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Unread 09-12-2016, 01:03 PM   #1
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What was the last convention you attended and how was it?

For years, I've wanted to attend DragonCon as I've heard so many good things about it, and I was finally able to get it off my bucket list.

It's everything I expected and more! It's like one giant, endless masquerade party. I lucked up and got tickets to the sold out Georgia Aquarium for the costume contest, which had wall-to-wall cosplayers, music and dancing.

The Hyatt and the Marriott was "the spot" where all the cosplayers congregated after hours and was where all the celebrities were. I wasn't fortunate enough to score either of those Hotels, but they were open to everyone that had a badge... and the party was on all night long. Thousands of Cosplayers were still partying well after midnight. I had never seen anything like it!.. and it was great! It felt like I was finally home.

Overall, I had an amazing time, but the humidity in Atlanta killed me! Whenever I walked outside, I sweat like a pig at a luau. If anyone ever decides to attend DragonCon, I suggest you do so with a group of like-minded friends or at least someone that also enjoys cosplay. I took my wife, who is not a cosplayer and has no desire to be one, so as fun as the show was, it was like being by myself most of the time.

Oh, I got to meet the 100's Lindsey Morgan, who was beautiful and all kinds of awesome! She even let me take a clip of her for my DragonCon video. Also, got to meet Brett Dalton from Agents of Shield.

What was the last convention you attended and how was it?
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I have only attended my city's con (Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo) and it's pretty fun every year I've gone. The cosplay community around here seem really nice and open, with everyone genuinely interested in what you've done. I am planning to go to the Edmonton con this month too, it will be my first out of town one I attend.
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She had a foam arm.
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Last one was London Film and Comic Convention. For a big summer convention it was great. Friday was quiet and my non-cosplay day so that allowed me to browse stalls, chat to people and generally take my time. There was ample space, good air conditioning as London summer at hottest can get to 30 degrees Celsius.

Saturday was a tough day as I was up at 5am to get into costume and apply my sfx make-up for my Punisher cosplay. At the venue the queuing was fine, it was cool, no hassle at checking bags and props. Guests I met went great. I had photos with Jeremy Renner and Elden Henson, autograph for my friend from Jeremy Renner as she couldn't make it. Cosplay days aren't always comfortable for me but I'm used to discomfort of some kind from stuff I have had to do or wear in my job, so I grin and bear it. One of my friends I met up with that day has to be dragged to a halt on breaks; his girlfriend gets migranes plus she had just finished a long and stressful period of time to complete her astrophysics PhD so was still recovering from the various stress related ailments she had, plus I like plenty breaks to eat, drink water and relax in between guests as the stalls aren't running anywhere and I got headaches from my wigs so I need painkillers too. He just forgets and is a bit of a kid in a sweet shop.

In all it was very good, I don't go for guests but it was good to see two and really I only got the pass for Jeremy Renner for my friend as she is a huge fan of his. She's had a tough time, is a good friend of mine and I knew a signed photo of him with her name on it would mean a lot to her.
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Last con was this past weekend for me! Magfest Laboratories, the smaller local version of Magfest (usually at the beginning of the year at the Gaylord, same convention center as Katsucon). It's a 24 hour music/gaming con, fri-sun (thurs-sun for Magfest proper) and my second year going. It was fun, lowkey and chill. Got to do some interesting things (there was an escape room, lock-picking workshop, foam armor gauntlet workshop), which is rare for me because I almost NEVER go to panels/workshops at anime cons, and played cool games. Big + was my first (short) D&D experience! Have been wanting to try for a while. I tapped out on friday, because I was too tired from the work week and just wanted to recover. But I stayed up pretty late on saturday, and on sunday my bf and I were part of the last "Magfest" group of people still playing a game haha.
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The last con I went to was Kawaii Kon this past April. I didn't have any funds to go to the other conventions that were going on in the island. But it was great and a lot of fun. I got to premier a couple of new costumes I've been working hard on for at least half a year and one of them over a year which i'll go into later.

Friday me and my friends got to premier our Mulan group for the Disney shoot. We did the armor, all out of foam and it was a lot of fun. Accidentally ending up on the 6 news and even got interviewed. My friends pretty much just let me do all the talking for reasons I don't know why but I did so that was fun.

Saturday was memorable for sure. I got premier Red X. My own custom armored version and I got to roll with my costume group. It felt good to be in the armor. When people actually recognized me they liked the armor and thought it was cool to see Red X. Then my friend who was in his armored Batman suit actually got a damn heat stroke and collapsed right outside of the lobby of our hotel while walking back. We had to call an ambulance for him. Fortunately he was okay didn't have to go to the hospital. Me and another friend walked a few blocks to a nearby store so we could get him some water and bananas to eat. After that I decided to take it easy on costumes for the rest of the night. Sunday was a pretty chill day rolled out in Red X again for the DC shoot and then oh hey asked out the girl I liked for a while and had a crush on and she said yes. Overall it was a good, memorable convention, lots of fun as always
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NDK/Nan Desu Kan. It was its 20th birthday. It was okay, I had fun (despite that I and EVERYONE caught a cold from the con). There wasn't much to do though, and I was a little surprised they didn't go a little crazier since it was its 20th year--but I did see a lot of people I wanted to see, and I got to hang out with a lot of friends. The whole con flew by though and it feels like a blur now.
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My most recent convention was DragonCon, as well. Third time attending, first time flying in, and honestly, the best time I have had in a long time at a convention.

