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Post Skyward Sword Fi/Phi 2.0

Fi Cosplay 2.0 Update: Narutkunobessed, here. I’m updating the forums due to I can’ update the old forums easily and if there needed extra changes in the future. In purple is the updates to the forum vs the old. I won’t delete the broken links, but instead will notify other options and what happened. More updates to come. If you guys like you can revist the old forums as some people still gave good tips.

Update 2. Colors are added to avoid confusion. Of course colors will coordinate to Zelda theme. Reference moved down because of Character limit.

Here is is your color guide:
Purple=Commentary Updates
Green= Links (see what I did there)

This is for tutorials, tips, ideas and discussion for Fi / Phi / Phai. These are categorized by HEAD, BODY, LEGS to make your search easier. This is not official or anything but to help and brainstorm. More will be added as discussion continues.


Shiny vs Plastic: Both work, Most agree that she looks more plastic then shiny
Helmet vs Wig: Can go with either but wig is difficult to style correctly and helmet is time consuming.
Paint vs Mask: The mask gives more shape to character's face. Her eyes are a little larger then normal. Closing eyes with face paint works well for photos.
Paint/Wig vs Mask/Helmet: Mix and matching these makes odd results. Wig / Mask looks very strange as Helmet / Paint also looks a little odd but results are not bad.

MASK: Paint-able mask from fabric store and cover eyes with matching cloth or buckram mesh material unless you put it under something.

WIG: A shiny / metallic style wig then use a fine wire mesh to create the point at the top of her head. Lots of hair spray and/or styling gel or model it like Cloud Wig (The method, not to look like Cloud)

HELMET: Paper Mache or Wire Frame with Paper Clay-Model Magic-Modeling Clay or Fun Foam

Another method suggested is with bondo. It’s more toxic but also a stronger result. A method provided by cosplayer Dagger Six.

Her hair is very blocky in game and flat in art. The only flat parts in her hair is her bangs. The back of her head has a line down the middle, which for making out a fun foam is a huge advantage.

Paper mache pattern of helmet using a balloon in Ancient Hyrule Script ( words 'piece' and 'and') The blue is the lines you cut and the boxes are the cardboard.
Contact ssoildersatern for the pattern. The Link is broken.

Using Pepakura helps for making the helmet for paper mache and foam, Blue Prints are by kitsch_brigade:
BP: Fi's Head with Mask
BP: Fi's Head without Eyes
Contact Kitsch Brigade for the Pepakura patterns. If you also know a lot of 3D modeling, you can also try and download the ripped model of FI only at VG Resource and try 3D modeling so the geometry is smoother for cutting. The VG forum and model can be found in the reference section.


CLOAK: Right side is blue / purple, Left side is Light Blue matching Mask / Helmet / Face.

Wire Frame / Foam Frame / All Fabric

A V shape cloak coming up above the crystal on the front and the same point in the back. Gathered fabric on the sleeve ends that goes from her knees to her dress and flows freely. Has three ruffles before the oval like shape where her arms would be. Here are some ideas and plans:
  • An insert sleeve with rods to support the wings would work, in generally the cape would drape more than enough to hide your arms as it is.
  • Putting foam strips above your shoulders to make the creases she has at the top of her cape thing a bit more pronounced.
  • The top with pleating, the 2nd with ruffles and the 3rd is the backing. Make the ruffles separately through gathering and you can even control which ruffles and how many. There are tons of tutorials for gathering on youtube. The backing - once you have your top and the stuff you want on the top, you fit the backing on, which is the fabric under neath the layer. The backing won't go all the way up to the pleating, as I plan it to leave a small opening to fit my arms in and maybe for support I might sew some elastic inside on the backing
JEWEL: Her broach is gold with a blue diamond in it.

Resin vs Paper mache: Both are nice when completed correctly. Resin is a bit prettier.

Molds for both resin and paper mache:

Jewel Blue Prints for Pepakura by kitsch_brigade (Note: As said, the file for this deleted. See above under Pepakura)
Ice Cast
Dipyramid paper craft Cut two triangles from this so you get the diamond Fi has Super scalpy and sanding.

Resin: Color or Clear with painted backing

Casting Resin 16 oz
Easycast Clear Casting Epoxy

Clear HIPS (HIGH Impact styerene): cut it to a diamond shape. You can see this effect Here

SKIN: Plastic looking only really shown on her legs and neck / face

Zentai suit / Morphsuit vs Body Paint: Both are good but not so much plastic looking without a lot of make-up for the body paint.

Trustworthy Ecommerce Deal
Do it Style
Catsuit Patterns

DRESS: Matching right side of cloak or Royal Blue dress. The dress has two gold / yellow lining going down horizontal on each side of the chest. This can be created or alter a shirt or dress. It has two parts, the top and the bottom which pops out a little


SHOES: Black Block Heel Pump Loafers, small thick heels, or character shoes. Can put them under or over your stocking.

STOCKINGS: Black or grey blue. Can be stockings, tights, or from the zentai suit.
Fashion elastic Winter Lined Opaque Tights Pantyhose Warm Thick Stocking Legging

Note: This type of stocking is no longer in stock. Ssoildersaturn, and I were the last ones to purchase the stocking type. If you want to try your luck, ask the seller, find a similar fence net in white and dye it, or try the ones below.

