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Unread 06-24-2006, 07:16 PM   #1
Teh Muffen King
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First Time Custom EGL

Hello everyone I hope this is in the right thread if not I'm sorry! *bows*

I'm going to be cosplaying my custom character for Otakon06. It's my version of Alice in Wonderland (it's been done I know) But it's to promote my book "Morbid Alice" My problem is my skin is fairly tan-ish and I'd like to look well more "white-ish" (which would be my face, neck, and fingertips to elbows) IF POSSIBLE I also need a jet black lipstick can't have any tones of color in it, flat or glossy is ok.

This is Alice
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Unread 06-25-2006, 03:32 AM   #2
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This should be in the make-up thread. I'm not an exspert at make-up, but if you apply a foundation in the skin tone you like that might help! Also for the body maybe the same or something like pressed powder?
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Unread 06-25-2006, 11:27 AM   #3
Sweet Lover Muffin
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Loose powder is definitely too messy for costuming, I'd go for a pressed lighter color, don't go so much that's it completely un natural though.

I tried loose powder just on my face and some how it got on my costume even before I put it on. T_T

Check hot topic for the lipstick.
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Unread 06-27-2006, 11:30 PM   #4
Fiona LeFae
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Hokay, so....
You can barely ever find good black lipstick. It's always too transparent or thick or whatever. The best I've found is the Hot Topic brand Eye/Lip Crayon. Since it meant to be used for eye make-up, too, it's farely opaque, and relatively soft. If it's too hard, take a hairdryer to it, just like eyeliner.

For the pale factor, I strongly and firmly suggest Morbid liquid face make-up. Mix a little (and when I say little, I mean LITTLE) liquid foundation of your natural skin color with this make-up on your hand, then apply with a make-up sponge. Blend like no tomorrow. Finish with transparent powder. This stays on incredibly well and doesn't look too fake. The picture on my Cosplay profile has me with that technique of face make-up used. My normal color is the color of my arm in that picture. I'm Italian, so tan is in the family.

But yes, hope I helped.
BTW, Morbid can be purchased at Hot Topic. Whilst I hate the clothing at that store, the make-up is usually pretty fantastic. Eye Smudge is like unto a deity.

Fifi LeFae
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Unread 06-28-2006, 01:10 AM   #5
Amaya De'Morte
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on black lipstick there is always the clear gloss mixed with eyeshadow method. I myself tend to mix my black with a dark shade of purple, to give it just a hint of color, since always having a tint of another shade there helps it to look better in photographs (in my experience, at least)

I myself never liked hot topic make up.. and found it.. too smudgy and waxy. For a whiter shade, I use th same method as fifilefae, but instead of the hot topic brand, use a bit of ben nye in my color. tiny amount, really. barely there.

Then again- I'm very pale.. so.. it's not that hard for me.
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Unread 07-02-2006, 09:15 PM   #6
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Blueperiod had an entire thread about it.

http://blueperiod.suddenlaunch.com/i...m=1127079 347

There's also a good website in there, I think it's called Gothic Beauty. It gives you many different techniques to become pailer.
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Unread 07-03-2006, 12:19 PM   #7
Panda Loli-Chan!
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I would actually suggest buying a costume makeup kit. They've got a lot of wonderful cream-based makeups, and you can mix the different foundation colors to get the right paleness... Don't forget to use some on your neck though!

They also include translucent powder in those kits, so if you don't have any to make your makeup stay on, you don't have to worry! But, that's me.

In regards to black lipstick, I really don't know. I've never bought any, but I think it's because I just have a thing against wearing it... >_>
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Unread 07-03-2006, 04:11 PM   #8
Oni Giri Baku
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Two-layer effect

For black lips, the best thing that worked for me was to use decent-quality black eyeliner (maybelline) that's been softened with a bit of heat. I used this as a lipliner and covered my lips entirely. (I tried a cheaper pencil [Jane brand] and the pigment density was sad, and it felt icky and too waxy on my lips) Then I applied a matte black lipstick as normal. But because this much lip gunk will smudge like crazy if given the chance, I gave my lips a liberal dose of translucent powder. I thought the effect was nicely matte and opaque, even if I think I look positively awful with black lips:

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Unread 07-09-2006, 10:06 AM   #9
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for looking paler (i've been trying to lighten my skin complexion lately ^_^), i'd suggest a skin whitening or lightening cream or lotion or soap, depending on the time you have. these kind of stuff are best used daily. also, to prevent getting tanner or what not, be sure to put on sunblock before you leave your house. i have a skin whitening papaya soap called Likas that can be found at most asian beauty store or even grocery if you're lucky enough. if you don't get pale fast enough, i suggest going to a department store and get a body foundation in a few shades lighter than you natural one. although, unless you have a very flexible budget or really deadset on it, i reccomend getting a normal foundation mixed with powder, then put baby powder after it's applied because from what i hear body foundation can cost close to $30.
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