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Unread 05-07-2006, 08:43 PM   #1
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Talking Making Petticoats

I'm a total new at making these. Please help?
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In general I would suggest buying petticoats if you can find one in the shape and length you need.
Seriously, making petticoats takes so much tulle, you'd spent about the same amount of money on just buying the materials as you would if you bought a pre-made petticoat.
After materials, you'd have to count in hours or cutting and gathering tulle, plus the sewing. It is a lot of work if you want a nice full petticoat.

Only if you need one made from a specific fabric/color, or something unique like a hoopskirt would I consider going through the trouble of making it.

Incidentally, CosWorx does offer 4 different styles of petticoats, including ones that work great for lolita wear. We will also have more styles coming sooon.

At least search around for pre-made ones before attempting to make your own - as someone who's done both I completely attest to that.
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Chibi Ice Wolf
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Yaya is right, pain the butt to make XD And it does take a lot of tulle. The first one I made was not for EGL, it's very very short, and I used this nice fabric I found that wasn't itchy at all like tulle (sadly I can't find it again! >.<). The second one I made I used a stiff tulle, which is all I could find and was too stiff/very itchy. I made a yoke, which is like an extra wide waistband, so the poof wouldn't start too high. Then I cut long strips and gathered them at the top. I ended up with two tiers. I made the bottom tier too full, so the shape isn't quite what I wanted. It would be better for like, Cardcaptor Sakura than EGL. XD I attached a picture of it. I've found it's better to use two layers, with 2-3 tiers which are less full than just one really full layer.
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I have a tutorial for making a Petticoat on my site
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Nina Star 9
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i have made a pettiicoat before out of a stiff netting (not like a tulle with the fine holes, but fairly large holes. it is not pretty, but it gets the job done). you have to use a lining, though, otherwise it is really itchy.

what i did was i made a normal rectangular gathered skirt out of the lining and i sewed a few ruffles to it- one short one on the bottom, two shorter ones above that, and two ones that reach the bottom of the petti above that. the shorter ruffles are about twice the length around of the two longer ones, which makes them fluffier. this provides a rounder shape that is more flattering to the hips, becasue most of the fluff is down lower than the hips. this actually worked out pretty well, and if i can make it in a weekend by hand, anyone can make it farily quickly. ^.~

the best part is that it cost les than $5 (2.50 for netting and 1.00 for lining) becasue i got the netting while joann's was having a 2 for 1 tulle and netting sale. (it has 5 yards on the petti)

if it will not show, then my method works well and is farily simple. but if you want a pretty one or one with a diffrent shape (i like really full, round dresses, which is not what most lolis tend to favour), then go with either a store-bought one or a tulle one using the above method.

good luck!
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Unread 06-05-2006, 02:00 AM   #6
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i agree with yaya, too.
unless you have a breathtaking stroke of luck in finding inexpensive supplies, and have oodles of time, i would just buy one.
i've made three petticoats thus far, the most recent being the most obnoxious due to some severely wide-weave tulle. i made myself a densely packed mini petticoat a couple of years ago, and used starched wide cotton lace rather than tulle, with three inner cotton base layers, and it took quite a while to make since i did it by hand. it was, however, alot less stressful to use a woven fabric than tulle.
i feel like my needle isn't hitting anything half the time with tulle.

if you keep your eyes peeled at yard sales, estate sales, and thrift stores, you may run across massive rolls of vintage lace (which is what happened for me, for $5 for approx. 100 yards) which is a wallet godsend. lately, i've seen alot of tulle on clearance, too. strange..

if you have vintage shoppes in your town, check them out. occasionally they'll have tiered crinolines from the fifties that can be altered.

otherwise, good luck, and PM me if you'd like help!!
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I recently made a petticote (not for EGL, but for under a skirt of a similar style). I paid about $15 for supplies (elastic and tule) and it took me a couple hours. I basically cut the tulle into long strips of varying lengths (I doubled the length for each tier, but there was extra each time, gathered it (I basically pleated the tulle very closely together and pinned each one) and sewed the gathered art to the bottom part of the tier above it. All in all, very dull to do. I made it myself because I was bored and had nothing else to sew, but unless you ahve something weird like that, I would suggest buying one, because it's really a waste of time if you have other things to do, and the premade one on cosworx.com costs about $8 more than I paid for supplies and looks a lot nicer.

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subject zero
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I made a ghetto petticoat from an existing one and it cost me 8CAD. My friend is making a petticoat that costs about 10-15CAD which is pretty much tubes of tulle (which can be bought online), fabric, lace, and some elastic. It's actually not that hard and doesn't take that long. It's pretty much a bunch of rectangles and gathering (I <3 to gather).

The most important thing to remember is to line it because it IS very itchy. x_____x
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For serious! Just buy one. I made one for my Maya costume and it was a pain in the arse because I had never made one before. I think I ended up going to get tulle from the store about 5 times cuz I always ran out and still didn't have enough pouf.

This time around I bought one from a costume store for $25, for my Miwako and Chii costumes. WAY better idea.
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I made a petti coat just a moment ago, it was really easy actually but I also though took the under lining from an old petti coat my mom had and added to it a sturdy type of netting fabric netting, not fishing netting
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Unread 06-09-2006, 04:00 PM   #11
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Not to sound as harsh as some of the other replies here and speaking as a person wo has bought and made petticoats, unless you have alot of sewing experience I would not tackle making a petticoat, espically one that has multiple tiers.
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thanks for all the replies everyone! I'll be sure to buy my own some time and try making one after I gain more experience. haha its sounds like a Final Fantasy problem.
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Unread 06-10-2006, 04:29 PM   #13
Lady Hoshi
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My problem is there is very few petticoats and crinolines that fit me. The the few that do are over one hundred dollars. And even then they aren't the shape or length I want.

Making my own is my only option. I checked out the tutorial for petticoats, but does anyone know where to find tutorials for crinolines.
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Unread 06-12-2006, 01:10 AM   #14
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lady hoshi:
i have the same problem with the sizes, too.
i haven't yet found a decent online tutorial, but i ended up making three tiers of cotton base (3 rectangles with an elastic, joined top), and on each level, three levels of densely ruffled lace in gradients, so that the longest and tightest tier to my thighs was the absolute bottom layer.
how short do you want yours to be?
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Lady Hoshi
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I have plans for every length of skirt. One of my next costumes is knee length and the other is floor length.

For the floor length one, I will be taking the advice of a bridal shop sales girl. She said to acheive maximum puffy-ness to wear a hoop skirt with a crinoline over it.

The knee length one I want to make an extremely fluffly round petticoat. I like the tutorial that fenicia has on her site.
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