52 PM   #7
Oni Giri Baku
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Nina is right. Just because a certain hair or makeup style will look younger, doesn't mean it should be used for lolita-style. Too little makeup and too simple of a hairstyle will clash with elaborate lolita clothing. I just illustrated how to look younger in general, b/c that's how I saw the question. The reason I advised against peach tones of makeup was because I assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that darkneko had a blue-tint complementing skin tone (like most people do) and on most, peach makeup can easily make you look sallow.

If you're looking for EGL style stuff, Gothic and Lolita Bible has a really great issue on hair and makeup. It has so many pictures, you don't need to read Japanese to understand it.
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Panda Loli-Chan!
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To look younger the easiest things to do are make sure you have clear skin. I know that during some outings, depending on the time of the month ((hehe.....)), I can have break-outs. Foundation is my best friend during these times. Not a lot, just enough to cover up.

If you don't want to use all-over foundation, get a hold of some green cream make-up to neutralize the red areas in your face. It works wonders, I tell you!

Highlight certain areas on your face to make them stand out. Use highlight under your eyes to get rid of the bags and to make your eyes stand out. Using it above your eyes will bring them out too. Use highlight on the top of your cheekbones and down the center of your nose as well ((don't ask me why about the nose, I just know it works)).

I know that the best thing for me is to use a natural lip color if you're going for the natural look, or something very light like a pink. I personally like don't darker lipstick, but that's me.

Use mascara sparingly. Fake eyelashes are fun too, but don't go overboard ((like Mana!)). Mascara the top lashes and gently pass the brush over your bottom lash, but don't use it on the bottom as you would the top. It'll clump and be messy and, more likely than not, it'll get all over the skin beneath your eye...!

Oh. Also. Use a bit of a shadow near the top of your forehead where your hairline meets, and use highlight in the center of your forehead ((but sparingly!)). The highlight on your forehead will give the impression of lighter skin and the shadow near your hairline will give the appearance of a smaller face. It works people, I'm serious!

*has taken a stage makeup class*

Just in case you were wondering where I was pulling these tips from! Hehe!

Hope I helped you out!
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