Flying in took out all the stress of loading up the car and driving 13 hours to Atlanta (Which has killed 2 transmissions in a relatively new car), and admittedly replaced it with the worry my Scarlet Witch crown wouldn't make it through security. But all was well, and it was a blast.

I debuted my Scarlet Witch, which I intend to improve upon and make adjustments to over time, and wear again, hopefully, when I go back in 2018. That costume was also the first time I'd gotten to be in the SCF Marvel photoshoot, and I got so many compliments on it. It was absolutely amazing to be part of, and I hope to be able to do it again in the future.

Now for a relatively light year of costuming, and a return to DC in 2018, I hope.
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Man, I'm glad you got to go to D*Con! I haven't been since 2002 and I want to make the pilgrimage back someday.

I don't have such great stories, the last con I did was Geek-kon because it's in town and I volunteer with the costuming department. I emceed the masquerade and played door-ward for the masked ball so it's not like I actually had fun. I just. Did my job. I haven't enjoyed myself at a convention for so long I've forgotten what it's like.
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Originally Posted by xRenascent View Post
NDK/Nan Desu Kan. It was its 20th birthday. It was okay, I had fun (despite that I and EVERYONE caught a cold from the con). There wasn't much to do though, and I was a little surprised they didn't go a little crazier since it was its 20th year--but I did see a lot of people I wanted to see, and I got to hang out with a lot of friends. The whole con flew by though and it feels like a blur now.

I'm kinda surprised there wasn't anything crazy going on for the 20th anniversary either. I had a really good time at NDK, but I don't think I'll be doing the cosplay contest again. It's not that I didn't have fun doing it, but with all the time it took (five hours from green room to final deliberations!) I could've spent that time going to panels or something. Maybe I'm just salty because I didn't eat dinner before I went on stage, but that's my own fault.

I enjoyed it because I got to see a lot of my old friends from high school and community college and I made some new friends, too. In fact, my friends and I ended up rooming on the same floor as most of the staff and guests of NDK! One of the emcee's from the opening ceremony shared an elevator with me and complimented my Fem!Inumuta and my friend ended up chatting in the hall one morning with David Matranga.

Some of my highlights include meeting Tara Sands (she was my idol when I was little and as an aspiring VA I still look up to her), getting Johnny Yong Bosch and Patrick Seitz to sign my boyfriend's birthday present (The first manga from Part II of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) and they signed it as Jojo and Dio, and seeing some old friends and meeting my online friends in person. But I think what I REALLY loved was the last day at NDK when I was hunting down a friend of mine since he still owed me money for the room and it was time to check out. I was SO mad at him for not meeting me in the lobby when he said he would, but while I was hunting him down, I ran into Sonny Strait. I was dressed as Fem!Usopp and he asked me if I would take a picture with him. I really wanted to attend his autograph signing earlier in the day but his session filled up too quickly. However, THIS was better. And luckily my friend paid me for his share of the hotel room a few moments later.

My con days are over for the rest of the year. Hopefully I get an idea of what my con budget will look like next year so I can start planning and maybe do a new cosplay.
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The last con I went to was the 'Manga and cosplay festival fall' event in Japanese gardens.
We had a blast :') I went there with a couple of friends (at the event there were 6 of us, all friends from college).
The event was rather small. I think there were about 500 people? I'm not sure. It was super cosy, everything was outside and the surroundings were absolutely beautiful. I'd certainly go there again.
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Same fam, last one I saw was DragonCon. DragonCon used to make me super sore, but this year, between my theracane and a butt ton of ibuprofen, I kept it down to a minimum.

Might cut the aquarium out next year, though. That's time that I'm totally sore and hurting, man. I'm in shape and used to walking and everything, I have no idea how other people get it donw.
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dragoncon and i don't remember much of it which means it was fucking awesome
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Well hell, belligerent, I guess that just means if I ever want to buy you a drink for being awesome I need to get my butt to Dragon*Con.
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DragonCon. Parts of it were fun, but my low tolerance for crowds and the walking and getting lost killed it for me, so I won't be going back next year. I did enjoy the parade and the Square-Enix photoshoot I went to though.
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It's currently the only convention I attend because I'm poor lmao

The convention is always really fun in one way or another but I can feel the fact that I'm slowly growing out of it. But I think that's mainly because the ages of those that attend is a lot lower than where I am now, soon to be 24.

My Rococo Princess costume also got RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING feedback this year so that really boosted my positive experience with the convention this year. I always have fun when I go, though, so I can't really say that I'll stop going any time soon. c:
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