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Tales of Symphonia: Kratos and Lloyd's Key Crests - Tutorial

Heh, I don't actually know how many people will need this tutorial. ._.;; But I thought it might be nice to write and post it since I recently made a Lloyd cosplay that required Key Crest-ness. The tutorial basically follows exactly how I made mine, perchance anyone should indeed need help. I was pleased with how mine came out, personally -- so not entirely a stupid idea, right?


Uh, yeah ... I realize that everyone in the main party has an Exsphere, and I'd like to write a tutorial that applies to all of them, but there wouldn't really be much for me to write. Genis, Colette, Zelos and Presea just have Crests that are attached directly to their skin, and Regal, Raine and Sheena have Crests that aren't even visible at all ... which leaves Kratos and Lloyd with theirs on their gloved hands. And that's what I've written about! Yeah! (Hopefully I can also maybe put up some pictures for some of the more confusing steps, since it kinda rambles in parts of it.)

I note with amusement that the steps in this tutorial number twelve in all. Hahaha ... ahahahaha ...

- The glove you'll be wearing. Lloyd wears his Exsphere on his left hand; Kratos wears his on his right hand.
- Something you'd be using for the Exsphere itself -- a glass/clear plastic nugget would be best, or even a semiprecious stone that's the right size, colour and shape. A marble would not work -- they're completely round and, in addition to that, usually too small to look all that good as an Exsphere (this is coming from someone with small hands). Whereas, a glass nugget, for example, would most likely have a flat/flat-ish bottom, and be a nice size for Exsphere-ishness. Lloyd's Exsphere is blue; Kratos' is green (I think?).
- Water-based clay, the kind that dries when exposed to the air -- Paperclay is what I use. It's a touch expensive, but I consider it worth the money, and you can use it for a lot of different things. Also, it's very tough once completely dry.
- Some sort of strong adhesive. Hot glue could do it too (Actually that is what I used. >_>) but it might not really be the best idea since you can burn yourself a little doing the fifth step if the glove material isn't very thick.
- Scissors.
- Solid white material -- just a pretty small piece, about the size of the top of your hand.
- Some other [scrap?] material -- about the same size as the previous, and preferably the same colour-or-so of the glove.
- Acrylic paint in a golden yellow colour, and also a mixture of colours that imitates your skin tone. I also painted the little indentation into which I'd be gluing the 'Exsphere' light blue, since the glass nugget I was using was clear.

1) It doesn't really matter when you do this, but it certainly doesn't hurt since you can wait for the paint to dry while you're working ^_^: Paint your piece of white fabric in the skin-tone-colour. You could even try painting it with foundation instead; that works fine too actually. One might theoretically be able to use spirit gum or something of the like to actually attach a Key Crest to the top of their hand. But, it's much easier, more comfortable, better-looking, etc. if you just glue a piece of fabric, painted in a skin tone as said above, to the inside of the hole -- then attach the Key Crest to that. That way, if only for just an eyeblink, it'll seem like it's really your hand peeking through. (And then they get a closer look and...yeah.)
2) Uh, anyway. Turn the glove completely inside out.
3) Put it on the hand you will not be wearing it on.
4) Put an even spread of glue on another piece of material that's kinda the rough shape of the hole you'll be cutting, but bigger by some. The colour doesn't really matter. But it is best that it is at least some approximate match to the colour of the material the glove is made out of.
5) Glue this firmly to the top of the glove while you're wearing it, evenly applying pressure all over. The reason for doing all this, by the way, is that if you just cut a hole in the glove and leave it like that, it'll fray like crazy. (Well, probably. I guess it depends on the fabric.) It also just helps the hole keep a clean shape.
6) Mark out (with a dressmaker's pencil, pen, marker, etc. ... doesn't really matter; no one will see it) the shape of the hole lightly while you're still wearing the glove.
7) Take off the glove (leave it inside-out) and, being careful not to cut into the rest of the glove, cut out your hole.
8) Yay, nice neat hole! Now, all that's left in terms of glove-hole-ness is to just take that painted piece of fabric, apply glue around the edges of the hole, and glue it there -- in this case, hot glue would probably be the better option. ._.; But yeah, whatever works so that it stays there. Heh...
9) Now you can finally turn the glove right-side-out. XD;;
10) Sculpt the Key Crest out of the Paperclay, taking care to make an indentation in it for the Exsphere. Even though Paperclay takes a long time to dry, I saved this for later because you might want to check that the Key Crest you make is the right size for the hole and for your hand, and doing so would, in fact, probably be the better idea. Note that of course the top of one's hand isn't entirely flat. Therefore, wait for when the Key Crest is a little bit dried but still pliable. Then, just press it gently onto your hand to bend it just enough so that it fits comfortably there. If it should happen to crack like mine did anyway, just let it dry completely as it is, then fill in the crack with a bit more clay.
11) Paint your Key Crest (and let it dry, of course), glue the Exsphere onto it, put on the glove onto the hand you will be wearing it on, and glue the Key Crest securely onto the skin-tone-fabric.
12) Now get out there and stab Desian Grand Cardinals!
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This was helpful, thanks!!

xD I'll be crossplaying Kratos soon, and I was wondering about the exsphere.
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