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Unread 08-26-2008, 02:57 AM   #1546
Evil that's lemon scented
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Originally Posted by Inked~Wrong View Post
Me:"One...Two...three....Where's my 6th' Black Dread?"
Dad:"Over here, the cat's playing with it again."

Me gelling my newly made Dreads. ^__^

"Brushing wigs is strangly addicting..."

I knocked my Eve wig + head over.

"I need to cosplay more guys, I feel like such a trannie...wait a sec...I'm a girl!"
I sorta completely forgot my real gender whilst looking at my planned cosplays
Trannie = Transvestite
Supanova '09
Day1: Undecided
Day2: Asuna -- Negima!

Social life? Psh Who needs that when I have cosplay?
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Unread 08-26-2008, 01:18 PM   #1547
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"HA! My third leg's bigger than yours! 8DD"~ said to my boyfriend-at-that-time.

I made myself a kitty cosplay and I overstuffed the tail xD It hangs to the floor and is about 1.5 inches in diameter.

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Unread 08-26-2008, 07:29 PM   #1548
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"Mmmkay, since you're cosplaying as Sexy Tanaka Reina, and I'm kawaii-desu desu Kusumi Koharu, you do the sexyness and I'll do the kawaiiness at SacAnime! 8D"

Her cosplay is sexy, and mine's cute. Need to say more? xD
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Unread 08-27-2008, 02:08 PM   #1549
Registered User
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"I have a foot."
"Just one?"
"So far."

Showing my mother one of the big fluffy feet I made for my Firefox costume. I'd only finished the left foot at that point.
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Unread 08-27-2008, 04:17 PM   #1550
Ore ga gundam da!
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I have some.

Me:Mom, mom! Dad gave me a great idea for cosplay!
Mom:Cool, what was it?
Me:Hula hoops!
Me:Like, for the bleach bottle!
Mom:Hey, that sounds like a good idea, actually.

Okay, so my brother drives my sister, me and my friend and her little brother to and from school. On the way home today, I had a bunch of textbooks leaning against my chest, so I was complaining to my friend about it and said it felt like binding with textbooks. Her brother asked what binding is. At first we just told him he didn't want to know, but he kept persisting on us telling him, so my brother tried to explain it to him in the least awkward way possible. But then we decided to think of the most awkward way put it. Which resulted in this:
Sis: It's how girls flatten their boobs!
My friend's little brother plugged his ears the whole time. XD

My sister would normally never talk like that, I was surprised!
I guess that the last story's something I never thought my sister would say, but it's close enough.
Planned Costumes:

Kida Masaomi-Durarara!! 0%
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Unread 08-27-2008, 11:07 PM   #1551
Thats me ^ so is that v
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me yelling at my sewing machine: FINE BE THAT WAY! I NEED YOU!

a few minutes later on MSN messenger:

me: i broke up with my sewing machine......
friend: uh....ok?
me: i mean he started it.... being the uncooperative jerk he is. i mean i need him but we always end up fighting...what should i do?
friend: ......

XD yeah i "broke up" with my sewing machine actually were seperated. it wasnt cooperating
"I want that cosplay, not excuses"- movie quote generator "Star Wars V- Empire strikes back"
"One mans junk is another cosplayers ZOMGWTFBBQ I NEED THAT NOW!" - Me x3
irashaimase goshujin sama!
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Unread 08-30-2008, 11:29 PM   #1552
Cosplay is good eats
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Me: "Can you draw on my body?"
Kosnake: "As soon as I get this tail done."

Koi has to draw on my bodysuit for Midna, lawl.

Wulf ||| DeviantART

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Toon Wolf Link (retired)
«In Progress» Klonoa, Um Jammer Lammy, Josh (SH5)
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Unread 08-31-2008, 03:33 AM   #1553
Gold Rose Cosplay
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Oh goodness, these are all too funny xD I haven't even finished reading everything, but thank you for giving me something to do all day tomorrow, I was seriously afraid I'd die of boredom! Anyway, the only good quote I could think of in relation to cosplaying.

