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The Coolest/Most Awesome/Most Memorable moment you've had at a Con

So, we've all had those special moments at a con. Wether it was taking a pic with our favorite celebrity, or finding that one item at the merchant store that you've been trying to find for the longest, or dancing the night away, we've all had particular moments at cons we've been to that have stood out more than others that made the experience so awesome and memorable. So just wanna know, what was yours? If it was more then just one, feel free to elaborate on that as well Me, I've definetly had several.

1. The first one was definetly at the first con I ever went to (Katsucon 2007). The moment I walked in and saw everyone in they're costumes I was like " THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!" LOL! But the thing that made it the most memorable for me that night was definetly the dance. It was just so unbelievably fun.

2. Katsucon 2008, I went dressed up as Darth Vader and got SO much love. I also took a pic with this guy dressed up as "Master Chief" and EVERYONE came outta nowhere and started snapping photos, lol. It was so cool.

3. Anime USA 2008, I went dressed up as The Joker and the MOMENT I walked in, there was a girl dressed up as Harley Quinn who saw me, let out this HUGE smile, and just ran up to me and gave me the BIGGEST hug, lol. I didn't know her personally, but I thought that was pretty cool, lol.

4. Katsucon 2009, dressed up as the Predator and up until then, that was the costume that I got the most attention for. Everyone loved it and the coolest moment came when I got a pic with me and this guy dressed up as The Green Ranger. SO many people took our pic, lol.

5. Star Wars Celebration 5 2010, my first Star Wars convention and it was just so much freaking fun. Plus my wife and I cosplayed as OC's from the Star Wars Universe and we got a LOT more love and attention then we thought we would, lol.

6. Katsucon 2010, I dressed up as the Predator again and took a pic with these two stormtroopers. And once again, outta nowhere, a BUNCH of people came out and snapped our photo, lol.

7. Meeting all the celeberties we met at New York Comic Con 2013. John DiMaggio (Voice of Jake from "Adventure Time"), the cast of "Finding Bigfoot", and "Taimak" (Bruce Leeroy from "The Last Dragon"). Especially when I met Taimak, I was star struck for like the rest of the day, lol.

So yeah, those are all of mine so far Let's hear yours
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Halo Spartan (New York Comic Con 2013)

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I was at a panel with two voice actresses from Fairy Tail- Tia Ballard (Happy) and Ryan Reynolds (young Gray Fullbuster). When the panel was over, Tia said something to the effect of telling people to have a nice rest of the day. I usually don't like to speak up around crowds, but I couldn't resist- I called out "Aye, sir!" (Happy's catch-phrase). And then Tia said it in Happy's voice!

I LOVED IT. I'd been having a bit of a difficult time at the con due to my depression, but that right there really made part of my day! Now I love Happy and I need a Happy doll. Lol
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Otakon 2008 or so, a Dread Pirate Roberts cosplayer gave me the special edition of Princess Bride on DVD.
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how bothersome...
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I was Rarity for all of last year so at Anime Milwaukee, my first experience cosplaying her, I was just amazed. So many pony cosplayers and even people outside the fandom came up to me just to tell me how amazing I looked and how perfect the dress was.

My favorite was that these kids at the con got so excited to see me like calling out to me to have their parents take my picture "Rarity! Rarity!"
I don't like kids really but my heart still melted.

Cosplaying Rarity definitely helped me break out of my shell and become a lot more confident in myself.

And of course, every con I got to stomp around and be huffy when people "insulted" me. I liked being overly dramatic but I also liked showing the kindness that a lot of people forget about when they talk about Rarity.

I can't remember off the top of my head other instances that really stuck with me so I may be back later.
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1. When so many people wanted to take a picture of me at gamescom in 2014. This really made my con, I had never expected so many to even care for me with my very first costume.

2. At Blizzcon 2014 part of my costume broke during the flight and what I could wear wasn't impressive enough to stand out next to all the other cosplayers. I declined to enter the judgement of the contest and only participated as a walk-on. After the contest I was leaving the backstage area, feeling a bit sad about not archieving what I orginially hoped for, when I got stopped by one of the employees. Somehow this guy had heard about my broken costume and he really felt sorry for me. When I said I might never be able to return to Blizzcon (at least not for next year and maybe not even in two years), he handed my his businesscard, because he wanted to be helpful in any way he could. Its not much, but I still have his card and think this was really kind...especially since I was just one single person out of a whole bunch of cosplayers, who had far more awsome costumes than I can even dream of.
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I have quite a bit actually..lol so if you don't wanna read them all, I don't blame you..
In order:
Sakuracon 2012:
-While in Marluxia (Kingdom Hearts), I was the only one there in that character, and I was recognized pretty well even though my cosplay was terrible. When I left the hotel, no sooner did I walk the few feet down to the crosswalk light, and I got from behind me to my right "OH MY GOD!! MARLUXIA YOU'RE AWESOME" and similar things from this one group. When I got to the photo shoot, the people there, the ENTIRE group screamed for me to get in the picture before they started taking it (it was a big picture and I was slightly late)

-Sunday of con I was Squall (Final Fantasy 8), and I got in the local paper for having an amazing cosplay. Thought it was just a "we have a lot and will just post what we like" thing, but nope, there i was in the paper (Dn't worry guys, it was a good article).

Akicon 2012:
-Friday I was Kingdom Hearts 1 Cloud Strife. The only thing missing was having his wing. But the sword made up for it. I don't even know how many complements I got on it..It was very well made (The only things I didn't do where the boots I used for bases, the pants themselves, and the shirt itself. I did the rest). So many people loved it it was insane..

-I was Sora (also Kingdom Hearts..See a pattern here lol) in his Christmas Town outfit from Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix, and I had a Fenrir Keyblade (only one there with either). I only did him for the Square shoot (the shoot for all the games made by square that I host at the cons I attend) so almost everyone knew who I was cosplaying and because it's one that isn't done much, I got a lot of praise for it.

Sakuracon 2013:
As one of 3 Kirito cosplayers that did his ALO avatar, I got lots and lots of praise for that one too.I think that was more so because of the whole not many people thing..I guess some others I mention are because of that, but it makes my day..

Sakuracon 2014:
-One thing only here, my Marluxia REDO!! I had his scythe this time, and a MUCH better coat and wig. Looked a million times better. I can't tell you how many people loved the scythe..I got so many people asking me how to do it..It was hard..Still was one of my most favorite times.

Kumoricon and Akicon 2014:
This is for both these cons because it's the same cosplay and same reactions..As Sora but in his normal KH2 attire. However, unlike most people, I took it up a notch..And no the big shoes was not what I meant..While yes, I DO have those, I mean I have an Ultima Weapon Keyblade ^_^ That is the ONE cosplay I have gotten the MOST attention for so far. And I only wore it to TWO cons..lol It's probably so far my BEST cosplay..And people really let me know it.

Then for every con, meeting new people..That's normal I think though so I don't really count it as a "moment" because it's normal to meet people..But these up there are my all time..I have a lot more good memories, but none come close to these.
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