STRIPES: 3D fabric paint, ribbon, or fence / fish net.
Fence Net
Fish Net
ASSETS®: By Sara Blakely® Flipside Diamond Tights
Make your own diamond cut leggings.
I like this class not because of the Spirit of the people, but because of the people. ~Rachel Powel -Friend from high school-

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Craft foam:
Craft Foam Armor Tutorial
The Many Wonders of Craft Foam
Backyard FX: For master chief but same concept
Narutokunobsess’s tutorial: You can use this page and tutorial, for mostly your foam head. You can also use this, For the diamond, the foam frame is the same way, just less drafting may be needed. If you got shor cuts of getting the correct shape or draft with foam, feel free to modify or tell me a better way. I think it is mainly that the foam I bought couldn’t flatten properly.

Some Updates to the method:
I found that the black primer by Design master works well, on everything even foam. It is great because it’s an upgrade from using glue technique, but cheaper than the 405 or Heroes Tutorial of using car paint. So if you want a good method, just use the design Master series (black primer+ blue spray). You can get the primer for $4 with a coupon and spray paint at Michaels.

Paint with spray paint- When painting, sometimes you can forget to cover certain areas and now you have extra paint all over. I found that you can spray some paint on pallet paper and brush the spray paint to cover spots. Just work fast and in layers

Golden Brand Gesso+ Modeling Paste + Acrylics Also if you want to work in gesso, but you find the grooves unappealing, layer some modeling paste on top with a pallet knife. Its expensive but yields a good result [/i]

Paper mache:
Spartan Helmet: Help with paper mache
Pixelninja Progress: It's Zelda but the crystal creation will help for Fi
Lightweight Paperclay Armor

Resin Gem Casting Tutorial: Part 1
Resin Gemmaking Tutorial: by Amethyst Angel Part 1


How to Use Pepakura
Pepakura Tutorial
Skyward Sword Game Sprites (VG RESOURCE: Can be used in Pepakura, The Fi one is very helpful
405th Forum: Help with Pepakura

Sadly Hero’s Tutorial Videos are private. Best I could do is find the materials they used. Though Im sure there is a lot of tutorials you can find. Search under pepakura tutorial, pepakura tutorials on foam, spray paints on foam, etc and you can find many results. Youtube will help .

Blog on how to use Bondo: Use the same steps to print and piece the Pep. This method does not require a lot of drafting and is straighter forward then foam method.

Foam Cloak tutorial
Or Refer to the top tutorials.

PAPER CRAFT MOLD FOR RESIN: By narutokunobsess

• Paper that is stiff, but still easy to fold. Computer paper is a bad example.
• 8 very thin layers of Liquid Soap. Glopping it on suddenly is not good as the paper will warp.
• 8+ thin layers of mold builder. As much as you need to.
• Soft brushes
• Wax paper
• Wellbond glue
• Hair dryer (optional but if you want to speed up the process)
• A big space, or well ventilated area.
1. Calculate your desired shape or find a shape.
2. Fold paper into desired shape.
3. Use wellbond and glue creases, but hiddenly. Wip with your finger excess glue before smudging into place.
4. Seal any creases with well bond. Make sure its applied very thinly or else it will look funky. Let that dry for an hour (because that how well bond dries).
5. Once dry, layer thinly the soap, and let each layer dry. If you want a faster dry, use a hairdryer. I say about 8 layers is good, and eventually probably around five, you can be a tiny bit more thicker.
6. Thinly apply mold builder and with the brush, smooth out the mold builder. 30mins intervals is good for each layer. For the first, check on it a bit early to see any bubbles, and make sure to pop those.
7. Keep applying mold builder, untill about 11+ (or probably more). Its going to take awhile, but if you want a speedier stiffness, add gauze as instructed on the package. I don't recommend this on the first few layers as it might ruin the mold surface. Youll get this ugly strips texture if you do it on your first layer. Wait till about 5-8 layers.
8. Once dry about 2-3 days later, peel carefully and your mold is finished. You can try folding an area but not to create a fold, but to peel a piece. Wash the inside with soap and water.

For me, around 7 and 8, I added around 11 layers with mold builder and it was not that stiff at all. So I waited for it to completely dry for that period and then I casted plaster strip mold on top of the mold builder, for extra support. Smoother Vaseline over the mold builder, then add your plaster gauze. The Vaseline is for taking the mold builder out so you can easily take out the diamond. Once its stiff enough (around 30mins-1 hour) take it off and let both dry. There will be ugly white spots on the mold, but they will disappear and no worries, it only effects the outside of your mold. Wash the Vaseline off with soap and water and wipe carefully with a towel. Then leave both to dry, and once the white spots disappear on your mold, move on to step 8 or peel it.

TIP: Be patient.

Test your spray before spray on the real thing. I remember the last time I try to repaint my helmet, it just cracked like crazy. I think it was due to using polyurethane and then spraying on top of the polyurethane. SO yes test like crazy.
Personally, I just use plasti dip to repaint. It doesn’t crack and sits over the previous layer. Then use primer and spray paint.


Game Art
Game Sprite
Full Body Game Sprite
VG Resource Fi Model: Can be used with Pepakura

Game photos by narutokunobsess (Links UPDATED!)
Reference 1
Reference 2
Reference 3

You guys are welcome to browse through my photo gallery of my progress. Might do an update eventually:
Fi WIP Photos
I like this class not because of the Spirit of the people, but because of the people. ~Rachel Powel -Friend from high school-

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