(on the phone with my bf)
Me: OMG OMG OMG! We HAVE to do a Yaoi cosplay as Musday and Ed! We HAVE to!
BF: ... Why..?
Me: 'Cause... It would be hott... OMG, we HAVE to!
BF: But I don't wanna...
Me: But.. But.. You can't see this, but I'm pouting!
BF: Nuh-uh!
Me: What about just for an hour? PLEASE!? I'll go as Hawkeye like I did this year, switch to Ed for an hour, then switch back and change into Navi for the skit later!
BF: That'll work, I guess...
Me: Oh! And then I can make Ed's suitcase!
BF: Why do you need a suitcase?
Me: Where else am I gonna put all the clothes? O_o

I think the whole conversation was something I'd never thought I'd say. I'm not one for doing impractical things, but when I get a cosplay idea in my head, I MUST carry it out.
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Unread 08-31-2008, 04:12 AM   #1554
Procrastanator Extrodinar
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"Watch me bloom flower petals..." No flower petals "Damn you petals.Why do you abandon me in my time of need?"

Both said in my Marluxia costume.
"I'm hungry, I'm thirsty and I'm complaining"

Working On

Companion Cube gijinka - Portal
Red Pyro - Team Fortress 2
Meulin Leijon - Homestuck
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Unread 08-31-2008, 07:49 AM   #1555
Get Jinxed!
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"Gonna get a double sided lightsaber and storm into a rave!!!!"

O_O Yeah....
[center]Anomalycon 2017

Ciri (Witcher III), Dr Strange (Marvel MCU), Midori Fairy!
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Unread 08-31-2008, 07:55 AM   #1556
Abel Nightroad
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" I had this weird dream last night Oo There was the Org.XIII from KH Oo and . . . they were all dressed like beetles."
"wtf Oo "
" And Axel was a pretty ladybug O__O""" "
"and marluxia was dressed as a butterfly Oo and roxas was a bumblebee x.x omfg >.< "

conversation between me and a friend. believe me . . I HAD THIS DREAM x.x
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Unread 08-31-2008, 09:39 AM   #1557
Non-Playable Character
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"I wish I knew how to solder."

"The spike is on her knee, mother, it's not an extension of her foot."

"Let's just glue some fur to your face--it'll be fine."
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Unread 08-31-2008, 04:31 PM   #1558
Lady Saru
Marchesa delle Arte
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"Indulge my girlish flight of fancy. Please."
Cosplay priorities:
Grell Sutcliffe [Kuroshitsuji] (complete)
Marchesa!Grell Sutcliffe (Original design)
Phantom!Grell Sutcliffe (Design by Dio)
Subaru [Tsubasa: Tokyo Revelations]

Fanime 2011

Unofficial twin of Sakurai Atsushi~
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Unread 08-31-2008, 04:38 PM   #1559
Homework Vigilante
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"Yep, those are definitely boobs."
"Katsu, every time I see your avatar I automatically think, 'Wow, she's really annoyed today!'"
-The Hag
Done | Red Mage Viera
In Progress | Vault 34 Jumpsuit | Sniper Wolf
Planned | Catwoman | Snow White
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Unread 08-31-2008, 06:05 PM   #1560
Gold Rose Cosplay
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I thought of some other ones.
"Oh no! When I'm wearing this jacket and I put my shoulders back, the buttons come undone! Damn you freakishly fast-growing boobs!"
It hadn't even been a year since I made my Riza Hawkeye jacket and my boobs had already outgrown it. Yay for sports bras!
(I luff my boobs though xD I'm weird like that)


"No, Kiyo, you can't come, you're not black."
Due to the many, many ways this can be taken, I believe the full explanation is needed.
First off, Kiyo is my dog. He's a little white and tan chihuahua-terrier mix (the most adorable thing ever). I was going to.. I think it was a local expo as Hawkeye and my dog wouldn't leave me alone o.o He kept staring at me until I left. Anyway, my mom said I should just take him with, but Hawkeye's dog is black.. And bigger.. And better behaved xD
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